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Crafting the Narrative: The Energetic Pulse of PRGloo’s Public Relations Team

What is PRgloo?

Imagine having a toolbox where every tool is crafted to perfection for the specific task at hand. That’s PRgloo for you – a one-stop media relations platform that combines user-friendly tools with exceptional analysis.

Year Founded2008
Platform TypeWeb-based
Key Features– Enquiry management
– Responsive newsrooms
– Press release distribution and tracking
– Integrated GDPR compliant journalist contact database
– Media and stakeholder enquiry management
– Online newsroom with full content management
Target AudiencePR and communication professionals, in-house communication teams, and stakeholders
Domain AuthorityNot specified
Pricing Plan$3,500 per year for one user and $625 per additional user per year
An overview of PRgloo PR platform

In the dynamic world of real estate, where news can break in the blink of an eye, PRgloo gives you the power to manage your press releases, engage with journalists, and track the impact of your news, all within a single intuitive platform.

Is PRgloo Legit?

When you’re choosing a platform for your press releases, you need something that’s not just functional, but also trustworthy. PRgloo has been making waves in the media relations sector with its robust feature set and commitment to user satisfaction. It’s not just about sending out press releases; it’s about building relationships with the media, and PRgloo stands as a testament to that philosophy.

Here’s a customer review for PRgloo PR platform.

Distribution with PRgloo

Distribution is the heart of press release management, and PRgloo understands this. With their platform, you can send your press release to the right people at the right time. It’s all about making sure your real estate news reaches the journalists who are most interested in your stories, maximizing your chances of coverage and, ultimately, your market impact.

Here are the data distribution:

  • They have more than 500 media outlets in over 50 countries
  • They distribute news to more than 40,000 journalists and bloggers
  • They have more than 150 newsrooms in over 30 countries
  • They have more than 15 years of experience in the industry
  • They have more than 400 industry and trade categories to target your news

How to Submit Press Release to PRgloo

Submitting a press release through PRgloo is a breeze. Their system is designed to take the hassle out of press release distribution, so you can focus on crafting your message, not on the technicalities of sending it out.

Step-by-Step Guide for Press Release Submission

  1. Log in to your PRgloo account.
  2. Click on ‘Create Content’ to start a new press release.
  3. Fill in the essential details: your headline, body, and any multimedia elements that tell your real estate story effectively.
  4. Choose your distribution list – PRgloo lets you tailor this to ensure your news reaches the right audience.
  5. Review your press release, then hit ‘Send’ – your news is now on its way to making an impact.

Pricing of PRgloo

When it comes to pricing, PRgloo offers a transparent annual subscription model. The investment you make in PRgloo is an investment in your brand’s visibility and media relations. While specific pricing details are tailored to your needs and require direct contact with PRgloo, you can expect a flat rate that covers all the comprehensive features without the worry of hidden costs. Think of it as your all-access pass to media relations success.

Here are the plan and pricing of PRgloo:

  1. Light Plan (From £3,000 per year)
    • Targeted for busy teams managing enquiries, proactive sell-ins, issues, and statements.
    • Includes:
      • Response Desk CRM
      • Issue & Statement Manager
      • Journalist & Political Database
      • Stakeholder Management
      • DIY Coverage
      • Reporting
      • Data Migration
      • Human Support
      • Unlimited Users
      • Unlimited Training
  2. Pro Plan (From £4,000 per year)
    • Ideal for distributing media-rich communications, newsletters, and statements.
    • Includes everything in the Light Plan, plus:
      • Media-rich Release & Newsletter Distribution
      • Email Distribution of Statements
      • Unlimited Email Templates
      • Branded Landing Page
  3. Super ‘gloo Plan (From £6,500 per year)
    • Designed for teams wanting to manage their own communication channels and newsrooms.
    • Includes everything in the Light and Pro Plans, plus:
      • Choice of a Branded Express Newsroom or a Customized Newsroom (both with API for content syndication)

SEO Benefits of PRgloo

Most importantly, PRgloo isn’t just about sending out press releases—it’s about amplifying your reach. With its SEO-friendly newsroom, your press releases can rank higher in search engine results, leading to increased visibility and traffic. By leveraging PRgloo, you’re not only reaching journalists but also potential clients who are searching for the latest news in real estate.

Here are the SEO benefits of using PRgloo for your press release distribution and media relations:

    1. Enhanced Search Engine Rankings: PRgloo’s SEO-friendly newsroom helps your press releases to rank higher in search engine results, increasing their visibility.

    1. Increased Online Visibility: With better search engine rankings, your press releases gain more online exposure, reaching a broader audience.

    1. Driving More Web Traffic: Higher rankings in search results can lead to increased traffic to your website, enhancing engagement with potential clients and journalists.

    1. Targeted Audience Reach: SEO optimization ensures that your content reaches not just journalists, but also potential clients actively searching for real estate news.

    1. Building Brand Authority: Consistently appearing in top search results can boost your brand’s credibility and authority in the real estate sector.

    1. Long-Term SEO Advantages: Regularly distributing SEO-optimized press releases through PRgloo can contribute to the overall SEO health of your website, yielding long-term benefits.

Features of PRgloo

PRgloo stands out with its suite of features designed to streamline your media relations workflow. At its core, PRgloo offers:

  • An author database that keeps track of who writes about what, so you can target the right journalists.
  • Auto-update media lists to ensure your contacts are always current.
  • Campaign management tools that help you organize and execute your PR strategies.
  • A communications calendar for planning and tracking all your PR activities.
  • Contact management to build and maintain relationships with key media players.
  • And a digital asset management system to store and share multimedia content with ease.
Where Strategy Meets Technology

These features are just the beginning. PRgloo’s platform is designed to be as dynamic and adaptable as the real estate market itself, ensuring that you’re always one step ahead in your media relations efforts.

Alternatives to PRgloo

For those in the real estate industry seeking alternatives to PRgloo for their media relations and press release distribution, a variety of other platforms offer distinct features and benefits. These alternatives provide diverse options ranging from extensive distribution networks to specialized services tailored to different needs and budgets. Here are six notable alternatives:

  • PR Buzz: Renowned for its extensive distribution network and online visibility enhancement.
  • Press Release Jet: Offers quick, widespread distribution across various media channels.
  • Press Release Power: Specializes in SEO-friendly press release services for better search engine rankings.
  • PRFire: A UK-based platform providing a range of free and premium distribution options.
  • PRFree: An affordable, user-friendly option for basic press release distribution needs.
  • Prezly: Combines press release distribution with CRM tools for comprehensive media relations.

In summary, PRgloo stands out as an effective solution for real estate professionals aiming to bolster their media relations. Its array of comprehensive features, coupled with an intuitive interface and focused distribution channels, makes it a valuable asset in enhancing your marketing endeavors. It’s important to carefully evaluate and select a platform that resonates with your specific business objectives and requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can PRgloo help me target local journalists for my real estate business?

Absolutely. PRgloo’s media list management allows you to create lists based on geographic location, ensuring that your news reaches local journalists who are more likely to cover stories in your area.

How does PRgloo’s pricing compare to its competitors?

PRgloo’s pricing is competitive and offers value for money considering its extensive feature set. The platform provides a custom pricing model, which means you pay for what you need. In comparison, some alternatives offer tiered pricing or pay-as-you-go options.

Is PRgloo suitable for real estate agencies of all sizes?

Yes, PRgloo is scalable and can be used by real estate professionals from boutique agencies to large firms. Its flexible platform can cater to various needs, from simple press release distributions to comprehensive media campaigns.

What types of organizations can benefit from using PRgloo?

PRgloo is designed to cater to a wide range of organizations, including businesses, government agencies, and non-profits. It is particularly beneficial for teams that handle media relations, stakeholder communications, issue management, and public affairs. The platform’s comprehensive tools for managing enquiries, distributing press releases, and maintaining a newsroom make it suitable for any organization looking to streamline its communication efforts.

How does PRgloo’s newsroom feature enhance an organization’s media presence?

PRgloo’s newsroom feature allows organizations to create a centralized, branded hub for their communications. This can be either an Express Newsroom for rapid deployment or a Customized Newsroom for a more tailored approach. These newsrooms provide a platform for publishing press releases, news stories, and multimedia content, enhancing the organization’s digital presence. The newsroom not only helps in organizing content but also improves SEO and offers an engaging experience for journalists and stakeholders, ensuring a more impactful media presence.


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