How to Submit a Press Release to Daily Express & Get Backlinks

Getting your press release published on a reputable site like Daily Express can revolutionize your business!

Daily Express Press Release vs. Submitting a News Story Tip

For many, the name Daily Express resonates widely. As one of the UK’s top daily newspapers, it stands out, delivering updates on news, entertainment, sports, and beyond. With its reach extending to millions daily, this platform holds immense power and credibility. According to recent website stats, Daily Express boasts over 80 million monthly page views. Most importantly, their core audience comprises professionals aged between 25-45, with a knack for staying updated on global affairs.

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Press Release vs. News Story Tip: What’s the Difference?

Now, if you’re wondering about the difference between submitting a press release and a news story tip to the Daily Express, you’re not alone. At a glance, both may seem similar, but there’s a clear distinction.

  • Press Release: A press release is a formal, structured document you’d send to media outlets. It’s typically about a product launch, company announcement, or other significant news related to your brand. When publishing directly on the Daily Express, a press release gives you the chance to speak to their audience in an official capacity, ensuring that your news is presented exactly how you want it.
  • News Story Tip: A news story tip, on the other hand, is more informal. It’s essentially a “heads up” to journalists about something newsworthy, but without the official structure of a press release. This strategy works well if you’re uncertain of your topic’s news value or aiming to captivate a journalist’s curiosity for a deeper exploration.

Consequently, your decision between the two hinges on your news content and its desired presentation. For formal announcements, a press release is likely the right route. But, if you’re floating an idea or hinting at a bigger story, a news story tip is the way to go.

How to Contact Daily Express to Feature Your Story

Before you even dive into the depths of your story, it’s pivotal to determine the best point of contact for your press release. Below is a partial list of journalists that work at the Daily Express.

Contact Information for Daily Express

Additionally, you can submit your press release or news tip directly to the Daily Express.

To send your press release to the Daily Express news desk, use the email [email protected].

You can also find more contact information for the Daily Express on their Contact Page.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Contacting Daily Express

Because there’s a right and wrong way to approach anyone, especially a reputable media outlet, it’s imperative to follow these guidelines:


  • Be Concise: Journalists are swamped with emails. Ensure your pitch is brief but impactful, outlining the core essence of your story.
  • Attach Relevant Media: If you have high-quality images or videos that support your story, attach them. It saves journalists time and offers a clearer picture of your story.
  • Be Transparent: If there’s any financial interest, sponsorship, or other relevant disclosures, mention them upfront. Transparency builds trust.


  • Avoid Generic Pitches: If it looks like you’ve sent the same email to multiple outlets, it’s likely going into the trash. Customize your approach for the Daily Express.
  • Don’t Be Pushy: Patience is key. Give them some time to revert. Bombarding them with follow-up emails might lead to your message being ignored.
  • Skip Unverified Claims: Ensure every claim you make is verifiable and accurate. Media outlets value credibility above all.

Remember, the Daily Express is a significant platform, and getting your story featured is an achievement. Therefore, ensure your approach is professional, authentic, and resonates with their audience. The world of media is vast, but with the right tactics, your voice can indeed be heard.

How to Submit a Press Release & Publish Directly on Daily Express

Crafting an engaging press release is one thing, but ensuring its publication on a platform like Daily Express requires finesse and a clear understanding of the submission process. Here’s how you can set things in motion:

The Steps to Submission

  1. Visit the Daily Express Website: Navigate to their ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Submit a Story’ section. This is typically where you’ll find specific guidelines and an email address dedicated to press release submissions.
  2. Follow the Guidelines: Each platform has its unique set of guidelines. Adhere to them. They may specify the format, length, and the type of media attachments allowed.
  3. Compose Your Email: Remember the key points we discussed about introducing yourself? Those apply here too. Begin with a compelling subject line, introduce yourself, and then proceed with the body of the press release.
  4. Attach High-Resolution Media: Relevant images, videos, or infographics can bolster your submission. It not only gives a visual context to your story but can also set it apart from the plethora of other submissions.
  5. Send and Wait: After a thorough review of your content, click send. However, remember that media outlets like Daily Express receive a multitude of submissions daily. Give them time to review yours before expecting a response.

Amplifying Your Submission with AmpiFire

Besides the direct approach, there’s another ace up the sleeve for businesses and individuals – AmpiFire. It’s a platform that simplifies the press release distribution process. While direct submission has its perks, leveraging platforms like AmpiFire can further optimize the chances of your press release gaining the visibility it deserves. Learn more about AmpiFire on their official website.

AmpiFire 2.0
AmpiFire converts a traditional press release into various formats, then distributes your content to many high-authority sites.

Most importantly, when targeting media giants like Daily Express, every strategic move counts. Your press release isn’t just a piece of news; it’s a narrative of your brand, an essence of your dedication. Make every word and every platform count!

How to Get a Backlink from Daily Express

Before diving into the intricacies of securing a backlink from Daily Express, it’s essential to grasp what a backlink is. In basic language, a backlink is a link connecting one website to another. Envision it as an online acknowledgment, a gesture from one site to the next, denoting trust, pertinence, and often, credibility. Most importantly, in the vast realm of the internet, backlinks act as a significant contributor to search engine optimization (SEO), helping websites rank higher on search engines.

Steps to Secure that Coveted Backlink

  1. Craft Quality Content: Because Daily Express is a reputed platform, your content needs to be top-notch. Only if they find it beneficial for their readers will they consider linking back to your site.
  2. Build a Relationship: Networking is crucial. Start by sharing Daily Express content on your platforms, engaging with their posts, or even collaborating on projects. By doing this, you are increasing the chances of them noticing and appreciating your content.
  3. Reach Out Directly: Once you’ve established a relationship, or even if you’re starting cold, send a well-crafted email to the editorial team. Highlight how your content could benefit their readers and gently suggest a backlink.
  4. Guest Posts: Offering to write a guest post can be an excellent way to secure a backlink. If your content is featured on their platform, it’s more likely they will link back to your site within the article.
  5. Stay Updated with Their Content: Regularly engage with articles from Daily Express. If you find a piece that aligns with content on your site, reach out and suggest they link to your content as a further reading option.

Securing a backlink, especially from reputed platforms like Daily Express, The Evening Standard, or ABC News isn’t a walk in the park. It requires persistence, quality content, and a bit of networking savvy. But with dedication and the right strategies, it’s an achievable goal that can immensely benefit your online presence.

Securing a backlink from Daily Express isn’t easy, but the rewards that it can bring to your business are worth the effort!

Use AmpiFire to Publish to Daily Express

AmpiFire is a groundbreaking content amplification engine, streamlining the process of distributing content across a plethora of high-authority platforms, including various news sites. Currently, that does not include The Daily Express, but AmpiFire can still be a great tool to maximize your reach. By leveraging its capabilities, users can bolster their online presence, reach wider audiences, and ultimately, drive more traffic to their website.

AmpiFire’s Premium Service Explained

For businesses and individuals seeking a cut above the rest, AmpiFire’s premium service offers tailored solutions. This enhanced service provides:

  • Dedicated Account Management: Users are paired with experienced account managers, guiding them through every step of the distribution process.
  • Priority Distribution: With the premium service, your content gets fast-tracked, ensuring quicker publications.
  • Custom Campaigns: Tailored strategies are developed to align with your specific goals, ensuring your content resonates with the desired audience.
  • Extended Network Access: Unlock even more high-authority platforms, expanding your reach beyond the regular offerings.

By harnessing the power of AmpiFire, especially its premium service, one can strategically position content on platforms like Daily Express, amplifying visibility and establishing authority in their respective niche.

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Wondering how to get started with content distribution on reputable platforms? Dive into the detailed guide above and amplify your brand’s presence! With numerous platforms available for content distribution, do you believe in the power of targeted, high-authority platform outreach like Daily Express?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Beneficial Is Publishing Directly on Daily Express for My Brand?

Publishing directly on Daily Express significantly enhances a brand’s visibility because Daily Express boasts substantial website stats and targets a diverse audience. However, reaching out to such platforms can be challenging compared to lesser-known platforms.

What’s the Distinct Difference Between a Daily Express Press Release and a News Story Tip?

The major difference lies in the submission process. While a Daily Express Press Release can be published directly on their platform, a News Story Tip is a traditional press release sent to a journalist. Opting for the direct press release ensures broader reach, but it might lack the personal touch of a journalist-curated story.

What’s the Ideal Way to Introduce Myself to Daily Express Professionally?

The best method to professionally introduce oneself to Daily Express involves crafting a concise introduction, highlighting credentials and stating the purpose of the outreach. It’s essential to remain genuine, as exaggerated claims might deter their interest.

Are There Any Key Do’s and Don’ts When Contacting Daily Express to Feature My Story?

Absolutely. It’s pivotal to remain respectful, concise, and factual. Avoid flooding them with messages or presenting unverified information. Being patient and understanding their content needs increases chances of a positive response.

How Do I Secure a Coveted Backlink from Daily Express?

Securing a backlink from Daily Express involves contributing high-quality, relevant content that aligns with their editorial standards. However, the competition for these links is fierce, and not every submission might gain approval.

What Exactly Is a Backlink, and Why Should I Care?

A backlink is essentially a link from one website to another. For businesses, acquiring a backlink from esteemed platforms like Daily Express enhances online credibility, potentially boosting search engine rankings. Conversely, low-quality backlinks can harm one’s online reputation.

Why Is AmpiFire Revered as a Go-To Platform for Publishing to Daily Express?

AmpiFire’s reputation stems from its ability to efficiently distribute content across multiple high-authority platforms. Its automated and optimized process stands out compared to manually approaching each platform. However, relying solely on automation might not cater to unique, platform-specific nuances.

How Does AmpiFire’s Premium Service Differ from Its Regular Offering?

AmpiFire’s premium service boasts features like dedicated account management, priority distribution, and custom campaigns, offering a tailored experience beyond the standard offering. It’s an enhanced solution, but might come with a steeper price tag.

Are There Any Other Platforms Comparable to AmpiFire in Terms of Distribution?

There are other platforms like PRWeb and PRNewswire that facilitate content distribution. While they have their strengths, AmpiFire’s expansive network and automated processes give it an edge. However, for brands seeking specialized distribution, niche platforms might be more fitting.

Does Every Submission to Daily Express Guarantee a Backlink?

No, every submission to Daily Express doesn’t guarantee a backlink. Their editorial team meticulously reviews content, and only the best-fitted ones receive a backlink. It’s a rigorous process, ensuring the maintenance of their high standards.


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