We Love You PR: Importance & Need in Marketing, SEO Value of Press Releases for A Business & Brand

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“Great content is the best sales tool in the world” 

– Marcus Sheridan


You Are In The News. YOU ARE THE NEWS.

celebrtiy red carpet

Picture this:

Without depleting your marketing budget (or transforming yourself into the next Lady Gaga) you manage to:

  • instantly enhance the effectiveness of your marketing plan;
  • boost your business sales potential;
  • brand yourself as an authority in your field of activity;
  • receive media coverage and online exposure;
  • get an influx of traffic to your website;
  • attract the attention of journalists and deep-pocket investors;
  • gain valuable backlinks to your website.

You might be wondering How am I gonna do all that? 

Want to find out how?

Read further.


Why Press Release? Why Press Release Zen?

Press Release Zen is our comprehensive introduction to the basics of writing and distributing press releases and incorporating them into a kick-ass marketing strategy. 

We hope that this article and the other posts on our site will prepare you to both preempt and overcome everyday obstacles in claiming your rightful place online… and reach the top (ranking and positions on Google search engine results and on top of the mind of potential customers).

Our online content is packed full of handy tips and actionable advice from seasoned industry pros. 

But please, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any specific inquiries as to how your business or organization can benefit from press release marketing.

Simple Press Release Strategies That Actually Work

The online Press Release holds great power. Unleash it.

Doing business and promoting online your events, products and services in our modern interconnected world requires that you should learn how to use the online press release effectively .

viral content

The press release marketing  campaign is  a golden opportunity for any savvy business mind that wants to bring in more investors, more traffic, more visitors to an event, more customers… to create more sales, more impact and more cash.

Why press releases?

Once you learn how to implement such campaigns,  they’ll become the cornerstone of your marketing strategies. You will be able to reach out to some news outlets and distribute your business Press Release announcements to top media channels.



Ponder Some Key Questions & Make Sure You’re Fully Committed Before Launching Your Campaign

If you are reading this post, chances are you’re really thinking of doing a press release campaign for your own business, product or event – but have you asked yourself, why?

If you are not sure, it’s time to ponder some key questions and a couple of sobering fats about press releases.

online business marketing plan

First things first: the online Press Release is a practical and incredibly powerful tool for getting the word out about yourself, your business, your products, services, events…

for making your story visible and accessible by the general public and above all, by your target audience.

Keep in mind, many professional marketers trust and choose the online press release marketing campaigns before other marketing methods when they want to engage in brand building, link building, and traffic generation

But why? Because it’s statistically proven that they bring the desired results.

Yes, indeed! (Just ask us about the case studies!)

case studies newspapers

Marketing with press releases is a proven route for enhancing a business reputation online and for initiating a conversation with potential customers.

If your aim is to get more backlinks and generate more leads to your website, a press release campaign can help you pave the way, regardless of whether you’re a brand new player in the online marketing game.

You just need to make sure you’re firmly committed to your project before you jump in.

If you’re going to make it, you will need to make some smart decisions:

  • how to write your content
  • where and when to distribute it
  • how often you should share new content
  • how much you should invest
  • what audience and channels you should target
  • how much time are you willing to spend
  • what your campaign plan will look like

We will help you find an answer to all those questions and clarify your plan.

Having a clear idea of what you need to do will see you through tough time and help you organize your resources and efforts until you come out on top of search engine result pages.

Let us help you make your marketing campaigns successful and beat the competition in your niches and market.


Successful Marketing Depends On Proven Methods & Practices

“Never ask advice of someone with whom you wouldn’t want to trade places.”

– Darren Hardy, “The Compound Effect”

marketing mice school

Who you follow determines where you get in life. If your leader or adviser isn’t moving forward, you’re not moving forward either, because your results are a reflection of your leader’s results.

We should all learn that in order to be successful in marketing (and in life), we should be  asking the right questions to the right types of people…

to get a practical, applicable effective advice we should turn to those experts who had actually walked where we want to walk.

Who are the people that you reach out to when you need a marketing advice?

What is your go to forum, source, platform when you’re preparing your first press release marketing campaign?

You don’t want to engage in pointless activities that lead to no results and follow the first recommendations out there… you don’t want to be like a Don Quixote – the mad Spanish knight who charges down windmills he’s mistaken for giants in Gervantes’ eponymous novel…

Let’s avoid any stressful and counterproductive methods and invest our time and energy in strategies that work instead.

We that said, we advise you that when it comes to press release marketing campaigns, you should follow the right rules.

You should find the right contacts and partners that specialize in  marketing  and are trusted experts in the PR industry.

They will support your business with advice, experience and access to their strategies.

They will open new doors for you, they will maximize your efforts and ROI… and things will move quickly that way.

They will help you define your goals and get a clearer idea as to where you are right now and where your press release marketing campaign will get you.

Where can you find them?

Maybe you have already found them.

Check Out Our Press Release Templates & Samples… Have A Look At  Our Tips & Tricks … 

We are certain that the content on our site will  give you much value. It I s our proof that we have implemented so many time successful press release marketing campaigns that  it has become our second nature (almost  boring) – and  now we  help others like you do the same.

Because that’s what you do when you get so good at something. You teach others how to do it.

  We have the experience, the right  skills, tools and resources that can help you move things forward.

We’ll be honored to be your trusted partner in your next press release marketing ventures.


Let’s Go On a PR Industry Road Trip

Wouldn’t you enjoy the journey? Let us help you learn more about the new destinations you can conquer.

The Press Release Zen team is always happy to share more information with you as to how you can create and distribute relevant, newsworthy and valuable content online that can help you reach your target audience directly.

We can guide you and help your craft your first press releases. We can help you  publish powerful content  that will be your proof that Google can trust you.

“Why would I need Google’s trust?” , you might ask.

seo ranking google serach engine

Because the more Google trusts you, the higher your domain authority… 

The more backlinks you get on high authority sites from your published content,

the higher your website ranking,

the more traffic you generate…

The Press Release writing, publishing, and distribution processes and of course, the positive results that you can achieve as a result of this processes, can really amaze you…

they can keep you excited during the whole online marketing marathon.

Are you ready to join us? Together We Can Reach Faster The Finish Line At Your Chosen Destination.

Do you want your digital marketing to generate bigger results?

Discover AmpiFire and get your content published on more sites, in more ways, than old-fashioned Press Releases. Get seen on Google News, YouTube, SlideShare, Apple Podcasts and many more…

Click Here To Learn More

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    Thula is a seasoned content expert who loves simplifying complex ideas into digestible content. With her experience creating easy-to-understand content across various industries like healthcare, telecommunications, and cybersecurity, she is now honing her skills in the art of crafting compelling PR. In her spare time, Thula can be found indulging in her love for art and coffee.


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