How to Submit a Press Release to The London Evening Standard & Get Backlinks

Reputable news sources like The Evening Standard have millions of monthly readers. Leveraging their reputation for your press release can skyrocket your business growth.

The Evening Standard Press Release vs. Submitting a News Story Tip

The Evening Standard isn’t just another tabloid or online news platform. In the heart of London, it’s been a beacon of news and culture for years, acting as a pulse check on the vibrant city’s heartbeat. Because of its distinct London-centric focus, the newspaper captures an urban, educated, and affluent audience. Therefore, if your goal is to reach decision-makers, cultural connoisseurs, or city professionals, you’re in the right ballpark with The Evening Standard.

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Press Release vs. News Tip: Navigating the Nuances

So, you’ve got a story, and you’re eager to share it with the world. Before diving headfirst, understand there’s a difference between submitting a press release and a news story tip to The Evening Standard.

Press Releases:

  • These are typically more detailed and provide comprehensive information about a product launch, corporate announcement, or event.
  • Designed for the public’s consumption, a press release should be ready-to-publish, following a structured format.
  • You’re in control. The narrative and the tone are decided by you, with the hope that the outlet will pick it up verbatim or with minor edits.

News Submission (Story Tip):

  • Think of this as a nudge or a whisper. You’re tipping off journalists about something newsworthy, without providing the full-blown story.
  • It’s more informal and is often just a starting point for journalists who might delve deeper into the topic.
  • Here, the narrative is moulded by the journalist. You’re giving them the baton, and they run with it.

Most importantly, while both avenues can lead to exposure, they serve different strategic purposes. If you’re looking to control the narrative and present information in a specific manner, the press release is your weapon of choice. On the other hand, if you have a hot piece of information but prefer to let journalists craft the story, a news submission is your best bet. Remember, both methods have their place in the vast media landscape. Your choice should align with your overarching communication objectives and desired outcomes.

How to Contact The Evening Standard to Feature Your Story

Before we dive into the exact mechanics of getting in touch with The Evening Standard, let’s lay the groundwork for an introduction that’s nothing short of professional. It’s important that you determine the best point of contact for your press release.

Contact Information for The Evening Standard

Below is a partial list of journalists that work for The Evening Standard.

Additionally, there are several ways to reach out to The Evening Standard directly with your press release or news tip.

You can submit your press release directly to The Evening Standard through the email [email protected].

You can find more contact information for journalists on The Evening Standard’s Contact Page.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Contacting The Evening Standard


  • Do Your Homework: Know the sections of The Evening Standard that would be most relevant to your story. Tailor your pitch to these sections and, if possible, the specific journalist who covers that beat.
  • Provide Value: Make it clear why your story matters to The Evening Standard’s readers. Is it timely? Does it shed light on a hot topic? Provide context.
  • Follow Up: If you don’t get a response in a week, send a polite follow-up. Journalists are swamped; sometimes, emails get lost in the fray.


  • Avoid Being Pushy: Remember, you’re suggesting a story, not making a sale. Be persuasive, not aggressive.
  • Don’t Mass Email: Sending the same generic email to multiple journalists will likely land your message in the trash. Personalize your approach.
  • Skip the Attachments: Unless explicitly requested, avoid sending attachments in your initial email. Instead, use links or offer to send more information upon request.

Most importantly, understand that not every pitch will get picked. It’s the nature of the media landscape. But by adhering to these guidelines and showcasing genuine value, you enhance the odds of your story finding its spotlight in The Evening Standard.

How to Submit a Press Release & Publish Directly on The Evening Standard

Getting your press release directly on The Evening Standard is akin to placing your brand in London’s spotlight. But how do you do it? Let’s decode this.

Step-By-Step Guide to Submitting Your Press Release

  1. Prepare Your Press Release: Before anything, ensure your press release is ready, professional, and newsworthy. Double-check the format, ensuring the headline grabs attention, the content is concise and factual, and that there’s a clear call to action.
  2. Identify the Right Desk or Journalist: Within The Evening Standard, various desks handle different types of news. Whether it’s business, arts, politics, or local news, pinpoint the section most aligned with your story. Directing your press release to the appropriate team or journalist increases the chances of it being noticed.
  3. Use the Official Channel: The Evening Standard has a dedicated section for press release submissions. Ensure you follow their guidelines. Often, they’ll require the content in the body of the email, with images or additional documents linked or attached.
  4. Await Feedback: Once submitted, be patient. If your story is timely and relevant, there’s a good chance it will be picked up. However, allow at least a week before considering a follow-up.

A Quick Nudge with AmpiFire

While direct submission is effective, using platforms like AmpiFire can amplify your reach. AmpiFire not only aids in distributing your press release but ensures it gets the online visibility it deserves, making the process smoother and more efficient. Learn more about AmpiFire’s products and services on their official website!

AmpiFire 2.0
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Therefore, diving into the world of press releases with The Evening Standard at the helm is not just about getting news out. It’s about positioning, credibility, and establishing your brand firmly on the map. Your story deserves this platform. Go get it!

How to Get a Backlink from The Evening Standard

In the digital realm, a backlink, simply put, is when one website links to another. It’s like a digital nod of approval. For businesses, earning a backlink from a reputable source like The Evening Standard, The Daily Mirror, or Metro can be a game-changer. It doesn’t just drive traffic to your site but also boosts your site’s authority in search engine rankings. Because of this, it’s a coveted badge of honor in the SEO world.

Steps to Securing a Backlink from The Evening Standard

  1. Craft Quality Content: Before you even think of a backlink, your content has to be stellar. It should offer value, be unique, and be relevant to The Evening Standard’s audience. Most importantly, it should be content they’d be proud to link to.
  2. Engage & Build Relationships: Instead of cold pitches, nurture a genuine relationship with the journalists and editors of The Evening Standard. Engage with their content, offer insightful comments, or share their articles on your platforms. It’s a two-way street.
  3. Reach Out with Purpose: When you’re finally ready to pitch for a backlink, be clear on why The Evening Standard should link back to you. How does it benefit them and their readers? Do your research and tailor your outreach emails to the specific journalist or section of The Evening Standard you’re targeting.
  4. Consider Guest Posts: Sometimes, it’s easier to get a backlink when you’re contributing content directly. The Evening Standard occasionally accepts guest posts from experts in various fields. If you can pitch a compelling topic, this might be your in.
  5. Stay Updated with Their Guidelines: The Evening Standard, like most reputable platforms, has specific guidelines for backlinks. Make sure you’re familiar with these. They might specify the kind of sites they link to, the format, or even the anchor text.
  6. Be Patient and Persistent: It might not happen overnight. But remember, a backlink from a prestigious platform isn’t just any backlink—it’s worth its weight in gold. So, stay persistent, be patient, and keep refining your approach.

Earning a backlink from The Evening Standard is more than just a boost for your website metrics; it’s a nod of credibility, an acknowledgment of your content’s quality, and a sign that you’re doing something right in the digital space. It’s worth the effort.

It can be intimidating to try and secure a backlink from a site like The Evening Standard, but the rewards are worth the effort!

Use AmpiFire to Publish to The Evening Standard

For those who might be hearing about AmpiFire for the first time, it is a cutting-edge content amplification platform. AmpiFire’s primary aim is to take your content and distribute it across a wide range of high-traffic platforms. This ensures that your message gets the broadest reach possible. Currently, AmpiFire does not facilitate direct submission to The Evening Standard, but let’s look at how it can still be a benefit to your business.

The Premium Touch of AmpiFire

Diving a bit deeper, AmpiFire’s premium service goes above and beyond the regular offerings. Here’s what you get with it:

  1. Personalized Strategy Sessions: AmpiFire’s team will work closely with you to understand your content goals and tailor a strategy specifically for you.
  2. Priority Publishing: With the premium service, your content gets priority. This means faster turnaround times and quicker publication to The Evening Standard and other platforms.
  3. Detailed Analytics: Data drives decisions. The premium service provides you with comprehensive analytics, helping you understand how your content is performing on different platforms.
  4. Dedicated Support: Any questions or issues? AmpiFire’s dedicated support team for premium members ensures that your queries are resolved promptly.

In the constantly evolving digital landscape, AmpiFire offers a solid bridge between content creators and platforms like The Evening Standard. Its services, especially the premium ones, take the guesswork out of the equation and provide a structured, efficient path to ensure your voice is heard by the masses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Evening Standard a Trustworthy Platform to Publish a Press Release?

Absolutely, The Evening Standard is a highly reputable platform, recognized for its broad readership and rigorous journalistic standards. With millions of unique monthly visitors, it stands tall among other platforms in terms of exposure.

How Effective Is Direct Publication on The Evening Standard Compared to Sending a News Submission?

Direct publication on The Evening Standard ensures your content reaches its audience promptly, without the traditional delays of journalistic review. However, a news submission, while potentially taking longer, can offer the validation of being chosen by a professional journalist.

What Are the Crucial Steps for Contacting The Evening Standard to Feature My Story?

To effectively introduce your story to The Evening Standard, it’s vital to present yourself professionally, understand the do’s and don’ts of communication, and utilize the provided contact information.

What Benefits Can My Business Draw from Submitting a Press Release to The Evening Standard?

By submitting a press release to The Evening Standard, your business can gain immense exposure, build brand credibility, and potentially reach a diverse set of potential customers who trust the platform’s content.

How Can I Secure a Backlink from The Evening Standard?

Securing a backlink from The Evening Standard requires creating high-quality, relevant content that the platform would naturally want to link to. Remember, a backlink is essentially a vote of confidence from one website to another.

What Exactly Is AmpiFire and How Can It Benefit My Publishing Efforts?

AmpiFire is a powerful content amplification platform designed to distribute your content across multiple high-traffic platforms. Using it can save time, maximize exposure, and streamline the publishing process.

Why Would I Opt for AmpiFire’s Premium Service for My Press Releases?

AmpiFire’s premium service offers a personalized strategy, priority publishing, comprehensive analytics, and dedicated support. This ensures a faster, more effective reach of your content on platforms like The Evening Standard.

Are There Other Platforms Comparable to AmpiFire for Distributing My Content?

While there are other content distribution platforms, such as PRWeb and Newswire, AmpiFire stands out due to its wide-ranging distribution channels and its vast network of sites.

Is There a Specific Format or Guideline to Follow When Using AmpiFire for The Evening Standard?

AmpiFire streamlines the process, ensuring your content is optimized for The Evening Standard. While the platform provides guidance, it’s always beneficial to align your content with the unique style and requirements of The Evening Standard for maximum impact.


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