Press Releases for Research Study, Whitepaper & Industry Report: Template & Example

Navigating the world of press releases for research studies, whitepapers, and industry reports? By diving into this article, you’ll uncover:

  • 3 press release templates tailored for research studies, whitepapers, and industry reports.
  • 3 real-world press release samples for each type of content, giving you a clear blueprint to emulate.
  • Proven best practices that ensure your press releases are both compelling and effective.
  • Tips on distribution, ensuring that your valuable content gains the visibility it truly deserves.
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In this comprehensive guide, discover press release templates and samples for research study, whitepaper, and industry report, complete with writing tips and distribution tips using AmpiFire.

Press Release Template for Research Study

Crafting a compelling press release for a research study is vital in conveying crucial findings and insights to a wider audience. Here’s a template to get you started:

1. Opening Marks: Traditionally, you’d use “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” to signify the beginning of the press release.

2. Headline: Eye-catching statement summarizing the main finding or significance of the research.

3. Subheadline: Additional detail or supporting information, further enticing the reader.

4. City, State – Date of release – Opening statement elaborating on the headline. Introduce the research organization or institution.

5. Introduction: Begin with the significance of the study. Why is this research important? Who does it impact, and why should the general public care?

6. Key Findings:
– Finding #1: Provide a brief description or statistic.
– Finding #2: Another crucial insight.
– Finding #3: And so on…

7. Background: Delve into the background or history that led to this research study. Why was this study undertaken? What questions were you aiming to answer?

8. Methodology: Briefly touch on the research methods used. Were there surveys, experiments, or observational studies? How many participants were involved? This section ensures credibility.

9. Quotes: Include a quote from a lead researcher, stakeholder, or external expert, emphasizing the study’s relevance or importance. “[Insert quote here],” said [Name, Title, and Affiliation].

10. About [Research Institution/Organization]: Provide a concise description of the institution or organization behind the study. What’s their mission? Have they conducted similar studies before?

11. Media Contact:
– Name: Your PR contact person
– Title: Their position
– Phone: Contact number
– Email: Contact email

12. Closing Marks: Traditionally, you’d use “###” or “[End]” to signify the end of the press release.

Press Release Example for Research Study

To better illustrate the template, here’s a hypothetical example of a press release for a research study:


Breakthrough Study Reveals Link Between Diet and Cognitive Health.
Researchers at the Nutrition & Brain Institute find compelling evidence supporting the role of specific foods in brain function enhancement.

Springfield, IL – March 15, 2023 – A groundbreaking study from the Nutrition & Brain Institute has unveiled significant findings on the connection between dietary habits and cognitive prowess.

The battle against cognitive decline might find its unlikely ally in our kitchens. The recent research emphasizes the importance of certain foods in supporting brain health and function.

– Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Regular consumption of omega-3-rich foods, such as fish, showed a 25% improvement in memory tasks among participants.
– Leafy Greens: Individuals who ate leafy greens more than three times a week demonstrated enhanced focus and concentration.
– Berries: Blueberries and strawberries have been linked to a decrease in the rate of cognitive decline by up to 20%.

With an aging global population and a rising incidence of cognitive diseases, understanding the relationship between diet and brain health has never been more urgent. This research embarked on a mission to uncover foods that could potentially support cognitive wellness.

The study spanned two years, involving over 5,000 participants across different age groups. Combining dietary analysis with cognitive tests, researchers could pinpoint specific foods that showed promising results.

“Our findings highlight the profound impact of our daily dietary choices. It’s empowering to realize that simple changes can have such a profound effect on cognitive health,” remarked Dr. Jane Smithson, CEO and Lead Researcher at the Nutrition & Brain Institute.

The Nutrition & Brain Institute, founded in 1995, is a pioneer in the realm of nutritional neuroscience. With a mission to explore the nexus between diet and the brain, the institute has been at the forefront of several landmark studies.

Media Contact:
Name: Alex Thompson
Title: PR Coordinator
Phone: (555) 123-4567
Email: [email protected]


Press Release Template for Whitepaper

When you’re launching a whitepaper—a comprehensive report or guide about a particular issue, especially in the tech, finance, or corporate world—it’s essential to spotlight its significance and utility through a press release. Here’s a detailed template to ensure you effectively communicate its value:

1. Opening Marks: Traditionally, you’d use “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” to signify the beginning of the press release.

2. Headline: A captivating statement about the main theme or breakthrough insights of the whitepaper.

3. Subheadline: A supporting statement or detail, further enticing potential readers.

4. City, State – Date of release – A brief introduction about the organization or company releasing the whitepaper, and a hint at its relevance.

5. Summary: Provide a concise overview of the whitepaper’s main insights, purpose, and its significance to its target audience.

6. Key Takeaways:
– Insight #1: Highlight a crucial point or solution presented in the whitepaper.
– Insight #2: Another primary point.
– Insight #3: And so on…

7. Why Now: Contextualize the timing. Why is this whitepaper’s release timely or urgent? Is it answering current industry challenges? Introducing a novel solution?

8. About the Whitepaper: Delve a little deeper into the whitepaper’s content. What methodologies were used? How does it differ from existing resources or competitors?

9. Quotes: A quote can humanize the content and emphasize its importance. “[Insert impactful quote here],” said [Name, Title, and Affiliation of the author or a prominent figure endorsing the whitepaper].

10. Download Details: Provide information on how and where the whitepaper can be accessed or downloaded. Is it free? Is there a landing page dedicated to it?

11. About Company/Organization Name: A succinct background of the company or organization presenting the whitepaper. What’s its mission? Why was this whitepaper created?

12. Media Contact:
– Name: Your PR contact person
– Title: Their position
– Phone: Contact number
– Email: Contact email

13. Closing Marks: Traditionally, you’d use “###” or “[End]” to signify the end of the press release.

Press Release Example for Whitepaper

Now let’s see a sample press release for whitepaper based on the template shared above.


Revolutionizing Digital Security: A Comprehensive Whitepaper on Blockchain Implementation
Unlocking the Future: How Blockchain Technology is Set to Redefine Digital Transactions

New York, NY – April 23, 2023 – TechFusion Corp, a leader in digital innovations, unveils a cutting-edge whitepaper elucidating the transformative potential of blockchain in bolstering digital security.

Our world’s rapidly digitizing financial landscape demands robust security mechanisms. This whitepaper dives deep into blockchain technology, demonstrating its potential to fortify digital transaction systems against modern threats.

This whitepaper covers:
– Decentralization Power: How a decentralized system minimizes risks and ensures data integrity.
– Smart Contracts: The automated, self-executing contracts with the terms directly written into code lines.
– Enhanced Security Protocols: A look into the cryptographic nature of blockchain and its invulnerability to unauthorized changes.

With a surge in digital transactions, particularly in the post-pandemic era, the time is ripe for industries to understand and implement blockchain’s unparalleled security benefits.

Rooted in rigorous research and case studies, TechFusion Corp’s whitepaper stands out by offering actionable insights and strategies for businesses, ranging from startups to enterprises, to harness blockchain’s full potential.

“Blockchain is not just a trend; it’s the future backbone of digital transaction systems. It offers a fortress of security in an age of cyber vulnerabilities,” said Dr. Lorraine Beck, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at TechFusion Corp.

Eager to gain insights? Access our complete whitepaper at TechFusion’s official website, under the ‘Publications’ section.

Established in 2007, TechFusion Corp is a vanguard in digital technological solutions. With a vision of a secure digital future, our team has been consistently researching and innovating, keeping businesses one step ahead in the digital arena.

Media Contact:
– Name: Peter Grayson
– Title: Head of PR
– Phone: (212) 456-7890
– Email: [email protected]


Include the key insights from your whitepaper into your press release in a way that will entice readers to download the full whitepaper.

Press Release Template for Industry Report

This template covers the fundamental structure and elements of an industry report press release.

1. Opening Marks: Traditionally, you’d use “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” to signify the beginning of the press release.

2. Headline: Catchy and informative title highlighting the key takeaway or unique angle of the industry report

3. Sub-headline: A subsequent line elaborating on the main point or offering an additional insight

4. [CITY, STATE] – [Date] – [Your Company Name], a recognized authority in [specific industry], has released a comprehensive industry report detailing [main theme of the report].

5. Summary: Briefly outline the main findings or themes of the report. This section should convey the essence of the report’s content, capturing the reader’s attention.

6. Key Findings:
– Finding #1: A concise description of a significant point from the report.
– Finding #2: Another pivotal discovery or observation.
– Finding #3: Yet another noteworthy revelation.

7. Why This Report Matters: Explain the relevance of the report in today’s context. Discuss why these findings are vital and how they can influence or benefit the industry, stakeholders, or the general public.

8. About the Report: A deeper dive into the methodologies, datasets, or any other pertinent details about how the report was compiled. It can also include the scope of the research and the team behind it.

9. Quotes: “[Quote from a top executive or the lead researcher underscoring the significance of the report or emphasizing a key takeaway.]” – [Name & Title of the person quoted].

10. Accessing the Report: Provide information on how interested parties can access or purchase the full report. This could be a direct link, an email address, or a phone number.

11. About Your Company: A short paragraph or boilerplate about your organization, its history in the industry, its mission, and other credentials that establish its authority or expertise on the subject.

12. Media Contact:
– Name: [Spokesperson or PR Contact Name]
– Title: [Their Position]
– Phone: [Contact Number]
– Email: [Contact Email]

13. Closing Marks: Traditionally, you’d use “###” or “[End]” to signify the end of the press release.

Press Release Example for Industry Report

To use the template above, just tailor it to your needs, ensuring every section speaks directly and specifically to the contents and significance of your report. Here’s an example to get you started:


Revolutionary Industry Report Reveals Surprising Trends in Tech Adoption
Tech Titans’ Annual Analysis Pinpoints Shifts in Consumer Behavior and Predicts Future Market Leaders

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 15, 2023 – Tech Titans, the leading market analysis firm in the tech sector, today unveiled its highly anticipated annual industry report spotlighting the accelerating adoption of cutting-edge technologies by global consumers.

The report touches upon major findings, such as:
– The rise in quantum computing adoption by 50% over the past year.
– Wearable tech shifting from fitness to medical applications.
– A 35% surge in households integrating smart home systems.

The relevancy of this analysis cannot be understated, especially as businesses in the tech realm grapple with ever-changing consumer preferences. As digital transformation continues its upward trajectory, staying abreast of these shifts is essential for any company hoping to remain competitive.

Offering a glimpse into the rigorous research process, Tech Titans employed an array of methodologies, spanning both qualitative and quantitative domains, ensuring a holistic understanding of market dynamics.

Their diverse team of experts collaborated across continents to piece together a cohesive narrative that is already shaping investment strategies.

“Our findings highlight the velocity of change in the tech arena. With the pandemic catalyzing digital reliance, we’re seeing innovations that were once in the pipeline being rapidly embraced by consumers globally,” noted Dr. Clara Jensen, Chief Analyst at Tech Titans.

For those eager to delve deep into the report and its implications, it’s now available for purchase on Tech Titans’ official website or by reaching out directly to their sales department.

Media inquiries and further information:
– Jamie Linton
– Public Relations Specialist, Tech Titans
– Phone: 555-123-4567
– Email: [email protected]


Best Practices When Writing Press Releases for Research Study, Whitepaper & Industry Report

By adhering to these best practices, you can ensure that your press release not only grabs attention but also communicates the significance of your research study, whitepaper, or industry report in a way that resonates with a broad audience.

Sharpen Your Angle

When crafting a press release for academic or professional documents, pinpoint the most groundbreaking or unexpected element of the content. What makes your research study, whitepaper, or industry report truly unique?

Use Simple Language

Despite the complex nature of these documents, your press release should be comprehensible to a broad audience.

Jargon and complex terminologies can deter journalists and the public, so aim for clarity.

Highlight Key Takeaways

Present the most significant findings or insights right at the beginning. Don’t make readers dig for the gold; showcase it upfront.

Add Credibility with Quotes

Integrate relevant quotes from authors, experts, or stakeholders. This human element not only adds authenticity but also gives journalists ready-to-use sound bites.

Provide Accessible Data

If there are compelling statistics or data points in your content, consider using visual aids like infographics or charts in the press release.

Link to the full document: Always include a direct link or clear instructions on how readers can access and download the full research study, whitepaper, or industry report.

Be Transparent About Methodology

Especially for research studies, clearly outline the methods used. This builds trust and allows for a deeper understanding of the findings.

Proofread, Then Proofread Again

Errors, especially in this type of press release, can harm credibility. Ensure the content is polished and free of mistakes.

Tailor Distribution

Recognize the specific audience for your document. Distribute your press release to outlets and journalists who cater to that audience for maximized impact.

Utilize a Multi-Channel Approach

In the digital age, your press release should not just sit on your website. Distribute it via email, share it on social media, and consider leveraging platforms like AmpiFire for broader reach. More on this below.

Consider Timing

Release your content at a time when it’s most relevant and likely to capture attention. Monitor the news cycle to avoid your press release getting overshadowed by major events.

Prepare for follow up: Be ready to engage with journalists or outlets who may want more information or interviews. This proactive approach can lead to more comprehensive coverage.

Distribution Tips for Press Releases for Research Study, Whitepaper & Industry Report

Distributing press releases for research studies, whitepapers, and industry reports requires a multifaceted approach. By considering both traditional and innovative distribution channels, you can ensure your valuable insights reach the widest possible audience.

Target Industry Publications

For specialized content like research studies, whitepapers, or industry reports, reach out to industry-specific publications. These platforms already cater to an audience interested in your topic.

Leverage Email Marketing

If you have a mailing list, use it. Distributing your press release via email can reach those already familiar with and invested in your work.

Engage on Social Media

Platforms like LinkedIn, particularly for B2B press releases, can amplify your reach. Share your press release, create posts highlighting key findings, or even consider running targeted ads.

Use Press Release Distribution Services

Press release distribution services like PRWeb, Business Wire, or PR Newswire can broadcast your press release to a vast network of journalists and publications.

Connect with Bloggers and Influencers: Identify key figures in your industry who might be interested in your content. Their endorsement or share can drastically increase visibility.

Optimize for Search Engines

By ensuring your press release is SEO-friendly, you increase the chances of it being discovered organically by those searching for related topics.

Host Webinars or Online Press Conferences

Given the academic or professional nature of your content, hosting a webinar, business conference or even a business forum can provide a platform for deeper discussion and Q&A, drawing more attention to your press release.

Collaborate with Partner Organizations: If your research, whitepaper, or report was a collaborative effort, leverage all involved parties’ networks for distribution.

Provide Exclusive Insights to Select Media

Offering an exclusive story or angle to a particular media outlet can lead to more in-depth coverage.

How AmpiFire Helps

AmpiFire is a content amplification platform that can be invaluable in press release distribution. By creating campaigns on AmpiFire, your press release can be automatically distributed to major news sites, blogs, podcasts, and even video channels.

The platform uses its vast network to ensure your content gets the visibility it deserves, reaching potentially thousands of outlets with a single submission. Moreover, AmpiFire’s analytics can provide insights into how your press release is performing, allowing for tweaks and refinements in real-time.

AmpiFire enables you to distribute your press releases for research study, whitepaper, and industry report in various forms and on many high-authority channels.

Wrapping Up: The Power of Effective Press Releases

Effective press releases play a pivotal role in conveying the value and insights of research studies, whitepapers, and industry reports. These communications bridge the gap between in-depth scholarly work and the general public, stakeholders, or potential clients. They distill complex information into digestible formats, allowing for broader accessibility and understanding.

Utilizing the provided templates and adhering to best practices can drastically improve the impact of your press release. Not only do they ensure clarity and professionalism, but they also increase the chances of your content being noticed, shared, and appreciated by the right audiences. As you move forward, we urge you to harness these tools and strategies for your next press releases, ensuring your vital information reaches as many interested parties as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I bother with a press release for a Research Study, Whitepaper, or Industry Report?

In my experience, press releases for these types of content have proven to be powerful tools for gaining visibility and credibility. They position you as an authority in your field, and when done right, they can give your research, whitepaper, or report the exposure it deserves. Compared to other promotional methods, press releases, especially when paired with a platform like AmpiFire, can offer wider reach. However, on the flip side, without a strong and engaging press release, you might not achieve the desired impact.

Aren’t all press release platforms the same? Why mention AmpiFire?

While there are several press release platforms out there, not all are created equal. I’ve used a handful of them, and AmpiFire stands out for its efficiency and coverage. It’s not about being overly positive, but when you’ve seen results like I have, you can’t help but recommend what works. That said, always ensure to do your own research and find what best fits your needs. Some platforms might offer better niche targeting or may align better with your budget.

How can I ensure my press release doesn’t get lost in the noise?

To make your press release stand out, always focus on the content. An engaging headline, a clear and concise message, and attention to detail are essential. Also, using copywriting frameworks like the 4Cs can genuinely make a difference. To add, distribution plays a pivotal role. Platforms like AmpiFire, while not the only option, do provide an edge in ensuring your content reaches a broader audience.

What if I’m not good at writing? Can I still draft a compelling press release?

While having writing skills can be an advantage, what’s more crucial is the content and the structure. Following a tried-and-tested template and using frameworks can guide even those who don’t consider themselves great writers. And if you’re ever in doubt, seeking professional help or using platforms with built-in guidance can be a lifesaver.

Always remember, success in press releases is a blend of content, structure, and distribution. Ready to get started with your next press release? Dive in, and let your research, whitepaper, or report shine! Do you think press releases are becoming obsolete, or are they still as powerful as ever?


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