How to Submit a Press Release to ABC News & Get Backlinks

Leveraging the reputation of a widely-known news source like ABC News can skyrocket the growth of your business.

ABC News Press Release vs. Submitting a News Story Tip

For those who might not know, ABC News stands as a leading media giant in the US, boasting over 20 million unique visitors to its website every month. The channel targets a diverse age group, from young adults in their 20s to seniors. Their news coverage is comprehensive, catering to national, international, entertainment, and even tech segments.

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The Fine Line: Press Release vs. News Tip Submission

Now, let’s get to the crux of the matter. There’s a distinct difference between publishing a press release directly on ABC News and submitting a news story tip.

  • Publishing a Press Release Directly: This method is more streamlined and straightforward. Normally, a press release covers a product launch, special event, or a research breakthrough. You craft your press release, ensuring it meets the specific guidelines set by ABC News, and then submit it for review. Once approved, your release gets its own space on the website, potentially enjoying millions of eyes on it. It’s like laying down a red carpet for your story.
  • News Tip Submission: Think of this as whispering an exciting secret to a journalist. You’re tipping them off about a potentially significant story. If they bite, they’ll craft the narrative, potentially integrating it into their mainstream news. While this sounds thrilling, it does mean you’re handing over the reins. Your story might not be portrayed exactly as you’d like, as it undergoes the lens of a journalist.

Besides that, it’s crucial to know that both methods have their merits. If you want more control and a dedicated spot for your narrative, the direct press release is the way to go. But if you believe your story has the potential to make headlines and you trust the journalistic flair of ABC reporters, the news tip might be your route.

How to Contact ABC News to Feature Your Story

So, you’ve got this story, and you believe ABC News is the perfect platform for it. The initial introduction can make or break your chances. It’s important to determine the best point of contact for your article!

Contact Information for ABC News

Below is a partial list of journalists that work for ABC News.

You can also reach out with your press release or news tip directly to ABC News.

You can submit your press release or news tip to [email protected].

You can also contact ABC News directly through their Contact Page.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Contacting ABC News

Every platform has its etiquette. ABC News is no different. Before you hit that ‘send’ button, consider the following:


  • Be Clear and Concise: Journalists are swamped. Get to the point quickly.
  • Attach Evidence: If your story is supported by photos, videos, or documents, attach them. It adds credibility.
  • Follow Up: If you don’t hear back in a week, it’s okay to send a gentle reminder. They might have missed your initial email.


  • Avoid Being Pushy: Desperation can be off-putting. Approach them with confidence, not pressure.
  • Steer Clear of Clickbait: Your story should stand on its merits. Don’t resort to misleading headlines to get attention.
  • Don’t Spam: If they don’t respond after a couple of follow-ups, it’s best to move on.

Reaching out to ABC News requires a thoughtful and professional approach. By introducing yourself effectively and adhering to the do’s and don’ts of contact etiquette, you can significantly increase your chances of getting your story featured and recognized by a broad audience. It’s all about making a lasting impression and ensuring your story stands out amidst the sea of submissions.

How to Submit a Press Release & Publish Directly on ABC News

Navigating the press release submission process can be daunting, but having your story featured on a prestigious platform like ABC News, NBC News, or The Telegraph can be a game-changer. Here’s your step-by-step guide:

Step-By-Step Guide to Submitting Your Press Release

  1. Crafting a Stellar Press Release: Before anything else, make sure your press release is up to the mark. It should be newsworthy, factual, and captivating. If your story doesn’t hold water, no platform, no matter how extensive your outreach, will pick it up.
  2. Navigate to ABC News’ Submission Page: Most major news outlets, including ABC News, have a dedicated page or portal for submissions. Ensure you’re on the right page to avoid sending your press release into the abyss.
  3. Follow the Guidelines: This might sound obvious, but many skip this step. Adhere to ABC News’ specific formatting and content guidelines. Tailoring your press release to their standards increases your chances of acceptance.
  4. Submit & Wait: After pressing that ‘submit’ button, patience is key. ABC News receives countless submissions daily. Give them some time to sift through.

Gaining an Edge with AmpiFire

Now, because we’re diving deep into press release strategies, there’s a tool you might find interesting. Ever heard of AmpiFire? It’s a platform designed to help distribute your press release across various channels. While manually submitting to ABC News is a great strategy, using tools like AmpiFire can maximize your reach, saving you time and potentially multiplying your results. To learn more about AmpiFire, check out their official site!

AmpiFire 2.0
AmpiFire converts a traditional press release into multiple different formats. Then it distributes your content across high-authority sites!

How to Get a Backlink from ABC News

irst off, let’s clarify what a backlink is. Essentially, a backlink is a hyperlink from one website that leads to another. In the realm of online credibility, backlinks are like gold. When a reputable site like ABC News links to your site, search engines view it as a vote of confidence, boosting your site’s credibility and potentially its rank.

The Art of Securing a Backlink from ABC News

Securing a backlink isn’t just about shooting an email and hoping for the best. It requires strategy, persistence, and sometimes a sprinkle of luck. Here’s your roadmap:

  1. Provide Value First: ABC News won’t link to you without a reason. Your content must be exceptional, authoritative, and relevant to their audience. It should complement or enhance the stories they’re telling.
  2. Engage & Build Relationships: Engage with their content. Comment on their stories, share them on your social media, and tag them. But remember, don’t spam. Genuine engagement is the key.
  3. Craft a Compelling Pitch: If you’ve written a piece that aligns with a recent ABC News story, pitch it to them. Be concise and explain clearly why your content adds value and why their audience would benefit from the link.
  4. Leverage Existing Connections: If you or anyone in your network has connections with journalists or contributors at ABC News, now’s the time to leverage that. A warm introduction can be more effective than a cold email.

Securing a backlink from ABC News can be a valuable asset for any digital presence, enhancing credibility and search engine ranking. By understanding the intricacies of backlinks and crafting quality content aligned with ABC News’ standards, one can maximize the potential of linking opportunities and elevate their online influence.

Securing a backlink from a site as reputable as ABC News can be daunting! But don’t give up, the rewards will be well worth the effort!

Use AmpiFire to Publish to ABC News

In the world of press releases and content amplification, AmpiFire stands out as a powerful tool that assists businesses in getting their stories to larger platforms like ABC News. AmpiFire is a groundbreaking software platform that streamlines the process of content distribution across a wide array of channels. Besides news websites, it lets you publish on blogs, podcasts, SlideShares, and more, ensuring your content reaches the broadest audience possible.

But currently, AmpiFire doesn’t submit press release directly on your behalf to ABC News.

AmpiFire’s Premium Service

For businesses that demand an even more personalized touch and targeted reach, AmpiFire offers a premium service. With this upgraded package:

  • Dedicated Account Manager: You get a dedicated account manager who guides you through the process, ensuring your content aligns perfectly with platform requirements.
  • Priority Distribution: There’s priority distribution to top-tier platforms like ABC News.
  • In-Depth Analytics: Businesses can also avail in-depth analytics and reports, helping them measure the impact of their content distribution strategy.

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Ready to leverage the power of platforms like ABC News for your brand’s growth? Dive into these strategies and ensure your content stands out. And here’s something to ponder on: In the vast digital realm, is your content just a drop in the ocean, or is it making waves?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Beneficial Is It Really to Submit a Press Release to ABC News?

The undeniable advantage of submitting a press release to ABC News is tapping into its vast audience base, which results in increased brand visibility and credibility. However, a potential drawback could be the competitive nature of the platform, meaning your story might get overshadowed by bigger headlines. Comparatively, while platforms like NBC or CBS offer similar advantages, ABC News has its unique viewership demographics, making it a prime choice for specific niches.

Can You Briefly Define What a Backlink Is?

A backlink is a link from one website to another, essentially serving as a vote of confidence in the content’s quality. They are crucial for SEO, as sites with more high-quality backlinks tend to rank higher on search engines.

How Does AmpiFire Stack Up Against Other Content Distribution Platforms?

AmpiFire, with its automation capabilities, offers a more straightforward process for content distribution to high-profile outlets like ABC News. Other platforms might provide similar services, but AmpiFire’s premium service, which includes a dedicated account manager and in-depth analytics, gives it an edge. On the downside, it might be pricier than basic distribution platforms.

What’s the Actual Process of Securing a Backlink from ABC News?

Securing a backlink from ABC News typically involves producing high-quality content that the platform deems worthy of referencing. It’s essential to understand their content guidelines and create something that aligns with their audience’s interests. Compared to sites like CNN or BBC, ABC News might have different content preferences, emphasizing the need to tailor your content.

Why Would Anyone Choose the AmpiFire Premium Service?

The AmpiFire premium service stands out because it provides a dedicated account manager, priority distribution to top-tier platforms, and comprehensive analytics reports. While the basic service is efficient, the premium service is tailored for businesses requiring more personalized attention. The downside might be the cost, which is higher than the basic service.

Is ABC News Really Better Than Other News Outlets for Press Releases?

ABC News boasts a vast audience and a stellar reputation, making it an attractive platform for press releases. However, whether it’s “better” than other outlets depends on your target audience. For instance, if targeting a younger demographic, platforms like BuzzFeed might be more suitable. But for mainstream, broad demographic exposure, ABC News remains a top choice.

How Do I Perfectly Introduce Myself to ABC News for a Feature?

A professional introduction to ABC News requires a concise, engaging pitch that highlights the uniqueness of your story, backed by relevant facts. Ensure to be respectful, clear, and tailor your message specifically to ABC News, showing familiarity with their content. While platforms like Fox News or MSNBC have their own preferences, understanding ABC News’s style can set you apart.

Are There Major Don’ts When Contacting ABC News?

Yes, when contacting ABC News, avoid being overly persistent, sending generic pitches, or disregarding their content guidelines. Understanding their audience and content preferences is crucial.

Does Every Press Release Submitted to ABC News Get Published?

No, not every press release submitted to ABC News gets published. Due to the high volume of submissions, only content deemed newsworthy and aligning with their guidelines gets featured. This is similar to other major news outlets, where the competition is stiff.

With AmpiFire, How Direct Is the Publishing to ABC News?

With AmpiFire, the process of publishing your content directly becomes more streamlined due to the platform’s automation capabilities. Once you submit your content, AmpiFire takes care of the distribution, ensuring it reaches outlets and adheres to any guidelines. This automated process reduces manual outreach, making it efficient and time-saving. However, AmpiFire does not submit directly to ABC News.


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