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Exploring Linking News: Dive into the World of Features, Distribution, Pricing & Alternatives – Your Ultimate Guide to Making Informed Choices

What is Linking News?

Think of Linking News as a bridge between your business and the news world. It’s a press release distribution service that helps your news reach major media outlets without the label of a third-party company. This means your press release can appear on news sites as if it were directly released by your company, maintaining a clean and professional image.

Year Founded2010
Type of PlatformPress Release Distribution Service
Key FeaturesWhite Label & Private Label Services, Backlinks from Top-Tier News Sites, Chinese Press Release Distribution
Target AudienceStartups, Businesses, Digital Marketing & PR Agencies
Domain AuthorityNot specified
Pricing PlanNot specified
An overview of Linking News PR platform

Is Linking News Legit?

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Sure, that sounds great, but can I trust them?” The answer is yes. Linking News has built a robust network, connecting with over 330,000 publications and 900,000 journalists globally. That’s not just a drop in the ocean; that’s a significant splash. They have the reach and the professional relationships to give your press release the attention it deserves.

Most importantly, the service is designed to be user-friendly. You don’t need to be a PR pro to navigate it. If you can write a compelling story about your business, Linking News can handle the rest.

Here’s a customer review for Linking News PR platform.

Distribution with Linking News

So, how does it work? Distribution with Linking News is like setting up a series of dominos. Once you’ve crafted your press release and submitted it, Linking News sets the chain in motion, pushing your content out to their network. And because they have such a wide reach, your news doesn’t just get scattered into the wind; it’s targeted to places where it will have the most impact.

  • They have more than 330,000 media outlets in over 195 countries.
  • They distribute news to more than 900,000 journalists and bloggers, and 90 million social media influencers
  • They have more than 14 years of experience in the industry.
  • It takes 24 hours to distribute the press release to their network of media outlets.
  • Some common sites they release the press release to are ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Forbes, MSNBC, The New York Times, Reuters, CNN, and more.

How to Submit Press Release to Linking News

Submitting your press release is as simple as baking a pie, assuming you’re good at baking pies. But don’t worry, I’ll break it down for you:

Step-by-Step Guide for Press Release Submission

  1. Choose a package.
  2. Create and submit your press release.
  3. Watch as your press release spreads like wildfire.

Remember, the quality of your press release is crucial. It needs to be newsworthy, well-written, and engaging. If you’re not confident in your writing skills, it might be worth investing in a professional writer to ensure your news shines.

Pricing of Linking News

Let’s talk turkey, or rather, let’s talk numbers. Pricing is always a concern, especially for small businesses with tight budgets. Linking News offers different packages, so you can choose one that won’t break the bank. While they don’t publicly display their prices, you can expect the following:

  • Basic Plan (White Label): $159. One press release will be published on 100+ news and media sites, including MSN, Barchart, the Financial Content Network, the ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS network.
  • Standard Plan: $369. One press release will be published on 400+ news and media sites, including MSN, Associated Press, Benzinga, Barchart, Digital Journal, the Financial Content Network, the ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS network.
  • Silver Plan: $669. One press release will be published on 500+ news and media sites, including MSN, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, international Yahoo sites, Associated Press, Benzinga, Barchart, Digital Journal, the Financial Content Network, the ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS network.
  • Gold Plan: $1380. One press release will be published on 700+ news and media sites, including Business Insider, Morningstar, MSN, TradingView, MarketWatch, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, international Yahoo sites, Associated Press, StreetInsider, Benzinga, Barchart, The Province, Financial Post, The Globe and Mail, National Post, Digital Journal, the Financial Content Network, the ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS network (PREMIUM network sites).
  • Chinese Distribution Plan (White Label): $880. One press release will be published on 200+ Chinese news and media sites, including 5 top-tier sites, such as, Sohu, Sina, Toutiao, China Daily, Phoenix (, Netease ( Writing and translation are not included. Client needs to provide a Chinese press release.

Keep in mind, investing in press release distribution is not just about the immediate impact. It’s about building your brand’s reputation over time. So, consider it a long-term investment in your company’s future.

SEO Benefits of Linking News

One of the hidden gems of using a service like Linking News is the SEO benefits it brings to the table. SEO, or search engine optimization, is all about making your website more attractive to search engines like Google. And guess what? Press releases can give you a leg-up in that department. Here’s how:

  • Backlinks: When your press release is published on various news sites, it usually includes a link back to your website. These backlinks are like gold in the SEO world because they signal to search engines that your site is credible and authoritative.
  • Increased Visibility: The more places your press release appears, the more likely people are to find your website. It’s like casting a wider net in the vast ocean of the internet.
  • Keyword Optimization: A well-written press release will include keywords relevant to your business, which can help improve your site’s ranking for those terms.

Therefore, when you distribute a press release through Linking News, you’re not just getting immediate exposure; you’re also building a foundation for better online visibility in the long run.

Features of Linking News

What sets Linking News apart from the rest? It’s all in the features. With Linking News, you’re not just getting a megaphone; you’re getting a state-of-the-art sound system designed to make your news resonate. Here’s what you can expect:

  • White Label Distribution: Your press release can be published without the Linking News branding, making it appear as though it came directly from your company.
  • Extensive Network: Access to a massive network of over 330,000 publications and 900,000 journalists and influencers.
  • No Word Limit: Unlike some services that charge by the word, Linking News allows for unlimited word count, giving you the freedom to tell your full story.
  • Fast Turnaround: Press releases are typically reviewed and distributed within 24 to 48 hours, ensuring timely news delivery.
  • Targeted Distribution: You can choose to send your press release to specific industries, geographic regions, or demographics for more focused outreach.

With these features in hand, you’re well-equipped to make a splash in the media world and get your news in front of the right eyes.

Linking News simplifying pr distribution – effortless, efficient, and effective

Alternatives to Linking News

As promised, let’s explore some alternatives to Linking News. Each service has its own set of features and pricing, so it’s important to find the one that aligns with your business goals and budget. Here are a few to consider:

  • Release News: Offers affordable plans with a wide distribution network.
  • Media OutReach: Specializes in Asian markets, with a strong focus on tailored distribution.
  • Pressfarm: Aims to connect startups with journalists and bloggers in their industry.
  • MyPRGenie: A cloud-based PR platform that doubles as a social media tool.
  • B2Press: Provides online press release distribution along with writing services.
  • King NewsWire: Offers distribution to major news outlets at competitive prices.

AmpiFire positions itself as a significant player in the online content distribution and marketing arena. Its focus is on boosting targeted consumer traffic and enhancing online brand visibility, crucial for companies seeking to improve their online presence and conversion rates.

The core of AmpiFire’s strategy involves the production of straightforward consumer-focused content, transforming it into different formats such as articles, videos, and infographics, and disseminating it across a variety of platforms like SlideShare, and YouTube. This tactic, combined with leveraging high-authority websites and platforms, indicates an all-encompassing approach to spreading content and amplifying brand reach.

AmpiFire takes your traditional press release and converts it into various formats. Then, it distributes your content across many high-authority sites.

In summary, when investigating services such as Linking News, it is advantageous to also explore other options like AmpiFire, especially for those prioritizing targeted content creation and broad digital distribution. But remember, the best service for you depends on your specific needs and goals. Weigh your options, consider your budget, and choose the platform that gives you the most value. And never underestimate the power of a well-crafted press release; it could be the catalyst that propels your business into the spotlight.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I Track the Performance of My Press Release?

Absolutely. Most distribution services, including Linking News, provide reports that let you see where your press release was published and how it’s performing. This can help you measure your ROI and refine future press releases.

Can I Track the Performance of My Press Release?

Absolutely. Most distribution services, including Linking News, provide reports that let you see where your press release was published and how it’s performing. This can help you measure your ROI and refine future press releases.

Is Press Release Distribution Worth the Investment?

Yes, if done right. A press release can increase your brand’s visibility, build credibility, and support your SEO efforts. It’s an investment in your brand’s future, not just a one-off expense.

How Often Should I Use Press Release Distribution Services?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but a good rule of thumb is to send out a press release whenever you have something newsworthy to share. This could be a product launch, a major company milestone, or a significant partnership.

What Should I Include in My Press Release for Maximum SEO Benefit?

Include relevant keywords, links back to your website, and multimedia elements like images or videos. Also, make sure your press release is engaging and provides value to the reader.


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