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Through the Lens of Communication: Unveiling the Art of Press Release in the Digital Age

What is Release News?

Release News is a press release distribution service that offers entrepreneurs a way to get their news out to the world. It’s a platform that connects your story with journalists, news outlets, and directly with the public through search engines and social media. It’s all about visibility. The more people see what you’re doing, the more potential customers and investors you can reach.

Year Founded2009
Platform TypeWeb-based
Key Features– Press release distribution to 500+ websites, including TV, newspapers, journals, and magazines
– Real journalists work on content to improve it
– Content tweaking for better results
– Distribution to desired industry category from a database of 6 million contact
– Detailed visibility reports of all the news sites where the press release has been distributed, including traffic stats
Target AudienceBusinesses, SEO companies, PR professionals, and individuals looking to increase exposure, sales, and brand image
Domain AuthorityNot specified
Pricing PlanPricing details not readily available on the website
An overview of Release News PR platform

Is Release News Legit?

You might be wondering if Release News is the real deal. In the digital age, it’s crucial to differentiate between trustworthy platforms and those that promise the moon and deliver nothing. Rest assured, Release News has built a reputation for distributing press releases across a network of reputable publishers. They offer services that get your press release listed on Google News and other high-authority news sites, giving your business the credibility it deserves.

Here’s a customer review for Release News PR platform.

Distribution with Release News

Getting your story out there is one thing; getting it to the right audience is another. Release News understands this. They don’t just blast your news into the void. They distribute it to targeted media contacts, which can be nearly 6 million strong. This means your press release can land in the inboxes of journalists and outlets that specialize in your industry or region, making it more likely to get picked up and shared.

  • They have been providing press release distribution services for more than 15 years.
  • They distribute the press releases to key stakeholders including investors, media, policymakers, corporate leaders, consumers and ratings & rankings agencies.
  • They do not focus on any specific industry, but they specialize in ESG-related news and content.
  • The time it takes to distribute the press release depends on the package and the options chosen by the client. They offer different levels of distribution, from basic to premium, and different features, such as multimedia, social media, and analytics.
  • Some common sites they release the press release to are TriplePundit, CSRwire, Justmeans, Ethical Performance, and Environmental Leader.
  • See your news live on 500+ websites including: TV, Newspapers, Journals and Magazines.

How to Submit Press Release to Release News

Submitting your press release to Release News is straightforward. It’s a matter of preparing your content, choosing a distribution package, and letting them handle the rest. The key is to ensure your press release is newsworthy, well-written and includes all the necessary details about your announcement.

Step-by-Step Guide for Press Release Submission

  1. Write a compelling press release that follows the standard format: headline, summary, body, company information, and contact details.
  2. Visit the Release News website and select the package that suits your needs and budget.
  3. Upload your press release, add any multimedia elements, and submit it for distribution.
  4. Once it’s live, track your release’s performance through the detailed reports provided by Release News.

Pricing of Release News

Release News offers a range of packages to fit various budgets and needs. Whether you’re a startup on a shoestring or an established company looking to make a splash, there’s an option for you. Packages can range from a basic distribution to a more comprehensive service that includes guaranteed placements on major news sites.

  • Silver: $29
  • Gold: $79
  • Platinum: $249
  • Platinum Plus: $349

SEO Benefits of Release News

For entrepreneurs, search engine optimization (SEO) is not just a buzzword; it’s a vital part of getting noticed online. By distributing your press release through Release News, you’re creating backlinks to your site from multiple authoritative news outlets. This can significantly boost your SEO, helping your website climb up the search engine rankings. This increased visibility often translates into more traffic, leads, and sales.

  • Enhanced online visibility and brand presence.
  • Quality backlinks from reputable news sites to improve domain authority.
  • Increased traffic potential through improved search engine rankings.
  • Greater chances of your content being shared on social media and other platforms.

Features of Release News

Release News stands out from the crowd with its unique set of features designed to maximize the reach and impact of your press release. It’s not just about getting your news out there; it’s about making sure it’s seen by the right people. They provide a streamlined process that takes the guesswork out of press release distribution.

Capturing the Pulse of Modern Media: The Evolution of News Release Strategie

One of the standout features is the inclusion of your press release on Google News, which can trigger instant alerts to subscribers interested in your niche. Additionally, the ability to embed multimedia content like images and videos can make your press release more engaging and shareable.

  • Wide distribution network reaching thousands of publishers and journalists.
  • Targeted distribution to specific media contacts based on industry or region.
  • Inclusion in Google News and other major search engines for increased visibility.
  • Options to include multimedia elements to enhance engagement.
  • Detailed reporting to track the performance and reach of your press release.

Alternatives to Release News

While Release News is a solid option for many entrepreneurs, it’s always smart to be aware of alternatives. Depending on your specific needs and goals, other services might be a better fit. Some platforms may offer more specialized targeting, while others might excel in international distribution.

  • PR Newswire: A well-established player known for its comprehensive distribution network.
  • Business Wire: Ideal for those looking to target financial markets and investors.
  • Marketwired: Offers a strong focus on social media distribution alongside traditional outlets.
  • GlobeNewswire: Provides a wide international reach for global announcements.
  • eReleases: Caters to small businesses and startups with affordable pricing and personalized service.
  • PRWeb: Known for its straightforward pricing and online visibility services.

AmpiFire stands out as a significant choice for digital content distribution and marketing, focusing on boosting targeted buyer traffic and enhancing online brand presence. This is crucial for companies seeking to improve their online visibility and conversion rates. At the core of AmpiFire’s strategy is the creation of straightforward buyer-focused content, which is then transformed into different formats such as articles, videos, and infographics. This content is disseminated across a variety of platforms, including Fox, SlideShare, and DropBox. The integration of this method with authoritative websites and platforms indicates a thorough approach to content dissemination and brand enhancement.

AmpiFire takes your traditional press release and converts it into various formats. Then, it distributes your content across many high-authority sites.

In conclusion, Release News offers a comprehensive solution for entrepreneurs looking to spread the word about their businesses. With its quick distribution, geographic targeting, media outreach, performance tracking, and supportive customer service, Release News is a valuable tool in the quest for financial freedom. By leveraging the power of press releases, entrepreneurs can increase their visibility, build their brands, and attract the attention of customers and investors alike.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Quickly Can a Press Release Be Distributed?

Speed is often of the essence when it comes to news. Release News can distribute your press release quickly, often within 24 to 48 hours of submission, ensuring timely delivery of your news to the public and media outlets.

Is It Possible to Target Press Releases Geographically?

Absolutely. Release News offers the ability to target your press release distribution geographically, which is crucial if your news is relevant to a specific location or if you’re looking to make an impact in a particular market.

How Does Release News Handle Media Contact and Outreach?

Release News has a vast database of media contacts and uses targeted distribution to ensure your press release reaches the most relevant journalists and outlets. This targeted approach helps to increase the chances of your news being picked up.

Can Users Track the Performance of Their Press Releases?

Yes, with Release News, you can receive detailed reports that show where your press release has been published, including traffic stats. This helps you understand the effectiveness of your release and how to improve future campaigns.

What Kind of Customer Support Does Release News Provide?

Release News prides itself on offering robust customer support. They are available to guide you through the process, answer any questions, and help you get the most out of your press release distribution.


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