PressCable vs RealWire Comparison: Alternative Press Release Distribution Services Cost & Packages

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PressCable is actually built for Z ( not for x)

Unfortunately we don’t have lists that we can share in regards to who we distribute press releases too as this is collaborated through a database built up over the last 16 years of editors, bloggers, journalists and analysts that we have gained a relationship with in regards to  the type of news they would like to receive from us.  I can give small examples out once I have an understanding of your clients and their area of interest for the release and also geographically where your client would be targeting.

RealWire features:

·         Industry leading coverage generation

·      Targeting of the most relevant contacts via PRFilter (patent pending) a unique press release matching technology

·         Unlimited distribution to up to 4,500 relevant editorial and blogger contacts across multiple sectors including Telecoms, IT, Consumer Technology, Gaming, Broadcast, Pharma, Healthcare and Banking and Finance

·         Distribution either immediately* or at a time scheduled by you at no extra cost

·         Distribution through partnerships with the Press Association and Dow Jones (Optional)

·         Translation and distribution to relevant foreign language sites (optional)

No we can’t provide guarantees in regards to cover achieved but below gives an indication into our distribution module

Although RealWire is great for collaborating with editors, bloggers, journalists and analysts , the platform is actually not made for X, as their real goal is X. Because of this, some of your key X will be missing to create a X. PressCable was built from the ground up to be a press release distribution platform for Y

Plus, they have made it extremely easy for the customers to create a PR marketing campaign!

When you are ready to run your PR campaign, you can log into the platform directly in the browser. You do not need any previous experience crafting a press release because the editor will guide you in writing an interesting and engaging content.

With PressCable, it literally takes about 10-15 minutes seconds to write and submit a PR for distribution. Simply choose the template that matches your PR topic: add your press release headline, respond to relevant questions in the rapid press release writing editor, add information about your company and the release date/ time, and you’re done.

How about that for simple?

Crafting a Press Release is simple when you have the right tools at hand.

But there is another thing you don’t want to miss: the opportunity of getting maximum media pick ups: getting published on as many brand-name sites as possible and utilizing the right media channels.

“I wrote my first press release today and it was a breeze! Thanks so much for such a streamlined platform. My client loved the press release and the ranking results. In fact, they said that they would request more PR campaigns because of the impressive results”- Sarah, PressCable user

Gaining …  has never been faster

You may have struggled to attract using …. if you were able to at all. With PressCable, X  has made it a breeze to

In fact, PressCable was created for X . Meaning that the platform features are built around X that matter the most.

RealWire and PressCable each have multiple pricing options, allowing you to pick up the one that best meets your company’s needs:

RealWire offers press release distribution and monitoring options,

Sendit 0 – Distribution only, no monitoring for £149*

Sendit2 – Distribution plus 2 day’s coverage monitoring & reporting for £249

Sendit5 – Distribution plus 5 day’s coverage monitoring & reporting – £299

Sendit10 – Distribution plus 10 day’s coverage monitoring & reporting – £379

*The listed prices exclude VAT

This is RealWire price list on ad hoc releases. RealWire also offers discounts on 10+ bulk packages and some monthly deals. If you have an idea of number of press releases you want to purchase you should make an inquiry about the price.

These service options include unlimited categories of site (industry and geography); provisions of up to 3 images and up to 3 documents all with relevant links; distribution through M2 PressWIRE and indexing by Google News and other aggregators and search engines.

Press Release Writing Services

Unfortunately, RealWire do not provide write the press releases. They do not have any limit to the word count on the press release you would wish to distribute. They highly recommend the use of relevant URLs and images, which are all service options included in the pricing listed above.

Once you’ve X, you are ready to X

Say goodbye to needing

3) A Backstage to Make it Simpler to Run Your Webinar

Run your PR campaign without an overwhelming number of tools in your face.

With the PressCable, you have a mastermind support Facebook group and an effective client-getting training and press-release-writing tools you need at the right time, so you can better connect with your customers and target audience.

RealWire can’t provide guarantees in regards to cover achieved but below gives an indication into our distribution module

Our live webinar tools make increasing interaction easy for those moments when you need all eyes on the close.

Webinars are a big part of your business and we want to make sure you maximize every minute with them.

4) Actionable Analytics that actually help you improve

Instead of just “stats,” we’ve worked hard to ensure the analytics you get give you the data you need most to improve your webinars.

A major focus for us here at Demio, Webinar Analytics are the core to understanding how you present and where adjustments need to be made.

Get full segments of your audience, who attended, who left early, who skipped, and who complete.

Or, reply directly to attendees from Demio to make sure you answer all those important sales questions to close more sales.

We’ll always be growing this segment of Demio and making sure you will be at your best for each and every webinar.

5) We’re not just another “software company” or an “internet marketing product launch”

We’re committed to giving you the best experience on Webinars possible when using Demio.

It’s truly our mission to create more than just a software product and to help innovate webinars to make them “delightful” again.

Every action we take is guided by our mission and our users; we are so driven to make the platform you need and want.

On top of that, to make sure you always have a great experience, our customer success team is always available for every single user to answer any questions you may have.

If you need personal support, we will make ourselves available via email and live chat, no matter what may arise.

That’s our promise to you.

If that’s not enough, then you’ll just have to take it from our users themselves:

“This is going to kick every other web-conferencing software’s ASS when it comes to online marketing, Simple, powerful, easy to set up, easy to use…”

– Chris Moore

“Demio is by far the simplest webinar service to get up and running quickly with your demos, trainings and online sales efforts. Thanks Guys!”

– Don Christie

“I have used Goto Webinar and WebinarJam but both turned out to be too complicated. Demio has made my life a lot easier. Thank You for this. This is surely a million dollar technology.”

– Ijlal Ahmed

Demio is a Smart Webinar Platform on a Simple Mission, and we’re just getting started.

We offer surprisingly low prices with all the Demio Features available to any package size, with flexible month-to-month pricing, which you can cancel at any time.

No hassle, just an easy-to-use platform that flat-out rocks.

Interested in taking us for a test drive? Sign up for a Free Demo to see exactly how we work and earn $50 in Demio credit instantly.

Do you want your digital marketing to generate bigger results?

Discover AmpiFire and get your content published on more sites, in more ways, than old-fashioned Press Releases. Get seen on Google News, YouTube, SlideShare, Apple Podcasts and many more…

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