How to Write A Retirement Press Release Announcement | (Sample, Template, & Example)

According to statistics, historically, most people retired at the age of 65, of course, unless there were some extenuating circumstances that required that they stay at the job, and there was no need to formally announce a planned retirement. In such cases, many human resources department follow a protocol when announcing a retirement or a resignation. Unfortunately, many of us work at companies in which the retirement policies and procedures are increasingly blurred. Whenever the resignation is voluntary and the employee is leaving the company on good terms, it is often recommended to delay the announcement to the public until

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How to Write A Business Website Launch Press Release? (Sample, Template & Example)

The task of writing a press release for the launch of your new website might seem like a piece of cake compared to all the effort you or your team have already put into creating the site itself. If you still have any doubts about having the skills to write a press release, have a look at this list of press release elements and our sample before you craft your own press release announcement.

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The Must Have Press Release Template For All Your Marketing Campaigns

The modern world is full of distractions. If we want to grab someone’s attention with our story, we should know how to craft our message in a way that it: invites a reader to check our content with a strong appealing headline; creates a connection with the reader by sharing newsworthy and valuable information; provides a compelling reason for them to not only read the whole announcement but also to follow our call to action. So how do we do that? Well, how about we use a basic template that simplifies the whole press release writing process. We start the

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How To Write A Killer Press Release For A Fashion Brand? (Sample, Template & Example)

If you are an owner of a fashion brand, you know how much time and effort you have put to create your unique clothing line. You feel excited about it and want more people to know about it and wear your clothes and accessories. It is time to get your brand in front of the eyes of the public or more accurately,  in the hands (wardrobes) of your target audience.  You cannot just sit around and hope that people will hear about your brand. You need to make collaborative efforts to get the word out there. A press release announcement

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How to Write An Ecommerce Store (Product) Launch Press Release: (Sample Template & Example)

The e-commerce retail store marketing tactics are evolving every day and adapting to the constantly changing PR industry. The modern technologies that allow so many people to own global online retail shops require their own peculiar marketing activities and strategies that are quite different from the regular ones (when promoting a local physical location of a store or business). We often recommend that e-commerce owners should keep abreast with the most recent trend of this PR evolution and the marketing tactics and channels that work. Yet, not many e-commerce store owners have the time and energy to read all recent

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How to Write A Layoff Press Release Announcement (Sample Template & Example)

Don’t shoot the messenger… cause that’s his job –  sometimes he brings the bad news. One  of the biggest mistakes we observe when it comes to a layoff process is that many people disregard the fact that the news travels quickly. News spreads like a virus, although we might be trying hard to keep the newsworthy information a secret. And as a result, when faced with a layoff process, many companies miss the opportunity to set the groundwork and manage internal communication on time. When in fact,  this should be their very first step in starting layoffs. It ‘s never

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How to Write a Concert Announcement Press Release? (Sample, Template & Example)

Are you in need of an easy step-by-step guide that can  save you the time and hassle of planning and writing your press release announcement for an upcoming concert? As your press release will be competing against hundreds, maybe even thousands, other press releases, how do you make sure that you cut through the noise and separate your news from the  pack? It goes without saying, we have the answers to these questions.   You need to connect with and engage your target audience with your message. If your message chimes with people, you should expect to get many leads

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How to Write a Pharmaceutical Press Release (Sample, Template & Example)

The pharmaceutical market is dominated by global corporations, but smaller pharmaceutical companies can also get online exposure and media coverage with a press release campaign as the big players do. Do you want to market pharmaceutical products or services? Do you know how you can get noticed noticed and increase your chances of getting media coverage? Firstly, if you want to market, promote or improve your pharmaceutical business you need a feasible & effective marketing plan. Historical marketing approaches which are aimed at creating and pushing demand by stimulating medical prescriptions no longer produce the desired results. There is a certain need of re-engineering

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How to Write a Political Campaign Announcement Press Release | (Sample, Template & Example)

Apparently political campaigns can become extremely expensive in terms of time, money and effort… and  especially when you consider all possible channels for spreading the message and reaching out to the constituencies. There are so many questions that you might want to address: What is the purpose of the campaign? Why does it matter? What will be your political campaign strategy, structure and management? Who will fund it? What are you planning on spending the money on? How are you utilizing social media ( Twitter? Facebook? Other channels) ? When are you going to start the campaign? Are you allowed

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How to Write a Film Festival Announcement Press Release (Sample, Template & Example)

How absolutely fantastic would it be and what would it mean to your organization, if you knew how to write a press release that can get television, newspaper, magazine and radio reporters to come and interview you about your upcoming film festival… And then have them turn around and take that message to thousands and even millions of readers and potential visitors, sponsors, movie fans… On the other hand, the same would be true if you could reach your target audience directly by writing about what you care about and what your organization is up to – then have local

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