Top Graphic Design Publications & Journalists in 2024

Graphic Design Industry At-a-Glance

The Graphic Design industry in 2024 is a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape, where creativity meets technology to create compelling visual content. From branding and advertising to digital media and environmental design, this industry encompasses a broad spectrum of disciplines, all aimed at communicating ideas visually.

Spotlight on 2024’s Graphic Design Innovators: Where Journalism Meets the Future of Technology

Top Graphic Design Publications

Top Graphic Design publications in 2024 are the cornerstone for professionals seeking inspiration, industry news, and cutting-edge trends. These publications, ranging from online magazines and blogs to print journals, cover a wide array of subjects within the design world, including typography, UX/UI design, branding, and more. They not only showcase the latest design works and projects from around the globe but also provide in-depth analyses, interviews with leading designers, and resources for skills development. For anyone looking to stay at the forefront of graphic design, these publications offer valuable insights into the creative process and emerging trends shaping the future of the industry.

No. Name Brief Overview Topics CoveredDomain AuthorityLanguage Location
1Graphic Design USAA leading source for graphic design news, trends, and inspiration.Graphic design, branding, typography, visual communication57EnglishUnited States
2Graphic Art NewsShowcases contemporary graphic design, illustration, and visual arts.Artistic inspiration, design techniques, creative process37EnglishInternational
3PRINT Magazine » Graphic DesignCelebrates visual culture, design history, and innovative ideas.Print design, typography, illustration64EnglishUnited States
4PIXEL77Offers design resources, tutorials, and inspiration for creatives.Digital art, web design, branding47EnglishInternational
5Dezeen » GraphicsCovers architecture, design, and visual culture.Graphic design in architecture, product design89EnglishUnited Kingdom
6Creative Review » Graphic design newsFeatures design news, case studies, and creative insights.Advertising, branding, digital design73EnglishUnited Kingdom
7SpeckyboyA web design and development magazine with a focus on creativity.Web design, UX/UI, front-end development56EnglishInternational
8Design Week » Graphic DesignCovers design trends, industry news, and creative projects.Branding, packaging, editorial design73EnglishUnited Kingdom
9TYPE01 Magazine Explores typography, lettering, and visual storytelling.Typeface design, letterforms, calligraphy32EnglishInternational
10COMMUNICATION ARTSA prestigious design and advertising magazine.Advertising campaigns, photography, illustration76EnglishUnited States
11IX InteractionsFocuses on interaction design, user experience, and digital media.Interaction design, user interfaces, HCI30EnglishSwitzerland
12SlantedA typography and design magazine with an international perspective.Typography, editorial design, visual culture54EnglishGermany
13Before & AfterPractical design advice and tutorials for graphic designers.Design principles, layout, color theory42EnglishUnited States
14CMYK MagazineShowcases emerging artists and designers across various disciplines.Illustration, photography, printmaking28EnglishInternational
15FaestheticAn art and design zine exploring contemporary aesthetics.Mixed media art, experimental design33EnglishUnited States
16LayersA resource for Adobe Creative Cloud users, covering design software.Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign tips48EnglishUnited States
17Advanced PhotoshopSpecializes in digital imaging and photo manipulation techniques.Digital art, photo editing, compositing39EnglishUnited Kingdom
183D WorldFocuses on 3D modeling, animation, and visual effects.3D software, modeling techniques, rendering45EnglishUnited Kingdom
19JuxtapozAn art and culture magazine featuring contemporary artists.Street art, pop culture, illustration69EnglishUnited States
20Smashing MagazineNot exclusively graphic design, but covers web design and development.Web design, front-end development, UX/UI91EnglishInternational
Here is an overview of the Top Graphic Design Publications

Top Graphic Design Journalists

Top Graphic Design journalists are the storytellers of the design world, bringing light to the innovation, challenges, and successes within the industry. In 2024, these journalists distinguish themselves through their thorough investigation, critical analyses, and engaging narratives that explore the depth of graphic design. Covering topics from groundbreaking design projects and technology integration in design to profiles of rising stars and established icons in the field, these journalists provide a diverse perspective on what it means to be a designer today. Their work not only informs but also inspires the design community, contributing to the ongoing dialogue about the role and value of design in society.

No. Name Brief Overview Topics CoveredLanguage Location
1Katrina BurroughsInteriors Editor at The Times and The Sunday TimesInteriors, home decor, lifestyle, design trendsEnglishUnited Kingdom
2Claudia BaillieEditor at Elle MagazineInteriors, home decor, design inspirationEnglishUnited Kingdom
3Gabrielle FaganCovers a wide range of topics, with a focus on design; currently working for the Press AssociationDesign, lifestyle, home improvement, trendsEnglishUnited Kingdom
4Tamara KellyDigital Editor at Ideal HomeHome decor, interior design, DIY projectsEnglishUnited Kingdom
5Kiera Buckley JonesFreelancerDesign, architecture, lifestyleEnglishUnited Kingdom
6Paul GoldbergerEditor at Vanity FairArchitecture, urban design, cultural commentaryEnglishUnited States
7Inga SaffronCritic at Philadelphia InquirerArchitecture, urban planning, city developmentEnglishUnited States
8Lindsey GiraContributor at design.tutsplus.comGraphic design, tutorials, creative inspirationEnglishOnline (Global)
9Kinda SavarinoFounder of sixleafdesign.comBranding, visual identity, design principlesEnglishOnline (Global)
10Paula ScherPartner at Pentagram and almost certainly the most influential female graphic designer alive today.Branding, identity work, typographyEnglishNew York City, USA
11Thomas BarnettFounder of bpando.orgBranding, packaging design, case studiesEnglishOnline (Global)
12Abbey EsparzaContributor at design.tutsplus.comGraphic design, tutorials, creative inspirationEnglishOnline (Global)
13Diana TomaContributor at design.tutsplus.comGraphic design, tutorials, creative inspirationEnglishOnline (Global)
14Mathias M. StavContributor at design.tutsplus.comGraphic design, tutorials, creative inspirationEnglishOnline (Global)
15Ellen EberhardtContributor at dezeen.comArchitecture, design news, innovative projectsEnglishOnline (Global)
16Michael BierutA graphic design contemporary, who worked for Vignelli Associates, learning directly from Massimo Vignelli, as well as for Pentagram. Graphic design, brandingEnglishNew York City, USA
17Deanna RitchieContent creator and design enthusiastDesign trends, creative inspiration, industry insightsEnglishOnline (Global)
18Ilana GreenbergWriter and editor specializing in design and lifestyleInterior design, home decor, product reviewsEnglishUnited States
19Jade JacksonBlogger and designer with a passion for visual aestheticsArt, photography, design inspirationEnglishAustralia
20Jessica WalshCurrently one of the most famous graphic designers in the world, Jessica Walsh is a partner at Pentagram and has worked on projects such as the 40 days of dating project and 12 Kinds Of Kindness in 2016. She also set up Ladies, Wine and Design in 2016.Branding, identity work, typography
EnglishNew York City, USA
Here is an overview of the Top Graphic Design Journalists
2024 in Review: The Faces and Pages Driving Graphic Design Publications & Journalists Forward

Leading Voices in Graphic Design: A Comprehensive Wrap-Up of Top Publications and Journalists

The graphic design industry thrives on the insightful and innovative coverage provided by top publications and journalists. These leading voices in graphic design play a critical role in shaping trends, inspiring creativity, and pushing the boundaries of visual communication.

Their dedication to highlighting groundbreaking work, offering in-depth analysis, and fostering a global community of designers ensures that the field continues to evolve, influencing everything from brand identity to user interface design. By bringing the latest in typography, illustration, and digital art to the forefront, they not only inform but also inspire a new generation of designers to explore the limitless possibilities of graphic design.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Makes a Graphic Design Publication Influential?

A graphic design publication becomes influential through its consistent delivery of high-quality content, trendsetting designs, and contributions from respected industry professionals. Its influence is marked by its ability to shape design standards, inspire innovation, and foster a community of designers who rely on it for the latest in design thought leadership, technological advancements, and creative inspiration.

How to Determine Credibility of Design Publications and Journalists?

To determine the credibility of design publications and journalists, look for well-established reputations, transparent sourcing, and contributions from recognized experts in the field. Credible publications often feature peer-reviewed articles, in-depth analyses, and interviews with industry leaders. Additionally, the publication’s history, its editorial board’s expertise, and positive feedback from the design community can serve as indicators of reliability.

Where to Find Graphic Design Industry News and Updates?

Graphic design industry news and updates can be found on reputable design blogs, online magazines, professional associations’ websites, and social media platforms where industry leaders share insights. Subscribing to newsletters from trusted publications and attending design conferences and webinars are also effective ways to stay informed.

How Often Should You Engage with Graphic Design Publications?

Engaging with graphic design publications should be a regular part of a designer’s routine. Weekly or even daily engagement is beneficial to keep abreast of evolving trends, software updates, and industry news. This consistent interaction not only fuels creativity but also ensures designers remain competitive and knowledgeable in a rapidly changing field.

How Can Graphic Designers Contribute to Top Publications?

Graphic designers can contribute to top publications by submitting their work for features, writing articles that share insights or innovations in the field, and participating in design competitions often showcased by these outlets. Most publications welcome pitches that align with their content strategy, including case studies, tutorials, and opinion pieces on emerging design trends. Designers should review submission guidelines available on the publication’s website and tailor their proposals to meet the editorial standards and interests of the publication’s audience. Contributing to top design publications not only elevates a designer’s profile but also enriches the broader design community with diverse perspectives and expertise.


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