Top AI Publications & Journalists in 2024

AI Industry At-a-Glance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just a field of study; it’s a world of wonders that’s constantly evolving. To keep pace with the rapid advancements, it’s crucial to know where to look for the most reliable and cutting-edge information. That’s why I’ve scoured the globe to bring you the most authoritative sources on AI – the publications and journalists that will keep you at the forefront of this dynamic industry.

Spotlight on 2024’s AI Innovators: Where Journalism Meets the Future of Technology

Top AI Publications

Whether you’re a budding enthusiast or a seasoned professional, these publications are your go-to resources for AI news, peer-reviewed articles, and thought leadership. They are the beating heart of the AI community, pulsating with the latest trends, research, and ethical discussions. Here’s a rundown of the top AI publications that you should bookmark right away:

No.Full NameBrief OverviewTopics CoveredDomain AuthorityLanguageLocation
1Becoming HumanAI Magazine USLatest news, info and tutorials on AI, ML, DL, Big Data57EnglishUS
2Foreign AffairsAILeading magazine for foreign policy, geopolitics, global affairs83EnglishNew York, US
3The AI JournalLatest updates on AI38EnglishLondon, England, UK
4MDPI » AIInternational, peer-reviewed, open access journal on AIBroad aspects of AI92EnglishBasel, Switzerland
5HealthTech MagazineAI & MLNatural language processing, robotics, computational intelligence, deep learning54EnglishNorwich, England, UK
6Journal of Medical Artificial IntelligenceAI & MLLatest news and in-depth analysis for the AI and ML industry48English

Hong Kong
7Journal of Big Data
Journal of Big Data
Data Science and Data Analytics
Publishes open-access original research on data science and data analytics32English
8Technology MagazineAI & MLEngaging with a highly targeted audience of global executives19English
9Science RoboticsRobotics & AIWorld’s leading outlet for robotic news, commentary, and cutting-edge research66English
10RoboticsTomorrow.comRoboticsProducts, companies, news, articles, and events for robotics, advanced manufacturing, and factory automation industries42EnglishSan Diego, US
11The Robot ReportRoboticsFirst-hand reports, news, and stories focusing on general robotics, industrial robots, AI for robots, robot software, and mobile robots55EnglishSanta Barbara, US
12Frontiers » Robotics and AIRobotics & AITheory of robotics, technology, and AI applications54EnglishSwitzerland
13Manufacturing AUTOMATION » RoboticsRoboticsApplication of advanced systems, machine design, and technology across manufacturing industries40EnglishToronto, Canada
14Automation & Robotics WorldRobotics & AutomationLatest trends, innovations, technological finds, and product reviews on robotic design, automation, IoT, IIoT, Smart Factory, Industry 4.0, Smart Automation, 3D Printing, and more9EnglishIndia
15Robotics & Automation NewsRobotics & AutomationRobotics and automation technologies in industrial sectors such as logistics and manufacturing46EnglishLondon, England, UK
16Robotics Business ReviewRobotics, Automation, and Intelligent SystemsProvides breaking news, informed opinion, and deep analysis focused on the robotics, automation, and intelligent systems sectors54EnglishFramingham, US
17Journal of Field RoboticsRoboticsPromotes scholarly publications dealing with the fundamentals of robotics52EnglishProvence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France
18DatafloqBig Data, Blockchain, AIInformation, insights, and opportunities to drive innovation with emerging technologies51EnglishDen Haag, Netherlands
19DataconomyBig Data, Data ScienceLeading portal for news, events, and expert opinion from the world of data-driven technology54EnglishBerlin, Germany
20DatanamiBig Data, Big Analytics, Big InsightsCovers the latest trends in big data, big analytics, and big insights51English
21Analytics InsightData Science, AnalyticsProvides the latest news and information on analytics and data science41English
22insideBIGDATABig Data, Big Analytics, Big InsightsCovers the latest trends in big data, big analytics, and big insights54English
23Data Science and Management (DSM)Data SciencePublishes original research articles, review articles, and technical reports related to data science and its application in business, engineering, social management, etc.9English
Here is an overview of the Top AI Publications

Top AI Journalists

Journalists are the storytellers of our age, and when it comes to AI, they are the ones who translate complex technical jargon into compelling narratives that resonate with a wider audience. They are the ones who ask tough questions, highlight ethical considerations, and profile the human stories behind the algorithms. Here’s a list of AI journalists whose work is shaping the conversation around artificial intelligence:

No.Full Name Brief OverviewTopics CoveredLanguageLocation
1Kara Swisher, The New York TimesTechnology journalist and co-founder of RecodeTechnology, business, and politicsEnglishUnited States
2Vala Afshar, ZDNetColumnist and Chief Digital Evangelist at SalesforceTechnology, business, and innovationEnglishUnited States
3Ben Thompson, Host of Exponent PodcastFounder of StratecheryTechnology, business, and strategyEnglishUnited States
4Nilay Patel, The VergeEditor-in-Chief of The VergeTechnology and cultureEnglishUnited States
5Charlie Warzel, Staff Writer at The AtlanticWriter and journalistTechnology and cultureEnglishUnited States
6Lora Kolodny, CNBC Cable NetworkTech correspondent at CNBCTechnology and startupsEnglishUnited States
7Rachel Metz, Bloomberg NewsTechnology reporter at Bloomberg NewsTechnology and innovationEnglishUnited States
8Jennifer Strong, MIT Technology Review OnlineAudio journalist at MIT Technology ReviewTechnology and innovationEnglishUnited States
9Matt Asay, TechRepublicTechnology journalist and VP of Mobile at AdobeTechnology and businessEnglishUnited States
10Will Knight, WIREDSenior Editor at WIREDTechnology and scienceEnglishUnited States
11Jordan Novet, NBC News at NBC NewsTechnology reporter at CNBCTechnology and businessEnglishUnited States
12Marty Swant, Adweek OnlineSenior Editor at AdweekTechnology and advertisingEnglishUnited States
13Matthew Lynley, INSIDERSenior Correspondent at INSIDERTechnology and businessEnglishUnited States
14Tiernan Ray, ZDNetSenior Editor at ZDNetTechnology and businessEnglishUnited States
15Ryan Browne, CNBC International – NewsdeskTechnology reporter at CNBCTechnology and businessEnglishUnited Kingdom
16Esther Paniagua, El País OnlineTechnology journalist at El PaísTechnology and innovationSpanishSpain
17Steven Rosenbush, Wall Street Journal Pro: Artificial IntelligenceEnterprise Technology Editor at WSJ ProTechnology and businessEnglishUnited States
18Rick Merritt, NVIDIAEditor-in-Chief at NVIDIATechnology and semiconductorsEnglishUnited States
19Sara Castellanos, Reporter at CIO Journal – The Wall Street JournalTechnology reporter at The Wall Street JournalTechnology and businessEnglishUnited States
20Laure Belot, LE MONDE – ONLINETechnology journalist at Le MondeTechnology and societyFrenchFrance
21Mark Sullivan, VentureBeat (FastCompany)Senior Writer at VentureBeatTechnology and businessEnglishUnited States
22Charles Towers-Clark, Forbes OnlineCEO of Pod GroupTechnology and businessEnglishUnited Kingdom
Here is an overview of the Top AI Journalists
2024 in Review: The Faces and Pages Driving AI Forward

Leading Voices in AI: A Comprehensive Wrap-Up of Top Publications and Journalists

In the swiftly changing world of AI, leading publications and journalists stand at the forefront of informing and influencing both the industry and the public. Their pivotal role cannot be overstated, as they provide thorough analyses and updates on the latest in drug discovery, regulatory shifts, and advancements in treatments. These key communicators delve deep into the nuances of innovative research, offering insights that help shape professional practices, policy-making, and public perception.

Their dedication to covering the breadth and depth of the AI landscape ensures that a wide audience, from healthcare professionals to policymakers and the general public, remains well-informed about the most recent developments. The expertise, critical inquiry, and journalistic integrity they bring to their work are indispensable in making sense of the industry’s complexities. As the AI field continues to expand and transform, the contributions of these journalists and publications become increasingly vital, serving as a reliable source of knowledge and analysis for a global audience eager for accurate and timely information.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I stay updated on AI industry advancements?

To stay updated, subscribe to AI publications, follow key journalists on social media, and participate in AI-focused forums and conferences. Most importantly, engage with the AI community. Share your insights, ask questions, and be an active participant in the conversations that are driving the industry forward.

What are some reputable AI publications for researchers?

Researchers should look towards academic journals such as Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR), Artificial Intelligence, and IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. These publications are peer-reviewed and highly respected in the academic community.

Which AI journalists influence the industry’s discourse?

Journalists like Karen Hao and Cade Metz are influential because they don’t just report on AI; they analyze its broader implications. Their work often sparks discussions that resonate throughout the tech industry and beyond.

Where can I find reliable AI news and opinions?

Besides the publications and journalists mentioned, platforms like Medium, Hacker News, and Reddit’s r/MachineLearning are great for community-driven content. Always check the credibility of the sources and the expertise of the contributors when navigating these platforms.

How do domain authority and location affect AI publications?

Publications with high domain authority are often more reliable as they have a reputation to uphold. Location can also be a factor, as some regions may have more access to cutting-edge research and industry news. However, in today’s digital world, great content can come from anywhere.


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