Press Release for Art Exhibition Announcement: Sample Template & Example

In This Guide:

  • 15 key elements that an art exhibition press release must have like name of artist and art exhibition, entry fee, themes portrayed in the exhibition, and many more.
  • 1 art exhibition press release sample for effective press release insights.
  • 1 customizable template to use for your own art exhibition press release.
Learn how to create a successful art exhibition press release that generates buzz and demand for your art.

Your Art Exhibition Press Release Should Include the Following Information

If you want to announce an art exhibition to a bigger audience and specialized online media outlets and entice them to give a notice and cover your event, you must consider writing and distributing a press release.

Here’s 15 critical elements your art exhibition press release must have:

  1. Headline
  2. Name(s) of the artists
  3. Name of the art exhibition
  4. Location of the art exhibition
  5. Opening date(s) of the art exhibition
  6. Sponsors for the art exhibition
  7. Entry fee for the art exhibition
  8. Themes and topics portrayed at the art exhibition
  9. Style and materials used for the art exhibition
  10. Quote from artists, art critics, gallery owner or CEO, exhibition hall information
  11. Relevant image, picture of the artist or of the gallery, picture of a piece of art (recommended)
  12. Website URL
  13. Dateline
  14. Boilerplate – About the artist
  15. Contact information (contact person, organization, address, phone)


The following sample press release can help you understand how you can craft an effective and compelling press release that gets picked up by media and read by potential exhibition visitors and art enthusiasts.

Art Exhibition by Cohen & Johnson Opens March 3 at Nucleus Art Gallery

San Francisco, CA, Release:  January 5, 2018.  For Immediate Release

A new exhibition by Ben Cohen and Victoria Johnson opens March 3 at the Nucleus Art Gallery, Alhambra, CA. The exhibition features 78 oil paintings will be on display until 30 May.

More information about the exhibition can be found at:

In the exhibition ‘Near-Far’, Ben Cohen and Victoria Johnson draw a straight line between art and the claim for it: they create a new category of “delicacy”, challenge the sensitivity of the senses, and leave exciting thoughts in the viewer’s mind.

The two artists have arranged their oil paintings in the cool, secession-like coziness of the Nucleus Art Gallery, Alhambra, CA. They have transferred to the canvas ideas, sensations and emotions.

Johnson is an artist based in San Francisco, CA. She is a retired  Professor of Contemporary Art from the University of California. In 2010, she had solo exhibitions at the Waterhouse Gallery and her works were included in the group shows ‘Far – Away’ at Nottingham Contemporary, and the Folkestone Triennial, UK.

Johnson is famous for drawing what she feels, not what she sees: she paints the world dressed in ideas that are close to her heart.

Asked about the art exhibition, Johnson said that while creating the new paintings when she looked at the canvas she saw a white perfection and a way to escape the illusion of time and return to the unity of life. In the process, she also found a merger between an object and a subject, a disappearance of distance.

Cohen is well-known to the general public and the Alhambra residents because in 2015 Cohen had a solo exhibition “My way” at the local museum. The same exhibition was on display at the Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston, Hollybush Gardens, London, and MRAC, Serignan, France.

Most of the landscapes in Ben Cohen’s studio reflect the surrounding reality of the artist’s hometown. Cohen paintings transform the shape and color into more abstract, purely pictorial suggestions.

The ‘Near-Far’ art exhibition will surprise the gallery visitors with the colorful accents, picturesque surfaces, finishing touches in mild tones.

Full information can be found on the website:

Contact info:
Name: Victoria Johnson
Organization: Johnson Mild Splash
Address: Buena Vista & Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
Phone: +1-880-706-6051


If you want to draw more people in to your art exhibition with press release, you can use our template to structure the information about the initiative.

[Headline Of The Press Release]

[City] [State} Release Date: [“For Immediate Release” or a concrete date]

[Summary Section: Briefly describe your announcement]

[Insert a quote from an artist/ gallery owner/ art critic/person related to the news]

[Write an additional paragraph to provide more details about the exhibition: try to respond to all relevant W-questions (where, what, why, when, who)]

[Insert another quote or another section with details]

[Include a call to action and an URL address where the reader can find more information about the artist or the exhibition]

[Boilerplate message about the artist/gallery: insert the following information

Contact info:
Contact person:

This information and the results that you will achieve will prove that the press release should hold a key position in your marketing and PR toolkit.

Of course, you can distribute an announcement for your art exhibition, solo art show or creative project on social networks: create an event and send invitations to friends and relatives, fans and followers.

However, without  a press release, only a very small percentage of your target audience will learn that you’re organizing or marketing an art exhibition. The online press release always plays a positive role during the promotion of such event, especially when it’s professionally written and distributed through the right distribution platforms to premium media channels.

Check out our curated press release templates for art, artist, new gallery, and exhibition for more press release writing inspiration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What details about the exhibition should I include?

Include the name of the exhibition, the artists involved, and the type of art that will be displayed. The more specific, the better.

How important is the art exhibition location?

The art exhibition location is crucial. It sets the stage and gives people a point of reference for planning their visit.

Should I mention the art exhibition opening dates?

Absolutely. The art exhibition opening dates create a sense of urgency and help people mark their calendars.

Do sponsors really matter in the press release?

Yes, sponsors add credibility and show that respected organizations back your art exhibition.

What should I say about the themes and topics?

Be specific about the theme and the types of art that will be displayed. It helps people decide if your exhibition is their cup of tea.

How can AmpiFire help my art exhibition press release?

AmpiFire can distribute your press release to a wider audience. It’s not a one-stop solution, but it’s a tool that can complement your overall strategy.


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