Top Fintech Publications & Journalists in 2024

Spotlight on 2024’s Fintech Innovators: Where Journalism Meets the Future of Technology

Fintech Industry At-a-Glance

First things first, what is fintech? In simple terms, it’s technology applied to finance. It’s the software, apps, and tools that are shaking up the traditional financial services industry. And it’s not just for techies or finance gurus—fintech is for everyone. It’s the reason you can send money to a friend with just a few taps on your phone, or why you can apply for a loan without setting foot in a bank.

Top Fintech Publications

Dive into the dynamic world of financial technology with our curated list of top fintech publications for 2024. These leading sources are at the forefront of reporting on the latest innovations, trends, and regulatory changes shaping the fintech landscape. Whether you’re an industry professional, investor, or enthusiast, these publications offer essential insights and analysis to keep you informed and ahead in the rapidly evolving fintech sector.

No. Name Brief Overview Topics CoveredDomain AuthorityLanguage Location
1Fintech MagazineA digital community for the banking, payments, and financial services industry. Connects banking and finance brands with the latest trends in technology and digital transformation.Industry news, trends, and insights.49EnglishDhaka, Bangladesh
2Fintech FinanceProvides global trends within FinTech from industry executives. Quarterly print publication, latest headlines, and monthly video series.FinTech developments, interviews, and events.40EnglishKent, England, UK
3Financial IT MagazineCovers technology trends in wholesale and retail banking, capital markets, and insurance.Technology insights, articles, and case studies.47EnglishLondon, England, UK
4FinTech FuturesA resource for technology buyers, sellers, developers, and integrators. Offers technology awards, events, case studies, and industry surveys.Fintech-related content and updates.54EnglishLondon, England, UK
5The BankerProvides insights into challenges faced by financial institutions and strategies to overcome them.Marketing, branding, mobile, product design, and innovation in banking.63EnglishLondon, England, UK
6Financial TechnologyFocuses on technology trends in the financial sector.Articles, research reports, and case studies.28EnglishLagos, Nigeria
7Banking Frontiers » FintechCovers global FinTech trends.Industry insights, news, and events.30EnglishMumbai, Maharashtra, India
8Bank Automation NewsProvides information on automation in banking.News, updates, and insights related to bank automation.63EnglishNew York City, New York, US
9FinextraAn independent newswire for the worldwide financial technology community.Technology trends in banking, capital markets, and insurance.78EnglishGlobal
10The Financial BrandCovers challenges faced by financial institutions and strategies to overcome them.Marketing, branding, mobile, product design, and innovation in banking.78EnglishGlobal
11FinTech WeeklyProvides profound insight into recent industry topics.Roundup of relevant stories, news, developments, and events.38EnglishGlobal
12Global Finance MagazineOffers analysis, articles, and rankings of international financial businesses.Insights into financial trends across 192 countries.66EnglishNew York, London, Milan
13FinTech FinanceFocuses on global FinTech trends.Quarterly print publication, latest headlines, and industry event coverage.40EnglishGlobal
14Financial BrandProvides ideas, insights, and information on brand-building in financial institutions.Marketing, branding, mobile, product design, and innovation in banking.78EnglishGlobal
Here is an overview of the Top Fintech Publications

Top Fintech Journalists

In a field as dynamic as fintech, journalists play a crucial role. They are the ones who sift through the noise to bring us stories that matter. Their insights help us understand not just what’s happening, but why it’s important and how it could affect us. Here are some of the top fintech journalists in 2024 who have mastered the art of explaining complex financial technologies in ways that everyone can understand:

No. Name Brief Overview Topics CoveredLanguage Location
1David Z. MorrisChief Columnist at CoinDesk. Expert on blockchain and cryptocurrency.Blockchain, cryptocurrency, financial systems.EnglishNew York, USA
2Anna IrreraSenior Editor-Crypto at Bloomberg. Focus on finance and technology intersection.Digital currencies, financial services.EnglishNew York, USA
3Simon JohnsonWrites about fintech and financial innovation for MIT Technology Review and Quartz.Technology trends in finance.EnglishCambridge, USA
4Liz LumleyCovers fintech and financial innovation for Finextra and Banking Technology.Latest fintech trends and industry impact.EnglishLondon, UK
5Neil MurrayWrites about fintech for TechCrunch and VentureBeat.Fintech developments and innovations.EnglishSan Francisco, USA
6Aisha GaniFintech Reporter at Bloomberg News.Financial technology news and trends.EnglishLondon, UK
7Joel KhaliliCrypto and Fintech reporter at WIRED.Cryptocurrency, fintech developments.EnglishLondon, UK
8Lucinda ShenCovers fintech for Axios.Intersection of finance and technology.EnglishNew York, USA
9Alex PughReporter at FinTech Futures.Fintech industry updates.EnglishLondon, UK
10Jesse EisingerSenior Reporter and Editor at ProPublica.Investigative journalism in finance.EnglishNew York, USA
11Trish ReganAward-winning Journalist and Publisher.Business and economic reporting.EnglishNew York, USA
12Rebecca JarvisABC News Chief Business and Economics Correspondent.Financial industry insights.EnglishNew York, USA
13Gretchen MorgensonSenior Financial Reporter at NBC News Investigations.In-depth financial reporting.EnglishNew York, USA
14Andrew Ross SorkinColumnist and Editor at New York Times.Financial news and analysis.EnglishNew York, USA
15Adele PetersFocus: The Unbanked, Cashless Society.Financial inclusion, cashless trends.EnglishSan Francisco, USA
16Alex BarinkaFocus: mPOS.Mobile point-of-sale technology.EnglishNew York, USA
17Ambereen ChoudhuryFocus: Fintech in Banking.Banking industry technology.EnglishLondon, UK
18Andrew PollackFocus: m-wallets, Asian Fintech.Mobile wallets, Asian fintech trends.EnglishNew York, USA
19Andy GreenbergFocus: Cybersecurity in finance.Fintech security and threats.EnglishSan Francisco, USA
20Anisa MenurFocus: Southeast Asian fintech.Fintech developments in Southeast Asia.EnglishSingapore
Here is an overview of the Top Fintech Journalists
2024 in Review: The Faces and Pages Driving Fintech Forward

Leading Vanguard in Fintech: A Comprehensive Wrap-Up of Top Publications and Journalists

In 2024, the fintech world is moving fast, and keeping up means relying on the best publications and journalists out there. These folks dive into everything from the latest blockchain developments to what’s new in digital banking, making the complex stuff easier to understand. Their work is super useful for anyone interested in fintech, whether you’re just curious, working in the industry, or investing in it. Reading their insights not only keeps you in the loop but also helps you get a better grip on the whole fintech scene.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What makes a fintech publication stand out in 2024?

A standout fintech publication in 2024 is characterized by its timely and accurate reporting, in-depth analysis of market trends, coverage of emerging technologies, and contributions from leading fintech experts. Its ability to demystify complex innovations and regulatory changes for a broad audience is also key.

Who are the leading fintech journalists to follow this year?

The leading fintech journalists in 2024 are those with a deep understanding of financial technologies, a track record of insightful reporting, and the ability to anticipate industry shifts. They often have strong connections within the fintech community and provide exclusive insights into the sector’s evolution.

How can I keep up with rapid changes in fintech?

To stay abreast of rapid fintech changes, subscribe to top fintech publications, follow influential fintech journalists on social media, attend industry conferences, and participate in fintech forums and online communities for real-time discussions and insights.

What role do fintech journalists play in the industry?

Fintech journalists play a critical role in the industry by reporting on technological innovations, regulatory developments, and market dynamics. They provide clarity on complex issues, influence public opinion and investment decisions, and hold industry players accountable.

Can I contribute to a top fintech publication?

Yes, many top fintech publications accept contributions from industry professionals and thought leaders. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with their submission guidelines and editorial standards, focusing on unique perspectives and insights that add value to the fintech discourse.

How does AmpiFire assist fintech startups in gaining media attention?

AmpiFire helps fintech startups gain media attention by amplifying their press releases across a wide network of online platforms, including news outlets, blogs, and social media. This exposure increases visibility, builds brand credibility, and attracts potential investors and customers.

What are the future trends in fintech coverage by journalists?

Future trends in fintech coverage are likely to include deeper dives into blockchain technology, the impact of artificial intelligence on financial services, the evolution of digital currencies, and the intersection of fintech with sustainability. Journalists will focus on how these trends not only transform the industry but also address broader societal and economic challenges.


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