Press Release Templates for Joint Venture & Partnership: Samples & Example Formats

In This Guide:

  • Understand the differences between joint venture and partnership before you can write your press release.
  • 7 key components every funding and investment press release should possess.
  • 2 customizable press release templates to announce joint venture and partnership.
  • 2 hypothetical press release samples to inspire you to start writing.
  • 25 copywriting and distribution tips for your press release.
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In this comprehensive guide, learn how to write and distribute compelling press releases to announce joint venture & partnership.

Differences between Joint Venture & Partnership

Not sure which announcement to make? Check out this table below to see fundamental distinctions between joint ventures and partnerships. From there, you’ll know which press release template to use your own business endeavors.

CriteriaJoint VenturePartnership
People InvolvedA contractual arrangement between two or more persons or entities that aims to undertake a specific task or project. Persons involved are co-owners of a business venture with the aim of making a profit.
PurposeUndertake a specific task to accomplish a goal. Profit may not be the primary aim.Not limited to a single project; oriented towards running a business or long-term enterprise and making a profit.
DurationShort-term project lifetimes, meant to reach a particular goal.Designed to last for the life of the business and can run indefinitely.
Size of ScopeLimited in scope due to the specific nature of the project and its duration.Can be expansive, encompassing a vast range of business activities.
ExamplesGoogle and NASA’s joint effort to make Google Earth.The collaboration between Barnes & Noble and Starbucks combining food and books.
The differences between joint ventures and partnerships.

Key Components of a Joint Venture & Partnership Press Release

1. Headline: Grabbing Immediate Attention
The first thing readers see is the headline. It should be magnetic, enticing them to delve deeper. A compelling headline doesn’t just announce the collaboration; it hints at the transformative potential. For instance: “Tech Titan ABC Joins Forces with Sustainability Leader XYZ for a Game-Changing Collaboration.”

2. Sub-headline: Giving the Key Details
Below the main headline, a sub-headline offers a brief overview with essential specifics. It’s where we offer just enough detail to intrigue, without overwhelming. Example: “Two industry leaders set to revolutionize the renewable energy market with groundbreaking technology.”

3. Introduction: Setting the Context
Here, you set the stage. Outline why the partnership or joint venture is happening and its significance in the broader industry landscape. Remember, the “why” can be as compelling as the “what.” “Amid rising global demand for sustainable energy solutions, ABC and XYZ are bridging the gap between technology and eco-innovation.”

4. Body: Outlining the Partnership Details
The body is where the meat of the information is laid out.

a) Origins of the Joint Venture/Partnership: Detail how the collaboration came to be. Was it a shared vision? A chance meeting? An industry event? “In a landmark meeting at the Global Tech Summit 2023, the CEOs of ABC and XYZ discovered their shared passion for sustainable solutions.”
b) What Will The Joint Venture/Partnership Consist Of: This is the heart of the release, highlighting the core aspects of the partnership or venture. “Uniting ABC’s cutting-edge tech prowess with XYZ’s green initiatives, the collaboration will see the development of next-gen solar panels.”
c) How It Benefits Both Parties & Community: State the mutual advantages and larger community or industry benefits. “While ABC gets to diversify its tech portfolio, XYZ benefits from advanced tech integration, together uplifting the community with affordable green energy.”
d) The Future Scope & Vision: Paint a picture of what lies ahead. “With this venture, both entities aim to set new benchmarks in green tech, envisioning a world where clean energy is accessible to all.”

5. Quote: Adding Human Touch with Key Stakeholders’ Voices
A genuine quote can bridge the corporate facade, bringing a touch of humanity. “‘This isn’t just a venture; it’s a vision. Together, we’re not just redefining industries, but reimagining futures,’ states Ms. Lina, CEO of ABC.”

6. Conclusion: Reiterating the Key Points & Next Steps
Summarize the essence of the press release and hint at the road ahead. “As ABC and XYZ embark on this journey, the industry awaits a transformative shift, set to roll out in Spring 2024.”

7. Contact Information: Making It Easy for Media to Reach Out
Always end with clear contact details, ensuring journalists and stakeholders know whom to approach for more information.
“Press Contact:
John Doe, Media Relations
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +123-456-7890″

Press Release Template for Joint Venture

This template is tailored for joint ventures, ensuring that all pivotal points are addressed. The goal? To produce an announcement that’s not just informative, but a narrative that captures attention, evoking interest and excitement in its readers.

This line ensures journalists know the information can be shared right away.

[Catchy Headline That Highlights the Essence of the Venture]
“Tech Leaders A and B Announce Groundbreaking Joint Venture”

[Compelling Sub-headline Detailing Key Aspects]
“Introducing Next-Gen Solutions, Set to Change the Landscape of [Industry]”

[City, State, Date] – Always include the location and date to keep the press release timely and relevant.
“San Francisco, CA – August 24, 2023”

In a transformative move for the [specific industry], [Company A] and [Company B] have announced a joint venture that promises [major benefits/changes].

Origins of the Joint Venture:
During [event or circumstance], leaders from [Company A] and [Company B] discovered their mutual goal: [specific shared objective].

What The Joint Venture Will Consist Of:
Bringing together [Company A’s core strength] with [Company B’s expertise], the venture is set to [specific outcomes and projects].

How It Benefits Both Parties & The Larger Community:
While [Company A gains…], [Company B will benefit from…], and together, they’ll drive [specific benefits for community/industry].

The Future Scope & Vision:
This collaboration looks beyond just immediate gains, envisioning [long-term goals and the envisioned future].

[Quote from a Key Stakeholder]
“‘[A genuine statement reflecting the excitement or vision of the collaboration],’” says [Name, Title, Company].

[Conclusive Statement]
With their combined strengths and shared vision, [Company A] and [Company B] are poised to [key achievement or future step].

Press Contact:
[Full Name], [Position]
[Company Name]
Email: [Email Address]
Phone: [Phone Number]

This line signifies the end of the press release.

By adhering to this structure and injecting your unique details, you’re set to craft a joint venture press release that resonates and may even be picked up by media.

Press Release Sample for Joint Venture

This sample provides a clear view of how a joint venture press release should be structured, packed with compelling information, while keeping the narrative focused and resonant.


EcoTech and GreenBuild Unite for a Sustainable Housing Revolution
Pioneering the Next Wave of Environmentally-Friendly Homes

New York, NY – August 24, 2023 – In an unprecedented move for sustainable living, tech innovation giant EcoTech has teamed up with construction leader GreenBuild. Together, they’re ushering in a new era of eco-conscious, technologically-advanced housing.

The foundation of this venture was laid during the International Sustainable Living Expo 2023. EcoTech’s trailblazing sustainable tech solutions met GreenBuild’s vision of durable, green construction. A shared vision was ignited.

Merging EcoTech’s award-winning renewable energy systems with GreenBuild’s state-of-the-art sustainable construction methods, this venture is set to roll out a line of fully sustainable homes, complete with AI-driven energy conservation features.

EcoTech taps into the expansive construction market, while GreenBuild integrates cutting-edge tech into its offerings, setting a new industry standard. Together, they pave the way for communities to live sustainably without compromising modern comforts.

Beyond their initial project, the duo foresees expansions into commercial properties and infrastructure, aiming to revolutionize the way cities function with a blend of tech and sustainable construction.

“This collaboration is more than just business. It’s a commitment to a greener future, and together, we’re set to redefine urban living,” comments Jane Doe, CEO of EcoTech.

As this groundbreaking venture takes shape, EcoTech and GreenBuild not only align their expertise but also their passion for a world where technology and sustainability coexist harmoniously.

Press Contact:
John Smith, Public Relations Manager
EcoTech-GreenBuild JV
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (123) 456-7890


Remember, a good joint venture press release doesn’t just inform; it tells a story, inviting readers to be a part of the journey.

Press Release Template for Partnership 

By following this template and ensuring the message is tailored to reflect the unique attributes of both partners, businesses can craft an engaging press release that captures attention and drives engagement.


[Partner A] & [Partner B]: Charting New Territories in [Sector/Industry]

[A Captivating Sub-headline Detailing the Main Highlights of the Partnership]

[City, State – Date] – Two giants in the [industry], [Partner A] and [Partner B], announce a monumental partnership that promises to [specific benefit or outcome of the partnership].

Origins of the Partnership:
This union sprouted from [describe how the partnership came about, e.g., a meeting at a summit, shared vision, etc.].

What The Partnership Will Consist Of:
Leveraging [Partner A’s expertise] with [Partner B’s unique capabilities], the collaboration will [specific details about what they plan to offer or achieve].

How It Benefits Both Parties & The Community:
[Partner A] brings [specific benefits or assets], while [Partner B offers benefits or assets]. Together, this synergy promises [specific gains or benefits for the community or their target audience].

The Future Scope & Vision:
Looking forward, both entities envision [shared future plans, expansions, or developments].

[A relevant and inspiring quote from a high-ranking individual from Partner A or Partner B, discussing the essence and significance of the partnership],” says [Name, Title].

To learn more about this partnership and the exciting ventures ahead, follow the details below. Both [Partner A] and [Partner B] are committed to [reiterate shared goal or mission, wrapping up the narrative].

Press Contact:
[Your Name], Public Relations Manager
[Partner A]-[Partner B] Partnership
Email: [[email protected]]
Phone: [(123) 456-7890]

Press Release Sample for Partnership

This hypothetical press release paints a vivid picture of a promising partnership between two companies, showcasing the union’s potential to drive positive change in their industry and for their consumer base.


TechBlitz & GreenSolutions: Leading the Future of Sustainable Technology
Groundbreaking Partnership Aims to Marry Tech Innovation with Environmentally-Friendly Solutions

San Francisco, CA – March 5, 2023 – TechBlitz, a leader in consumer electronics, and GreenSolutions, a pioneer in sustainable energy solutions, proudly announce their new strategic partnership. This alliance is set to revolutionize the market by bringing cutting-edge tech innovations with an eco-conscious edge.

It all began at the Global Tech & Sustainability Summit 2022, where the CEOs of both companies discovered their shared passion for a greener planet. Realizing the impact they could make together, the partnership was a natural next step.

TechBlitz’s innovative battery technology will integrate seamlessly with GreenSolutions’ environmentally friendly energy storage solutions. This collaboration aims to roll out a new line of eco-friendly gadgets by early 2024.

TechBlitz, with its massive global market share in electronics, and GreenSolutions, with its expertise in sustainable energy, will deliver products that don’t compromise on performance while ensuring a reduced carbon footprint. This initiative not only serves the interests of both companies but promises consumers top-tier tech products they can feel good about.

Together, TechBlitz and GreenSolutions have set a five-year plan in motion. This includes research & development into cleaner manufacturing processes and the introduction of at least three innovative products by 2025, all carrying the stamp of sustainability.

“This partnership isn’t just about great products; it’s a statement to the world that progress and preservation aren’t mutually exclusive. We’re excited about what lies ahead,” says Dana White, CEO of TechBlitz.

For more insights into this exciting venture and what the future holds, feel free to get in touch using the contact details below. Both TechBlitz and GreenSolutions are taking steps today for a brighter, greener tomorrow.

Press Contact:
Jordan Reece, Public Relations Manager
TechBlitz-GreenSolutions Alliance
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (415) 555-1234

For partnership press releases, emphasize on the long-term version of the partnership.

15 Copywriting Tips for Effective Joint Venture & Partnership Press Release

By adhering to these guidelines, your joint venture and partnership press releases will not only inform but also engage and captivate your target audience, ensuring maximum impact and visibility for your announcement.

1. Get Straight to the Point: In the opening paragraph, clearly state the key details: who is involved, the nature of the partnership, and its core objective.

2. Ensure Logical Flow: Make sure your press release follows a logical structure, moving from the most crucial information to supporting details.

3. Use Clear and Concise Language: Avoid excessive technical jargon. Remember, the press release should be understandable to both industry insiders and the general public.

4. Opt for Active Voice Over Passive: Active voice makes your writing more direct and engaging. Instead of “A partnership was formed by X and Y,” write “X and Y formed a partnership.”

5. Stay Neutral: While it’s essential to highlight the benefits of the partnership, ensure the tone remains neutral and objective. Avoid overly promotional language.

6. Humanize the Story: Highlight the individuals and the teams behind the venture. Stories resonate when they connect on a personal level.

7. Highlight Mutual Benefits: Clearly convey how both parties stand to gain from this collaboration and why they chose to work together.

8. Show Impact on Community or Industry: Besides the benefits to the involved companies, illustrate how this venture will positively impact the larger community, industry, or target audience.

Communicate the significance and impact of your unique partnership announcement to the community or consumer base.

9. Highlight Distinctiveness: What makes this partnership unique from others in the industry? Emphasize the distinguishing factors.

10. Use Visuals When Applicable: If possible, include high-quality images or graphics that depict the partnership. This adds another dimension to your story and can be more engaging for readers.

11. Incorporate Data and Statistics: Numbers can provide a clearer picture of the partnership’s potential impact. Use relevant and verifiable statistics to bolster your claims.

12. Provide Clear Next Steps or End with a Strong Call to Action : Indicate any upcoming events, product launches, or collaborative efforts that readers or media can look forward to.

13. Prioritize Newsworthiness: Make sure the partnership or joint venture is genuinely newsworthy. It’s not just about promoting your company, but about sharing impactful news that the media and public would find interesting.

14. Stay Updated on Industry Trends: Frame your press release in the context of current industry trends or global events. This shows that your partnership is timely and relevant.

15. Encourage Sharing: At the end of the press release, add social media sharing buttons or prompts. This can amplify the reach of your announcement, as readers share the news within their networks.

10 Distribution Strategies for Joint Venture & Partnership Press Release

Writing your press release is only one part of the equation. The other part is distributing it far and wide. Here are 10 distribution strategies to help you put the word out about your joint venture or partnership announcements.

1. Leverage Both Partners’ Media Contacts: Make the most out of both entities’ media contacts. Distributing through both channels increases reach and visibility.

2. Target Industry-Specific Outlets: If your joint venture or partnership is in a specific industry, such as technology or health, target media outlets and journalists that specifically cover these areas.

3. Harness the Power of Social Media: Share your press release on both entities’ social media channels. Consider creating short promotional videos, infographics, or visuals to accompany the press release.

4. Email Newsletters: If both entities have newsletters, this is a prime channel to share the news of your partnership or joint venture. Consider a special edition or feature specifically for this announcement.

5. Host a Joint Webinar or Live Stream: Organize a virtual event where representatives from both entities discuss the joint venture or partnership, providing a platform for live questions and deeper engagement.

Virtual events like webinars also make it easier for audiences from both parties to join and learn more about the the exciting news.

6. Engage Employees as Advocates: Encourage employees from both organizations to share the press release on their personal social media channels. Their networks can provide a more organic reach.

7. Follow Up: After sending out your press release, follow up with key journalists or media outlets. Personalized communication can increase the chances of your press release being picked up.

8. SEO Optimization: Make sure your press release is SEO-optimized so that when relevant industry keywords are searched, your release appears on search engines.

9. Local Media Outlets: If the partnership or joint venture has a local or regional impact, don’t forget to target local newspapers, TV stations, and radio channels.

10. Use Professional PR Distribution Services: Platforms like PR Newswire, Business Wire, or PRWeb specialize in distributing press releases to various media outlets, ensuring that your news gets in front of the right eyes.

AmpiFire: Multi-Channel Press Release Distribution

A powerful content amplification platform, AmpiFire helps in distributing your press release across various channels, from news sites like Bloomberg to blogs, podcast platforms, and more. It’s a particularly effective tool to ensure wide-ranging visibility for your announcement.

With AmpiFire, you can distribute your press releases for joint venture and partnerships in various formats, across multiple sites.

With these distribution strategies, your press release on joint ventures and partnerships will not only reach a vast audience but will also engage and inform them effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a press release such a big deal for Joint Ventures and Partnerships?

A press release isn’t just a piece of news. It’s an announcement that marks the inception of a union with potential to revolutionize industries. It creates buzz, offers credibility, and often leads to media coverage that can skyrocket visibility.

AmpiFire was mentioned a lot. Are there no other decent platforms out there?

While there are numerous platforms like PR Newswire or Business Wire that do a fabulous job at distributing press releases, AmpiFire has an edge for its wide-reaching distribution. But let’s be fair: It’s not the only fish in the sea. Weigh your options, compare features, and choose based on your specific needs.

What are the potential pitfalls I should dodge when writing a press release?

the biggest pitfall is being too self-centered. A press release that’s all about “me, me, me” is a big no-no. Also, avoid jargon that alienates readers. And comparing to other ventures? Sure, it’s tempting, but tread carefully. You don’t want to inadvertently promote your competitors.


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