How to Get Backlinks With TED

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Is TED Good For SEO?

When it comes to SEO, understanding the platforms that can enhance your website’s visibility is crucial. TED, a renowned global platform, is more than just a hub for inspiring talks and ideas worth spreading. Founded in 1984, TED has evolved into a dynamic website featuring a vast array of content, primarily focusing on technology, entertainment, and design. The target audience for TED is broad, encompassing educators, professionals, and curious minds worldwide, making it a melting pot of intellectual engagement.
Type of Platform:Media Organization
Key Features:Talks covering a wide range of topics
Content Types:Informational talks
Popular Content:Short, powerful talks covering various topics, from science to business to global issues
Target Audience:Individuals interested in gaining knowledge and insights from experts in various fields
Domain Authority:92/100

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of optimizing your website to increase its visibility when people search for products or services related to your business in Google, Bing, and other search engines. The higher the visibility of your pages in search results, the more likely you are to garner attention and attract prospective and existing customers to your business.

Similarweb and other online tools allow you to visualize the reach of sites like TED.

Therefore, getting your content linked to or featured on TED can be a significant SEO advantage. This association not only exposes your content to TED’s large, diverse audience but also benefits from the ‘halo effect’ of TED’s high domain authority. This is because search engines tend to trust links from high-authority sites, considering them as marks of credibility and relevance for your site.

However, it’s not just about getting a link; it’s the quality of the connection that matters. TED’s content is highly curated, original, and thought-provoking, aligning with the best practices of SEO. This means that if your content aligns well with TED’s ethos and quality, it can enhance your site’s credibility and authority, further boosting your SEO efforts.

Are TED Links Nofollow or Dofollow?

The straight answer? TED uses nofollow links. In the realm of SEO, the terms “Nofollow” and “Dofollow” are fundamental. They refer to types of backlinks that have different impacts on search engine rankings. A “Dofollow” link is a kind of hyperlink that tells search engines to pass on the SEO benefits of the link to the target site. Essentially, it’s like giving a thumbs-up or vote of confidence to the linked content. On the other hand, a “Nofollow” link, marked by a rel=”nofollow” tag in HTML, instructs search engines to ignore that link in terms of passing on SEO benefits. It’s more like a neutral signal, neither endorsing nor discrediting the linked content.

So, are TED links Nofollow or Dofollow? Typically, TED uses “Nofollow” links. This choice is quite common among large, authoritative websites. The reason behind this is to maintain the quality of outbound links and to discourage spammy or irrelevant link-building practices. While “Nofollow” links from TED won’t directly improve your site’s SEO rankings, they can still be valuable. They bring visibility, traffic, and a potential indirect SEO benefit through increased engagement and secondary links that may be “Dofollow”.

How Do I Add a Backlink to TED?

A backlink, in simple terms, is a link from one website to another. These links are crucial for SEO because they act as a ‘vote of confidence’ from one site to another. The more high-quality backlinks a website has, the more it is seen as authoritative and relevant by search engines, potentially leading to higher rankings.

Steps to Adding a Backlink to TED

Adding a backlink to TED, however, is a relatively straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate it:

  1. Create a TED Profile: The first step to making an impact in any community is creating a profile!
  2. Add a Backlink to your Profile: Once your profile has been created, it’s easy to add up to 3 links through the profile editor.
  3. Consider Applying to be a TED Speaker: If you want more reach on the platform, you can always apply to become a speaker. This will increase your reach, and attendees will likely either visit your profile or search you online.

Once you’ve set yourself up for success on TED, it’s important to remain active in the community. Here’s how:

  1. Create Valuable Content: First and foremost, you need content that is worth linking to. Whether it’s a blog post, a case study, or a unique research piece, your content should offer value to TED’s audience. TED focuses on technology, entertainment, and design. Ensure your content is relevant to these themes. This increases the likelihood of it being considered for a backlink.
  2. Participate in TED Conversations: Engage with the TED community through their online platform. Leave insightful comments, start meaningful discussions, and share your expertise. Building relationships with TED speakers can be a strategic way to gain visibility. If a TED speaker finds your content valuable, they might reference it in their profile or discussions, creating an opportunity for a backlink.
  3. Leverage TED Events: Attend TED events or local TEDx events. These gatherings are excellent for networking and promoting your content to attendees who might have a presence on
  4. Use Social Media Wisely: Share your content on social media and tag TED or relevant TED speakers. A well-crafted post might catch the attention of the TED community and lead to a backlink.
  5. Submit Your Work for a TED Blog: TED has a blog that features diverse content. If your work aligns with their criteria, consider submitting it for publication. This could directly lead to a backlink from their official blog.
  6. Persistence and Quality: The key is to consistently produce high-quality content and engage genuinely with the TED community. Over time, this increases the chances of your content being noticed and linked back to.

Remember, adding a backlink to TED isn’t just about dropping a link; it’s about becoming a valuable part of their community and contributing in a way that naturally leads to your content being referenced. Patience and persistent quality are your best tools in this endeavor.

Best Practices for Posting on TED

Posting on TED, a platform known for its inspiring and thought-provoking content, demands a strategic approach. Here are some best practices specifically tailored for posting on TED, along with a brief list of do’s and don’ts.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Posting to TED


  1. Align with TED’s Mission: Your content should resonate with TED’s core mission of spreading ideas. This means focusing on innovative, unique, and insightful topics.
  2. Quality Over Quantity: Every piece of content should be well-researched, fact-checked, and presented in a compelling manner. TED values depth and accuracy in information.
  3. Engage with the Community: Actively participate in discussions, respond to comments, and engage with the audience. This builds your credibility and fosters community connections.
  4. Use Clear, Concise Language: TED’s audience is global. Ensure your content is accessible and understandable to a wide audience by using clear, jargon-free language.
  5. Incorporate Multimedia Elements: Use high-quality images, videos, or infographics to enhance your posts. Visual elements can make complex topics more understandable and engaging.


  1. Avoid Promotional Content: TED is not a platform for overt marketing. Avoid making your posts sound like advertisements. Focus on providing value through knowledge and insights.
  2. Steer Clear of Controversial Claims Without Evidence: Unsupported or controversial statements can harm your credibility. Ensure you have data or research backing your content.
  3. Don’t Ignore Feedback: Whether positive or negative, feedback is valuable. Ignoring comments or criticism can negatively impact your reputation on the platform.
  4. Don’t Stray from the Theme: Each TED platform has its theme – TEDx, TED-Ed, etc. Ensure your content aligns with the specific theme of the platform you’re posting on.
  5. Avoid Repetitive Content: TED audiences look for fresh, innovative ideas. Avoid rehashing topics that have been extensively covered unless you have a new perspective to offer.

Following these best practices helps in making your contributions to TED more impactful and well-received. Remember, the key is to add value to the community while staying true to the ethos of the TED platform.

Does AmpiFire Submit to TED?

Addressing the query, “Does AmpiFire Submit to TED?” it’s essential to understand that AmpiFire operates primarily as a content amplification platform. It specializes in distributing and advertising content across various online channels. However, directly submitting content to TED is not within the typical scope of services offered by AmpiFire. TED, known for its stringent content curation, does not have a standard submission process for external content amplification services like AmpiFire.

AmpiFire 2.0
AmpiFire repurposes your content into various formats. Then, it distributes it to many high-authority sites!

Here’s a closer look at how AmpiFire works, elucidating its approach to content distribution:

  1. Content Enhancement: AmpiFire specializes in creating diverse forms of content, including articles, blog posts, videos, and infographics. This content is tailored to suit the client’s needs and is optimized for search engines to enhance online visibility.
  2. Multi-Channel Distribution: The platform distributes this content across various online channels. This includes news websites, blogs, podcast directories, video hosting platforms, and social media networks. The goal is to create a broad online presence for the client’s brand or product.
  3. Performance Tracking and Reporting: AmpiFire provides detailed reports on the performance of the distributed content. This includes metrics like views, engagement, and the impact on website traffic, allowing clients to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

While AmpiFire’s services are comprehensive in terms of online content distribution and promotion, submitting content directly to platforms like TED, which have their own unique content guidelines and selection processes, is not a standard feature of their offering. It’s crucial for those looking to be featured on TED to engage directly with the platform, aligning with its content criteria and submission guidelines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is TED an Effective Platform for SEO Purposes?

Yes, TED is highly effective for SEO due to its high domain authority and diverse, intellectual audience. While direct SEO benefits from ‘Nofollow’ links are limited, the indirect benefits like increased visibility and engagement are significant. TED stands out compared to other platforms due to its quality and reputation.

Are Backlinks from TED ‘Nofollow’ or ‘Dofollow’?

Backlinks from TED are predominantly ‘Nofollow’, which means they don’t directly contribute to SEO rankings like ‘Dofollow’ links. However, they still offer value in terms of exposure and credibility, more than many other platforms that might provide ‘Dofollow’ links but lack TED’s prestige.

How Can I Successfully Add a Backlink on TED?

Adding a backlink on TED requires engaging content that aligns with TED’s themes. Active participation in TED’s community and networking with TED speakers can open avenues for backlinks. This approach is more organic and community-focused compared to other platforms.

What Are the Best Practices for Posting on TED?

Posting on TED demands high-quality, innovative content that aligns with its mission. Engaging with the community and avoiding promotional or unsupported content are key. These practices differ from many other platforms where promotional content might be more acceptable.

Does AmpiFire Submit Content to TED?

AmpiFire does not directly submit content to TED, as TED’s content curation process is independent. AmpiFire’s strength lies in multi-channel distribution and SEO optimization, which is different from TED’s content-focused approach.

How Does AmpiFire Compare to Other Content Distribution Platforms?

AmpiFire excels in creating and distributing SEO-optimized content across various channels. While it doesn’t submit to TED, its multi-channel approach is more comprehensive than many other platforms that may focus on fewer channels.

Is Engaging with TED’s Community Worthwhile for Link Building?

Absolutely, engaging with TED’s community can be incredibly beneficial. While it requires a thoughtful, quality-focused approach, the potential exposure and credibility gains are often greater than what you might achieve on other platforms.


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