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What is Express Press Release?

Ever wondered how a small internet hobby, started in 2004, transformed into a press release juggernaut? Welcome to Express Press Release Distribution, part of the EPR Network. Today, it’s not just a network; it’s a giant in the world of press release distribution. Imagine a web of over 50 PR-related sites, including 12 U.S. State-based platforms, 30+ industry-specific blogs, and some standout verticals like and This network isn’t just big; it’s colossal, attracting 150,000 to 500,000 unique visitors monthly.

Year Founded2004
Platform TypeWeb-based
Key Features– Wide distribution network
– Free social media sharing links and addition of company logo
Target AudienceBusinesses and marketing agencies of all sizes
Domain AuthorityNot specified
Pricing PlanNot readily available on the website. Pricing may vary depending on the services and features needed
An overview of Express Press Release PR platform

But it’s more than numbers. Express Press Release is about innovation in PR. For nearly two decades, they’ve been pioneering projects like Consolidated Press Release Distribution and Social Press Release. And their reach? It’s not limited to the web. They’re tapping into the news, the blogosphere, social media, and beyond, engaging with thousands daily, from individuals to global brands like Hilton Hotels and Barclays Bank. What’s more, they’re part of EuropaWire Ltd since 2014, further solidifying their position as a titan in the industry. This is the world of Express Press Release: a blend of vast reach, innovative solutions, and a commitment to keeping the press release game at the top.

Is Express Press Release Legit?

When questioning the legitimacy of Press Release Services, it’s crucial to understand that they are indeed legitimate and play a vital role in the modern business landscape. These services provide a platform for companies and individuals to disseminate information widely and efficiently. Utilizing press release services allows for a targeted approach to reach media outlets, journalists, and, most importantly, potential customers. They are not just about distributing content; they’re about creating opportunities for visibility and credibility in a crowded digital world. Their legitimacy is further solidified by the numerous success stories of businesses that have leveraged these services to gain significant media attention, leading to growth and increased brand recognition. So, when it comes to the question of legitimacy, press release services stand on a foundation of proven results and professional recognition.

Here’s a customer review for Express Press Release PR platform.

Distribution with Express Press Release

The distribution process with Express Press Release is a key component of their service, ensuring that your message reaches the right audience. Their distribution network is extensive, covering a wide range of media outlets, from local newspapers to major online news portals. This ensures that your press release is not just sent out into the void but is strategically placed where it will be seen by your target demographic. Most importantly, they specialize in tailoring the distribution to match your specific needs, whether it’s reaching a local community or making a splash on a national scale.

  • They have been providing press release distribution services for almost 20 years.
  • They claim to be one of the web’s largest press release distribution networks, with over 50 PR related sites under management and more than 1 million press releases disseminated.
  • They distribute press release to various outlets, such as journalists, publishers, and press members. They also submit press releases to the web, the news, the blogosphere, and the social media sites. They do not seem to focus on any specific industry, as they offer various printing and marketing solutions for different types of businesses.
  • They distribute press releases to common sites such as Google News, Yahoo News, Bing News, EIN News, EuropaWire, PRLog, openPR, IssueWire, Online PR Media,,, PRWeb, Newswire, and PR Newswire.

Moreover, Express Press Release employs advanced technology and analytics to track the performance of your press release. This means you’re not just sending out information; you’re gaining valuable insights on its reach and impact. The ability to see real-time data on views, shares, and the geographical spread of your press release turns it into a powerful tool for understanding and engaging your audience. This approach not only maximizes the exposure of your content but also provides critical feedback for refining future communications strategies.

How to Submit Press Release to Express Press Release

Submitting a press release to Express Press Release is a streamlined process designed to be as efficient and user-friendly as possible. The first step is to ensure that your press release is well-crafted, adhering to the standard format, and contains all the necessary information. This includes a catchy headline, an engaging introduction, the body of the release with all pertinent details, and a conclusion with contact information. Once your press release is ready, you simply log into the Express Press Release platform, where you can upload your document and fill in any additional information required by the service.

Step-by-Step Guide for Press Release Submission

  1. Create Your Account: Sign up with Express Press Release, filling in your company details and contact information.
  2. Prepare Your Press Release: Before uploading, ensure your press release is well-written, following the industry standards with a clear headline, introduction, body, and conclusion.
  3. Log In and Upload: Once your account is set up and your press release is prepared, log in to your account on the Express Press Release platform.
  4. Enter Required Details: Fill in the necessary details about your press release, such as the intended release date, target audience, and any specific distribution channels you wish to use.
  5. Upload Your Document: Upload your press release document in the accepted format (usually PDF or Word).
  6. Review and Submit: Before final submission, review all the information for accuracy. Once everything is confirmed, submit your press release for distribution.
  7. Track Your Release: After submission, utilize the platform’s tracking tools to monitor the reach and impact of your press release.

Pricing of Express Press Release

The pricing structure of Express Press Release is designed to cater to a variety of needs, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes. Understanding that each client’s requirements are unique, they offer a range of packages, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a small startup looking to make your first big splash in the media or a large corporation seeking widespread distribution, their pricing tiers are tailored to provide value for your specific goals. Most importantly, they emphasize transparency in their pricing, meaning there are no hidden fees or unexpected charges. This straightforward approach allows clients to plan their budgets effectively, knowing exactly what they’re paying for.

  • Basic Package: Ideal for small businesses or individuals, offering essential distribution services.
  • Standard Package: A step up, this package is designed for growing businesses, offering wider distribution and additional features.
  • Premium Package: Tailored for businesses seeking maximum exposure, including extensive distribution channels and enhanced features.
  • Custom Solutions: For those with specific needs, Express Press Release offers customized solutions, priced based on individual requirements and scale of distribution.

SEO Benefits of Express Press Release

The SEO benefits of using Express Press Release are significant, offering an effective way to boost your online visibility. By distributing your content through their network, you’re not only reaching a broader audience but also creating valuable backlinks to your website. These backlinks are a key factor in search engine optimization, as they signal to search engines like Google that your site is a credible source of information. Additionally, by incorporating the right keywords into your press release, you can further enhance its SEO value. This means that when potential customers search for those keywords, your press release – and by extension, your website – has a better chance of appearing higher in search results. Therefore, using Express Press Release can be a strategic move to improve your online presence and drive more organic traffic to your site.

  • Enhanced Online Visibility: Wider distribution increases the chance of your press release appearing in search results.
  • Quality Backlinks: Links from reputable news sites back to your website improve your site’s credibility in the eyes of search engines.
  • Keyword Optimization: Incorporating relevant keywords helps in aligning your press release with the search queries of your target audience.
  • Content Longevity: Press releases can remain in search results for an extended period, providing ongoing SEO benefits.
  • Social Media Integration: Sharing your press release on social media platforms can lead to increased engagement and further boost your SEO efforts.

Features of Express Press Release

Express Press Release is renowned for its comprehensive array of features, each designed to optimize the impact and reach of your press releases. At the core of their service is a commitment to delivering quality and efficiency, ensuring that your message not only reaches but resonates with your intended audience. One of the key features is their expansive distribution network, which includes major news outlets and specialized media channels, ensuring maximum exposure. Furthermore, they offer detailed analytics, allowing you to track the performance and engagement levels of your press release, giving valuable insights into its effectiveness. This focus on both reach and analytics ensures that you’re not just broadcasting your message but also understanding its impact.

  • Expansive Distribution Network: Access to a wide range of news outlets and media channels for maximum exposure.
  • Detailed Analytics: Insightful data on the performance and engagement of your press release.
  • User-Friendly Platform: An intuitive interface that simplifies the process of submitting and tracking your press release.
  • Customizable Templates: Variety of templates to craft a press release that best suits your message and style.
  • Multimedia Integration: Capability to enhance your press release with images, videos, and links for greater engagement.
  • SEO Optimization: Assistance in optimizing your press release for search engines to increase online visibility.
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Alternatives to Express Press Release

While Express Press Release is a formidable option in the press release distribution market, it’s important to know there are other alternatives available, each with its unique set of features and benefits. These alternatives cater to different needs and budgets, offering varied distribution networks, pricing models, and specialized services. It’s essential to explore these options to find the one that aligns best with your specific requirements. Whether you’re looking for more targeted media outreach, different pricing structures, or additional services like multimedia integration or extensive global reach, these alternatives provide a range of solutions to suit diverse press release needs.

Here are a few alternatives to consider:

  • PR Newswire: Known for its extensive global reach and detailed targeting options, ideal for those looking to make an international impact.
  • Business Wire: Offers a robust distribution network, especially effective for corporate communications and investor relations.
  • GlobeNewswire: Recognized for its strong multimedia capabilities and comprehensive distribution channels.
  • Marketwired: Ideal for those focusing on market-specific news, offering targeted distribution and market intelligence.
  • eReleases: Catered towards small businesses and startups, offering affordable pricing and personalized customer service.
  • PRWeb: Known for its SEO optimization and online visibility, this platform is great for increasing digital presence.

AmpiFire stands out as a robust choice in the realm of online content distribution and marketing. It shines in its ability to drive targeted buyer traffic and bolster brand presence on the internet, which is crucial for businesses striving to boost their online visibility and conversion rates. The strategy at the heart of AmpiFire revolves around crafting engaging buyer content, repurposing it into various formats such as articles, videos, and infographics, and then distributing this content across a multitude of platforms. These platforms range from prominent names like Google and YouTube to specialized channels like Apple Podcasts. AmpiFire’s use of authoritative websites and platforms hints at a holistic and far-reaching approach to content distribution and brand enhancement.

AmpiFire 2.0
AmpiFire repurposes your content into various formats before distributing them across various sites.

In wrapping up, when considering options like Express Press Release, it’s also worth weighing the merits of alternatives like AmpiFire, especially for those prioritizing focused content creation and expansive digital distribution. Each service offers distinct features and methodologies, and the choice ultimately hinges on your specific marketing objectives and the audience you’re targeting. Whether you lean towards the specialized PR services of Express Press Release or the extensive content distribution approach of AmpiFire, both avenues offer effective tools for elevating your brand’s online footprint.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of businesses can use Express Press Release?

Express Press Release is suitable for all types of businesses, from small startups to large corporations, looking to enhance their media presence.

How long does it take for a press release to be distributed?

Typically, a press release is distributed within 24-48 hours after submission, depending on the chosen package and distribution channels.

Can I track the performance of my press release?

Yes, Express Press Release provides detailed analytics that allows you to track the performance and reach of your press release.

Is there assistance available for writing a press release?

Express Press Release offers various templates and sometimes professional writing assistance to help craft an effective press release.

Can I target specific geographic locations or industries with my press release?

Yes, Express Press Release offers targeted distribution options, allowing you to focus on specific geographic areas or industries.


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