Using Quotes and Testimonials in Press Releases: Tips and Examples

Shaping your press release with the glow of quotes and testimonials

Why are Quotes and Testimonials Important for Press Releases?

A press release lacking quotes misses out on depth and relatability, similar to a news piece without sources. The right quotes not only spice up the narrative but also lend credibility, offering insights from key figures or satisfied customers. This personal touch makes your content more persuasive, akin to receiving a trusted friend’s recommendation, thereby enhancing its impact.

Qualities of Good Quotes and Testimonials for Press Releases

Now, let’s talk about what makes a quote or testimonial stand out. It’s not just about saying something positive. A good quote should feel like it’s coming straight from the heart, with a dash of personality and a clear connection to the core message of your press release.

  • Relevance: Aligning with the Core Message

Choose quotes that align with your narrative and bolster your announcement, like a customer praising a new product in a release about its launch.

  • Clarity: Communicating Effectively

Keep quotes clear and simple for broad accessibility. Edit technical or lengthy quotes carefully to preserve the original message, ensuring they’re concise yet impactful.

  • Emotional Appeal: Connecting on a Human Level

Emotional quotes can transform passive readers into engaged advocates by creating a bond and evoking feelings about your news.

  • Authority: Speaking with Expertise

Quotes from experts or respected figures add credibility to your press release, making their statements more impactful than those from unknown sources.

  • Brevity: Keeping it Concise

Long quotes can lose a reader’s attention. The trick is to keep it short and sweet. Hit them with a powerful message, and then get out. Leave them wanting more, not less.

Examples of Killer Quotes and Testimonials for Press Releases

Let’s look at some examples of quotes and testimonials that have nailed it. These aren’t just words strung together; they’re strategic tools that have been used to capture attention and inspire action.

Sample of Good Quote:

    “This revolutionary product has not only transformed our workflow but also unleashed a wave of creativity within our team that we never knew existed.”

    This quote works because it’s passionate, it speaks to the transformative power of the product, and it comes from a credible source—a team leader whose team has directly benefited from the product.

    Sample of Good Testimonial:

    “Seeing our customers’ satisfaction soar has been the ultimate testament to our dedication. It’s not just about the sales we’ve made but the trust we’ve earned and the community we’ve built.”

    Jane Doe, CEO of XYZ Corp
    • Expert Opinion: Leveraging Industry Authority

    An expert’s endorsement, like a renowned nutritionist praising a health supplement, adds credibility and persuasiveness to your press release, validating your product’s value beyond mere claims.

    • Before-and-After Scenario: Demonstrating Change

    The before-and-after scenario in press releases, showcasing a client’s journey from challenge to positive outcome with your product, effectively demonstrates your impact through a transformative story.

    Examples of Bad Quotes and Testimonials for Press Releases

    Explore examples of quotes and testimonials that missed the mark. Far from mere missteps, these instances highlight the pitfalls of ineffective communication, serving as cautionary tales on how not to use language in press releases. Each example illustrates the consequences of uninspired or vague wording, failing to engage or motivate the reader.

    Sample of Bad Quote:

    “Our product is pretty good, I guess. It does what it’s supposed to do.”

    This quote lacks impact, enthusiasm, and clarity, with hesitant phrasing and a vague description that fails to convey the product’s value or unique benefits, undermining credibility.

    Sample of Bad Testimonial:

    “We’re really good at what we do.”

    Customer of DEF Services

    This testimonial falls short with its vagueness and absence of context, lacking evidence of proficiency or customer experience, failing to engage or add value to the press release.

    • No Credibility: The Pitfalls of Unnamed Sources

    Quotes without a credible source can do more harm than good. “Users love our app!” says… who? Without a name and title, such a quote is just noise. It lacks the impact of a testimonial from a known individual or entity. An anonymous quote is a missed opportunity to build trust and authority.

    • Lack of Specificity: Generic Statements that Don’t Add Value

    Generic quotes like “We’re excited about this launch,” lack impact. A memorable quote should provide unique insight or specific praise that highlights your announcement’s uniqueness and sticks with the reader.

    • Overpromising: When Quotes Don’t Reflect Reality

    Overpromising with grandiose quotes like “Our gadget will change your life overnight!” risks credibility if unmet, losing trust and customers.

    Tips and Tricks to Write Great Press Release Using Quotes and Testimonials

    Unlock the power of persuasion with our guide on writing compelling press releases using quotes and testimonials. Learn the tips and tricks to transform your releases into engaging narratives that resonate with your audience.

    • Selecting the Right Voice: Who to Quote

    Selecting the right person for a quote—a satisfied customer, leading researcher, or passionate CEO—is crucial, as their perspective adds depth and context, highlighting the significance of your news.

    • Context Is Key: When to Introduce a Quote or Testimonial

    Introduce quotes or testimonials when they’ll have the most impact, often just after presenting the main news, serving as proof and enhancing your message.

    • Editing for Clarity: Polishing Quotes Without Losing Intent

    Editing quotes is about enhancing readability and impact, not altering the message. Trim excess, focus on the core, ensuring readers understand the significance without extraneous details.

    Boost your press releases with our guide to harnessing quotes and testimonials effectively

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What Makes a Testimonial More Persuasive Than a Regular Quote?

    A testimonial goes beyond a regular quote by providing a personal story or experience that resonates with potential customers. It’s persuasive because it’s evidence of your product or service’s value, seen through the eyes of someone who has benefited from it. This real-world proof is what makes testimonials so compelling.

    How Often Should I Include Quotes or Testimonials in Press Releases?

    While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, including one or two strong quotes or testimonials is generally effective. They should be strategically placed to reinforce your message without overwhelming the reader. The key is to use them in a way that adds value and authenticity to your press release.

    Can a Press Release Have Too Many Quotes or Testimonials?

    Absolutely. Overloading a press release with quotes or testimonials can make it cluttered and difficult to follow. This can dilute the power of each individual quote. It’s better to select a few impactful ones that succinctly convey your message and resonate with your audience.

    What Is the Ideal Length for a Quote in a Press Release?

    The ideal length for a quote in a press release is around 25-30 words. Short, impactful quotes are more likely to be read and remembered. They should capture the essence of your message and be long enough to be meaningful, but short enough to keep the reader’s attention.

    How Do I Choose a Testimonial for My Press Release?

    When selecting a testimonial for your press release, consider its relevance to your message, the credibility of the person providing it, and the specific benefits it highlights. Choose testimonials that tell a story of transformation or success, and resonate with your target audience’s needs and desires.

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