How to Submit a Press Release to Bloomberg & Get Backlinks

In This Guide:

  • Information about Bloomberg as an entity and the value it can bring to your business.
  • Tips and Tricks on how to best contact Bloomberg to get your press release published.
  • Guidelines to better help you understand the submission process and how to get a successful backlink.
  • How services like AmpiFire can help you get your press release published on Bloomberg.
In terms of finance and business, Bloomberg is a titan in news distribution. Our handy guide will show you how to maximize your chances of getting your press release to them.

Bloomberg Press Release vs. Submitting a News Story Tip

Navigating Bloomberg’s Influential Domain
Bloomberg stands as a colossus in the world of finance and business news, renowned for its real-time data, journalistic excellence, and influential readership. With millions flocking to its site daily, acquiring a spot on Bloomberg is akin to striking gold for individuals and organizations aiming to broadcast their stories or press releases.

Diving into Bloomberg’s ecosystem, there are two primary routes available: submitting a traditional press release and pitching a news story tip. The former is a structured document that delivers news directly to the audience, while the latter is more akin to a suggestion, a whisper in the ear of Bloomberg’s battalion of journalists, enticing them to delve deeper into your story.

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Striking the Right Chord: Press Release vs. News Story Tip
When you submit a press release directly to Bloomberg, you are laying out your news, packaged with all relevant information, straight to the awaiting public. It’s a more direct, assertive approach, allowing you to control the narrative, tone, and content of your information. But of course, the grandeur of Bloomberg implies stringent scrutiny, therefore necessitating a compelling, clear, and newsworthy piece.

Conversely, submitting a news story tip is more subtle. It’s like planting a seed, hoping it will sprout into a full-fledged article penned by one of Bloomberg’s reputale writers. Here, you are merely suggesting a topic, an idea, and if it captivates the journalist’s curiosity, it may transform into an article, molded and refined by the journalistic acumen of Bloomberg’s staff.

Precision and Authenticity: Your Pathway to Bloomberg
While both pathways have their unique allure, it is pivotal to approach them with meticulous attention to detail and unwavering authenticity. Whether you are crafting a press release or formulating a news tip, remember that Bloomberg is a fortress of credibility and relevance. Your submission must be imbued with verifiable facts, engaging narratives, and a distinctive angle to pierce through the armor of Bloomberg’s editorial standards and illuminate the screens of its discerning readers.

In either scenario, consider what you are presenting. Is it fresh? Is it relevant? Is it compelling? These are the questions that will determine whether your submission will navigate the labyrinth of Bloomberg’s editorial sanctum and emerge victorious on the other side.

Remember, every word penned should resonate with purpose, clarity, and authenticity, because in the world of Bloomberg, substance reigns supreme.

How To Contact Bloomberg to Feature Your Story

Bloomberg Contact Information

Ensure to utilize the correct contact details, and adhere to any guidelines provided on the platform regarding submissions or inquiries. Use the information below to determine the correct journalist to contact for your press release:

  • Alex Wayne – Senior Editor – Bloomberg News
  • Vincent Lee – Breaking News Editor – Bloomberg LP
  • Tiana Headley – Judiciary Reporter – Bloomberg Law
  • Erin Hudson – Distressed Debt Reporter – Bloomberg LP
  • Francesca Maglione – Reporter – Personal Finance – Bloomberg News
  • Stacie Sherman – Senior Editor – Bloomberg LP

In addition to the above list of journalists, below is a list of email addresses through which you can send a press release or news tip to Bloomberg:

You can also use this email to contact Bloomberg directly:
Press Release Contact:

Dos and Don’ts: Navigating Communication with Bloomberg

  • Do Be Clear and Concise: Ensure your communication is straightforward and to the point. Bloomberg receives countless pitches; make yours stand out by being clear and compelling.
  • Don’t Oversell: Avoid overly flamboyant language and unwarranted superlatives. Be confident but maintain a tone of humility and professionalism.
  • Do Be Relevant: Your story needs to resonate with Bloomberg’s audience. Align your pitch with topics that are current, impactful, and relevant to Bloomberg’s readership.
  • Don’t Be Generic: Tailor your communication. Avoid generic statements and delve into what makes your story unique and worth featuring.
  • Do Provide Value: Illustrate the significance of your story. Why should Bloomberg’s readers care? What value does it bring to them?
  • Don’t Neglect Follow-Ups: If you don’t receive a response, a polite follow-up is acceptable. However, avoid being overly persistent or pushy.

Making your first contact with Bloomberg, it’s crucial to introduce yourself in a manner that is professional, concise, and compelling. Start with a succinct introduction of who you are, what you represent, and the essence of the story you’re bringing to the table. It’s vital to strike a balance – be courteous, be clear, and most importantly, get straight to the point.

These regional newsroom inboxes are suitable for sending press releases. For more specific inquiries or to pitch a story, it is recommended to contact an individual reporter or editor who covers your industry. Individual reporter and editor contact details are usually listed at the bottom of all Bloomberg stories.

When drafting your message, remember the essence of effective communication: be concise, be clear, and be courteous. A well-crafted message is like a key, designed with precision to unlock the door to Bloomberg’s esteemed platform. And remember, patience is paramount; due to the volume of submissions, responses might take time.

How to Submit a Press Release & Publish Directly on Bloomberg

Submitting a press release to Bloomberg is a meticulous process, demanding attention to detail and adherence to certain protocols. Most importantly, this involves creating content that aligns with Bloomberg’s standards, thereby increasing the likelihood of your press release being accepted and published.

How to Submit a Press Release (news article)

1. Craft a Newsworthy Press Release:
– Develop content that is compelling, concise, and relevant to Bloomberg’s audience.
– Emphasize the unique angle or value proposition of your story.

2. Follow Bloomberg’s Submission Guidelines:
– Adhere strictly to any guidelines provided regarding content format, length, and style.
– Review and refine your content to ensure it’s polished and professional.

3. Contact the Right Department or Editor:
– Identify the most appropriate department or individual within Bloomberg to receive your submission.
– Utilize the correct contact details to avoid any misdirection of your press release.

4. Submit Your Press Release:
– Send your carefully crafted and refined press release to the identified contact.
– Be patient and be prepared to make any necessary revisions as requested by Bloomberg’s team.

Publish Directly on Bloomberg

When it comes to distributing your press release, AmpiFire can be a valuable ally. It offers a balanced approach to ensuring that your content reaches its intended audience, including platforms like Bloomberg, without unnecessary hassle. While it’s not the only platform available, it’s an option worth considering for its efficiency and reach. Check out more about AmpiFire here!

AmpiFire converts your press release and converts it into multiple formats before publishing it to many high-authority sites, including Bloomberg!

While getting your press release onto Bloomberg may seem daunting, the potential rewards make the effort worthwhile. By adhering to guidelines, refining your message, and choosing the right channels, your content has the chance to shine on one of the world’s most respected platforms, potentially transforming your business’s trajectory.

How to Get a Backlink From Bloomberg

A backlink is essentially a link from one website to another. In the context of SEO, securing a backlink from a reputable site like Bloomberg can significantly boost your website’s authority, subsequently improving its search engine ranking. To successfully secure your backlink, use the following strategies:

  • Create High-Quality Content:
    • Develop compelling, insightful, and well-researched content that Bloomberg would deem valuable enough to link to. High-quality content is the cornerstone of earning backlinks.
  • Cultivate Relationships with Bloomberg Journalists:
    • Reach out to relevant journalists or editors at Bloomberg professionally and concisely, introducing your content and its value. Engage with them regularly on platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter, sharing their content and offering insightful comments.
  • Leverage Existing Relationships:
    • If you have existing contacts within Bloomberg, leverage them to explore opportunities for backlinks. Also, a warm introduction or endorsement can make a significant difference in securing a backlink.

Because acquiring a backlink from Bloomberg is challenging, it’s crucial to remain persistent and patient. Regularly producing top-notch content and continuously fostering relationships with Bloomberg’s staff can eventually yield results.

It’s pivotal to ensure that any content you propose for a backlink is highly relevant and adds substantial value to Bloomberg’s audience. Proposing irrelevant or low-value content will likely diminish your chances of success. The timing of your pitch and the current news cycle can play a significant role in securing a backlink. Connecting your content to trending topics can increase its appeal to Bloomberg’s team.

By optimizing your approach—creating outstanding content, nurturing relationships, and aligning with Bloomberg’s interests and needs—you enhance the likelihood of securing a highly coveted backlink from this esteemed platform. The impact of such a backlink can be transformative, elevating your content’s visibility and your website’s authority.

Submitting a press release to a major news outlet like Bloomberg can be scary, but with our tips and tricks, it doesn’t have to be!

Use AmpiFire to Publish to Bloomberg

AmpiFire is a reputable platform specializing in helping businesses gain visibility by publishing content directly to high-authority new sites, including Bloomberg. AmpiFire’s robust service suite is designed to amplify your content’s reach and ensure it gets in front of the right audience, positioning your brand amidst the leading names in your industry.

AmpiFire operates by leveraging a technique known as ‘Content Amplification.’ This approach involves creating and distributing various content forms like articles, blog posts, slides, and videos across multiple high-authority platforms, thus maximizing online presence.

AmpiFire offers a unique opportunity to get your content published directly on Bloomberg, which is renowned for its broad reader base and high trust level amongst its audience. Here’s how using AmpiFire can be advantageous:

  • Strategic Content Placement: AmpiFire strategically places your content where it will gain maximum visibility, thereby boosting your brand’s exposure.
  • Enhanced Credibility and Trust: Being featured on Bloomberg can significantly enhance your brand’s credibility, fostering trust among potential clients and customers.
  • SEO Benefits: AmpiFire’s service can offer substantial SEO benefits, including backlinks from Bloomberg, which can significantly bolster your website’s search engine ranking.
  • Time and Effort Saving: AmpiFire eliminates the need for extensive outreach and negotiation, saving businesses invaluable time and effort that can be redirected to core operations.

For those seeking more exclusive, advanced features, AmpiFire offers a Premium service, granting users access to premium platforms, increased reach, and enhanced content amplification options. This elevated service level is instrumental for businesses aiming to optimize their impact and cultivate a powerful online presence. AmpiFire’s Premium service offers meticulous, tailored strategies designed to meet the unique needs and objectives of each business, ensuring optimal results.

Every business has unique needs, and therefore, AmpiFire employs a tailored approach to meet individual business goals and requirements. By understanding your brand’s essence and objectives, AmpiFire can optimize the content amplification process, ensuring that your message is coherent and impactful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Anyone Utilize AmpiFire for Publishing to Bloomberg?

Absolutely, anyone seeking to enhance their brand’s visibility can use AmpiFire to publish directly to Bloomberg, enriching their brand’s presence and credibility in the market.

How Do I Ensure My Press Release Gets Noticed?

Crafting a press release that’s concise, compelling, and newsworthy is the key to grabbing attention. Remember to place the most crucial information first, keeping your audience hooked, and use engaging subheadings and bullet points to break the text and retain reader interest.

What Makes AmpiFire Stand Out Among Other Platforms?

AmpiFire offers a balanced and strategic approach to content placement, ensuring optimal visibility. However, some might find other platforms like PRWeb or Business Wire more suitable due to their specific features and pricing structures. Personally, I value the unique and tailored approach AmpiFire brings to the table, emphasizing strategic content amplification.

Is Gaining a Backlink from Bloomberg Really Beneficial?

Securing a backlink from Bloomberg is significantly advantageous as it boosts SEO and lends considerable credibility to your site. It’s like receiving an endorsement from a trusted entity in the industry, bolstering your brand’s online presence.

Why is AmpiFire Recommended for Press Release Distribution?

AmpiFire is recommended because of its efficiency in amplifying content reach through its premium services, which ensures priority in content placement. Although there are numerous platforms available, the precision and customization AmpiFire offers are unparalleled.

Is It Difficult to Submit a Press Release to Bloomberg?

Submitting a press release to Bloomberg is relatively straightforward, especially when leveraging platforms like AmpiFire that streamline the process and ensure that the content meets Bloomberg’s stringent guidelines.

How Beneficial is Publishing Directly to Bloomberg?

Publishing directly to Bloomberg can remarkably increase your brand’s exposure and credibility due to Bloomberg’s extensive reader base and high trust levels. It’s a game-changer, elevating your brand amongst industry leaders.

Can A Simple Press Release Really Enhance My Brand’s Credibility?

Absolutely, a well-crafted press release can indeed elevate your brand’s credibility by presenting your brand’s story in a coherent and compelling manner, especially when it is featured on esteemed platforms like Bloomberg.

Are there Any Specific Do’s and Don’ts When Contacting Bloomberg?

When contacting Bloomberg, it is pivotal to introduce yourself professionally and present a compelling story. Avoid being overly promotional and focus on creating value-oriented, newsworthy content that aligns with Bloomberg’s editorial standards.

Is it Worth Investing in AmpiFire’s Premium Service?

Investing in AmpiFire’s premium service can be profoundly rewarding, ensuring your content gains prominence and captures the audience’s attention effectively. However, assess your specific needs and budget constraints before opting for any premium services, as various platforms offer diverse packages.


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