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Sample Press Release Format 2021: Instructions & Free Template

Imagine this scenario: you are working on your press release and, mid-sentence, that thing that you wanted to write just slips out of your mind entirely.  Damn, what was your next paragraph about? It’s on the tip of your tongue… Does that happen a lot to you? All the time? Sometimes? Are you sick of forgetting how to structure your press release? Use this simple list to remind yourself of each important element of your press release. The Best Practices In Press Release Writing 1. When writing your press releases think about the news substance of your content To gain

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How Many Words Should the Perfect Press Release Be or Does Length Matter?

Gazing upon your editor, you can’t help but marvel at the great work you have done preparing your Press Release. How clever, awesome and productive I’ve been, you might think? And before you can have a final look for any silly grammar errors, submit your Press Release for publishing, and congratulate yourself for a work well done, you stop and wonder What’s the right Press Release length? How long should my Press Release be? How Is The Perfect Press Release Born? The preparation work for writing a Press Release most likely went something like this: you came up with strong

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We Love You PR: Importance & Need in Marketing, SEO Value of Press Releases for A Business & Brand

“Great content is the best sales tool in the world”  – Marcus Sheridan   You Are In The News. YOU ARE THE NEWS. Picture this: Without depleting your marketing budget (or transforming yourself into the next Lady Gaga) you manage to: instantly enhance the effectiveness of your marketing plan; boost your business sales potential; brand yourself as an authority in your field of activity; receive media coverage and online exposure; get an influx of traffic to your website; attract the attention of journalists and deep-pocket investors; gain valuable backlinks to your website. You might be wondering How am I gonna

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How to Write Search-Friendly Press Releases that Appeal to Google?

Do you want your press releases to effectively appeal to your readers? Do you want your press releases to grab their attention and suck them in with your newsworthy message; entice them to share and like your content or visit your website? Of course, you do. You can do something more: in addition to the reader, you can hook and draw the attention of search engines like Google and Bing, so that it is easier for you  press release to rank high and for you to reach your target audience. Here are 3 things you should observe when writing press

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Making the Right PR (Public Relations) Moves in 2018: 4 Critical Things You Need To Consider

If you already own a business, I would like to show you how you can bring it to a whole new level by marketing it more efficiently online. If you do not have a business yet and are starting something new, I can help you increase the online visibility and brand awareness of your business. And of course, more visibility means more leads, means more opportunities to generate sales and increase your profit. Bring more money to your pocket by making the right public relation move.  1. The great press release marketers understand that they are not chasing potential leads

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How to Write a New Employee or Promotion Announcement Press Release? (Format & Examples)

One of the things that I find really disturbing and disappointing when reading a traditional Press Release announcement for a personnel change, new hire or appointment is when it lacks personality and presents only dry facts. The Press Release is more than just a written text with which the company celebrates and announces the fact that the recruitment and hiring processes are over and (hopefully) successful. Actually, when written in the right way, the Press Release is really a very powerful marketing material. 

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Best Practices on How to Write an Effective Press Release (Example)

Have you ever been on the edge of declaring press release bankruptcy and ready to hide your head in the ground? Have you been proactive in distributing a press release each quarter? If you are new to the press release distribution service, you might be unsure how to create newsworthy content and generate ideas for your Press releases. Or you might have been dealing with Press Releases for a while, but you still don’t know how to assemble the right story and get your message in front of the right people.

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