Top Pregnancy Publications & Journalists in 2024

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Pregnancy At-a-Glance

When you’re expecting, the world seems to be brimming with advice and information. It can be a whirlwind of doctor appointments, lifestyle adjustments, and emotional ups and downs. But amidst all this, it’s crucial to have reliable sources that guide you through this transformative journey. That’s why I’ve curated a list of the top pregnancy publications and journalists you should be following in 2024. These are the people and platforms offering the most current, evidence-based, and practical advice to empower you as an expecting mother.

Top Pregnancy Publications

Let’s dive into the pregnancy publications that stand out in 2024. These are not just magazines; they’re a supportive community that offers a wealth of knowledge to expectant mothers everywhere.

From expert advice on prenatal nutrition to navigating the emotional challenges of pregnancy, these publications are a goldmine of information. They provide a mix of scientific insights and personal stories to help you make informed decisions about your health and the health of your baby.

No.Website NameBrief OverviewTopics CoveredDomain AuthorityLanguageLocation
1Mother & BabyA UK-based online site covering a wide range of pregnancy-related topics.Pregnancy tests, labor, delivery, breastfeeding, nursery preparation.61EnglishUK
2Pregnancy MagazineFocuses on first-time moms with articles answering common pregnancy questions.Morning sickness, weight gain, labor, infant gear reviews.49EnglishUSA
3Baby CenterA decades-old resource offering tools and community for expecting parents.Baby development, baby names, registry advice, foods to avoid during pregnancy.90EnglishUSA
4What To ExpectOnline extension of the classic pregnancy book, offering trackers and articles.Pregnancy trackers, baby gear recommendations, fertility support.77EnglishUSA
5Pregnancy and Newborn MagazineProvides the latest information and personal stories for expecting parents.Baby gear, maternity clothes reviews, fashion, and maternity health.47EnglishUSA
6Baby MagazineA UK-based online magazine offering content on pregnancy and newborn development.Pregnancy stages, newborn development, pregnancy nutrition.57EnglishUK
7Ovia Pregnancy TrackerSpecializes in cycle tracking and fertility advice leading into pregnancy.Cycle tracking, pregnancy milestones, health assistance.58EnglishUSA
8The BumpCreated by the same team as The Knot, aimed at first-time parents.Fertility, pregnancy, newborn care, online community.74EnglishUSA
9TwiniversityFocuses on the unique challenges and joys of expecting and raising twins.Multiples pregnancies, gear for twins, classes, and workshops.54EnglishUSA
10MotherToBabyProvides evidence-based information on the effects of medications and more during pregnancy.Environmental impacts, medication effects, and food safety during pregnancy.60EnglishUSA
11Evidence Based BirthOffers research-based information on childbirth and pregnancy.Childbirth education, birthing positions, labor pain management.56EnglishUSA
12Pulling CurlsRun by a labor and delivery nurse, offering insights into pregnancy and childbirth.Childbirth preparation, parenting, organization for new parents.48EnglishUSA
Here is an overview of the Top Pregnancy Publications

Top Pregnancy Journalists

Journalists specializing in pregnancy and maternal health are more than writers; they’re advocates for mothers and their babies. They stay on the pulse of the latest medical advancements and cultural shifts to bring you stories that matter.

These journalists have dedicated their careers to uncovering the truths about pregnancy, debunking myths, and providing a platform for diverse voices. They understand that every pregnancy is unique and that the more perspectives we have, the richer the conversation.

No.Full NameBrief OverviewTopics CoveredLanguageLocation
1Kathleen de VillaKathleen de Villa is a reporter for the Philippine Daily Inquirer. She has written extensively on maternal health care, including the impact of the pandemic on pregnant women.Maternal health, COVID-19 impact, pregnancy challengesEnglishPhilippines
2Jade McCarthyJade McCarthy is a journalist who covers various aspects of pregnancy, including prenatal care, childbirth, and postpartum health.Prenatal care, childbirth, postpartum healthEnglishNot specified
3Dr. Sarah BuckleyDr. Sarah Buckley is an Australian family physician and author. She specializes in natural birth, hormones, and the science of pregnancy and childbirth.Natural birth, hormones, childbirth scienceEnglishAustralia
4Rebecca DekkerRebecca Dekker is a nurse and founder of Evidence Based Birth. She provides evidence-based information on pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting.Evidence-based birth, childbirth educationEnglishUnited States
5Ina May GaskinIna May Gaskin is a midwife, author, and advocate for natural childbirth. She has written influential books on childbirth and founded The Farm Midwifery Center.Natural childbirth, midwifery, holistic careEnglishUnited States
6Dr. Aviva RommDr. Aviva Romm is a physician, midwife, and herbalist. She focuses on integrative medicine for women, including pregnancy and postpartum health.Integrative medicine, herbal remedies, women’s healthEnglishUnited States
7Penny SimkinPenny Simkin is a childbirth educator, doula, and author. She has been a pioneer in the field of childbirth support and education.Childbirth education, doula supportEnglishUnited States
8Gloria LemayGloria Lemay is a Canadian birth attendant and educator. She advocates for home birth, natural childbirth, and informed decision-making.Home birth, natural childbirth, informed choiceEnglishCanada
9Henci GoerHenci Goer is an author and childbirth researcher. She critically examines evidence related to childbirth practices and interventions.Evidence-based childbirth, interventionsEnglishUnited States
10Dr. Michel OdentDr. Michel Odent is a French obstetrician and advocate for natural birth. He has written extensively on the primal period and the importance of a gentle birth environment.Primal period, gentle birth, natural environmentEnglishFrance
11Rixa FreezeRixa Freeze is a childbirth educator and researcher. She focuses on VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and maternal choice in childbirth.VBAC, maternal autonomy, childbirth researchEnglishUnited States
12Dr. Rachel ReedDr. Rachel Reed is an Australian midwife and researcher. She explores topics related to physiological birth, midwifery care, and evidence-based practice.Physiological birth, midwifery, evidence-based careEnglishAustralia
13Pam EnglandPam England is a childbirth educator and author. She emphasizes storytelling and emotional preparation for birth.Birth storytelling, emotional preparationEnglishUnited States
14Gail TullyGail Tully is a midwife and founder of Spinning Babies. She focuses on optimal fetal positioning and techniques to improve labor progress.Fetal positioning, labor progress, Spinning BabiesEnglishUnited States
15Dr. Sarah WickhamDr. Sarah Wickham is a midwife and researcher. She critically examines research related to childbirth and promotes evidence-based practice.Evidence-based midwifery, research critiqueEnglishUnited Kingdom
16Dr. Amy BrownDr. Amy Brown is a professor and author specializing in infant feeding and maternal health. She advocates for breastfeeding and informed choices.Breastfeeding, maternal health, informed decisionsEnglishUnited Kingdom
17Dr. Neel ShahDr. Neel Shah is an obstetrician and researcher. He focuses on reducing unnecessary interventions in childbirth and improving maternal outcomes.Intervention reduction, maternal healthEnglishUnited States
18Dr. Sara WickhamDr. Sara Wickham is a midwife, author, and researcher. She explores topics related to childbirth, midwifery, and evidence-based care.Midwifery, evidence-based practice, childbirthEnglishUnited Kingdom
Here is an overview of the Top Pregnancy Journalists
2024 in Review: The Faces and Pages Driving Pregnant Moms Forward

Leading Voices in Pregnancy: A Comprehensive Wrap-Up of Top Publications and Journalists

Now that we’ve highlighted the publications and journalists making waves in the world of pregnancy, let’s take a moment to appreciate their collective impact. They provide a platform for learning, sharing, and supporting each other through one of life’s most beautiful and challenging experiences. These resources are more than just places to find information; they are catalysts for change, encouraging expecting mothers to take charge of their pregnancy journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I follow pregnancy publications and journalists?

Following reputable pregnancy publications and journalists can provide you with a wealth of up-to-date information, research, and advice that can be incredibly beneficial during your pregnancy journey. They can help you make informed decisions, feel supported, and stay connected to the latest in maternal health.

Can I trust the information in these publications?

Yes, the top pregnancy publications and journalists are known for their credibility and commitment to providing evidence-based information. However, always consult with your healthcare provider before making any health-related decisions.

How often are these publications updated?

Most pregnancy publications update their content regularly to ensure that readers have access to the most current information. This can range from daily updates to monthly issues, depending on the publication.

How can I access these publications?

Many pregnancy publications are available both in print and online. You can subscribe to physical magazines or access their content through official websites and digital platforms.

Are there any publications that cater to specific pregnancy-related topics?

Yes, there are publications that focus on specific areas of pregnancy, such as prenatal nutrition, exercise, mental health, and more. You can choose publications that align with your interests and needs.


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