Top Nutrition & Dietetics Publications & Journalists in 2024

Spotlight on 2024’s Nutrition & Dietetics Innovators: Where Journalism Meets the Future of Technology

Nutrition & Dietetics Industry At-a-Glance

The nutrition and dietetics industry highlights the essential role of diet in health, exploring how dietary choices influence our physical and mental well-being. Leading journals such as the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition are pivotal in disseminating the latest research and practical advice. These publications simplify complex nutritional science, providing actionable insights for both individuals and professionals to make informed decisions. As this field progresses, it continues to contribute to a healthier, better-informed society by sharing significant nutritional advancements.

Top Nutrition & Dietetics Publications

When you’re on the lookout for the best nutrition advice, you’ll want to turn to the experts. And what better way to get their insights than by reading the publications they trust? Here’s a rundown of the top journals in the field of nutrition and dietetics for 2024.

No. Name Brief Overview Topics CoveredDomain AuthorityLanguage Location
1Nutrition Industry ExecutiveA magazine for manufacturers and marketers of dietary supplements and healthy foods and beverages.Industry news, trends, regulations, research, and innovations.28EnglishUSA
2STRONG Fitness MagazineA magazine for women who are passionate about fitness and health.Workout routines, nutrition tips, recipes, motivation, and success stories.37EnglishCanada
3BMCA publisher of open access journals in various fields of science and medicine.Nutrition, metabolism, public health, clinical trials, and more.91EnglishUK
4SAGE JournalsA platform for accessing journals published by SAGE, a leading academic publisher.Nutrition, food science, health, medicine, social sciences, and more.92EnglishUSA
5Clinical NutritionA journal that publishes articles on the relationship between nutrition and disease.Nutritional epidemiology, clinical nutrition, metabolism, and more.92EnglishUK
6Taylor & Francis – Nutrition and CancerA journal that publishes research on the role of nutrition in cancer prevention and treatment.Dietary factors, nutritional status, biomarkers, and more.90EnglishUK
7Hindawi – Journal of Nutrition and MetabolismA journal that publishes research on the interaction between nutrition and metabolic processes.Nutritional biochemistry, molecular nutrition, metabolic disorders, and more.86EnglishEgypt
8Nutrition Health ReviewA magazine that provides information on nutrition and health for consumers.Healthy eating, supplements, weight management, and more.23EnglishUSA
9ASPEN – Nutrition in Clinical PracticeA journal that publishes articles on nutrition support and therapy for patients.Enteral and parenteral nutrition, malnutrition, critical care, and more.66EnglishUSA
10MDPI – NutrientsA journal that publishes research on all aspects of nutrition and human health.Macronutrients, micronutrients, dietary patterns, and more.86EnglishSwitzerland
11Molecular Nutrition & Food ResearchA journal that publishes research on the molecular aspects of food and nutrition.Bioactive compounds, nutrigenomics, food quality, and more.92EnglishGermany
12American Society for NutritionA professional organization that advances the science and practice of nutrition.Nutrition research, education, policy, and advocacy.72EnglishUSA
13Medires – Journal of Food and NutritionA journal that publishes research on food and nutrition science and technology.Food chemistry, food processing, nutrition assessment, and more.9EnglishUSA
14Buffalo Healthy Living Magazine – NutritionA magazine that covers various topics related to health and wellness in Buffalo, New York.Nutrition, fitness, mental health, family, and more.25EnglishUSA
15Nutritional Outlook MagazineA magazine that covers the latest news and trends in the dietary supplement and functional food industry.Ingredients, regulations, market research, and more.51EnglishUSA
16New Food Magazine – Health & NutritionA magazine that covers the latest developments and innovations in the food and beverage industry.Health, nutrition, safety, quality, and more.55EnglishUK
17Clean Eating – Clean DietA magazine that promotes eating whole, natural foods that are minimally processed.Recipes, meal plans, nutrition advice, and more.67EnglishUSA
19Better Nutrition MagazineA magazine that provides information on natural and organic products and practices.Supplements, herbs, recipes, health conditions, and more.54EnglishUSA
20Food & Nutrition MagazineA magazine that publishes articles on food, nutrition, and dietetics.Recipes, nutrition science, food trends, and more.58EnglishUSA
21ScienceDirect – Advances in NutritionA journal that publishes reviews on current and emerging topics in nutrition science.Nutritional physiology, genetics, immunology, and more.92EnglishUK
22Thrive Health and Nutrition MagazineA magazine that covers various topics related to health, nutrition, and wellness.Fitness, recipes, supplements, mental health, and more.15EnglishUK
23Today’s Dietitian MagazineA monthly magazine for nutrition professionals that covers topics such as diabetes management, heart health, food allergies, and weight control.Nutrition news, research updates, career advice, new products, and continuing education opportunities.55EnglishUSA
24Nutrition BulletinA quarterly peer-reviewed journal that provides an international forum for the dissemination of nutrition research and policy issues.Nutrition science, public health nutrition, dietary assessment, nutritional epidemiology, and nutrition education.54EnglishUK
25Journal of Nutrition, Health and AgingA peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the interaction between nutrition and health in older adults.
Aging, nutrition, health, geriatrics, gerontology, epidemiology, and clinical trials.59EnglishFrance
Here is an overview of the Top Nutrition & Dietetics Publications

Top Nutrition & Dietetics Journalists

Journalists in the field of nutrition and dietetics play a pivotal role in disseminating complex research findings to the public. They translate scientific jargon into actionable advice, and they’re the ones we rely on to keep us informed about the latest developments in nutrition science.

No. Name Brief Overview Topics CoveredLanguage Location
1Leeann WeintraubA registered dietitian nutritionist and nutrition communications consultantNutrition, health, wellness, food trendsEnglishLos Angeles, CA, USA
2Barbara IntermillA registered dietitian and freelance writerNutrition, health, food, recipesEnglishDenver, CO, USA
3Amelia HansonA registered dietitian and health journalistNutrition, health, fitness, wellnessEnglishLondon, UK
4Celeste SmithA registered dietitian and editor of Food & Nutrition MagazineNutrition, food, health, culinary trendsEnglishChicago, IL, USA
5Nolan ListerA registered dietitian and sports nutritionistNutrition, sports, fitness, healthEnglishToronto, ON, Canada
6Judy AllenA registered dietitian and author of several books on nutritionNutrition, health, food, cookingEnglishTulsa, OK, USA
7Keri HeathA registered dietitian and nutrition editor at HealthlineNutrition, health, wellness, scienceEnglishSan Francisco, CA, USA
8Chyna BlackmonA registered dietitian and nutrition bloggerNutrition, health, wellness, plant-based eatingEnglishAtlanta, GA, USA
9Eszter RaczA registered dietitian and nutrition journalist at The GuardianNutrition, health, food, environmentEnglishLondon, UK
10Henry MathieuA registered dietitian and nutrition columnist at The New York TimesNutrition, health, food, policyEnglishNew York, NY, USA
11Ishola MichaelA registered dietitian and nutrition reporter at The NationNutrition, health, food, agricultureEnglishLagos, Nigeria
12Jack FiechtnerA registered dietitian and nutrition podcasterNutrition, health, wellness, fitnessEnglishAustin, TX, USA
13Jesse AllenA registered dietitian and nutrition editor at Men’s HealthNutrition, health, fitness, men’s issuesEnglishNew York, NY, USA
14Morgan JohnsonA registered dietitian and nutrition influencerNutrition, health, wellness, beautyEnglishLos Angeles, CA, USA
15Patty MintaA registered dietitian and nutrition consultantNutrition, health, wellness, corporate wellnessEnglishChicago, IL, USA
16Tina MorrisonA registered dietitian and nutrition writer at Women’s HealthNutrition, health, wellness, women’s issuesEnglishNew York, NY, USA
17Abid KhanA registered dietitian and nutrition researcherNutrition, health, science, researchEnglishIslamabad, Pakistan
18Adjogblé HakaA registered dietitian and nutrition educatorNutrition, health, education, community developmentFrenchLomé, Togo
19Ali MohammadA registered dietitian and nutrition bloggerNutrition, health, wellness, veganismArabicDubai, UAE
20Andrew RhoadesA registered dietitian and nutrition editor at EatingWellNutrition, health, food, recipesEnglishShelburne, VT, USA
21Anna MerodA registered dietitian and nutrition journalist at The Washington PostNutrition, health, food, policyEnglishWashington, DC, USA
22Anne HallA registered dietitian and nutrition columnist at The Wall Street JournalNutrition, health, food, businessEnglishNew York, NY, USA
23Anthonia ObokohA registered dietitian and nutrition reporter at Business DayNutrition, health, food, economyEnglishLagos, Nigeria
24Allison AubreyA correspondent for NPR News, covering food and nutrition, consumer health, and agriculture.Food, Nutrition, Health, AgricultureEnglishUSA, Washington
25Cynthia SassA registered dietitian, nutritionist, and author of several best-selling books.Nutrition, Health, Wellness, Weight LossEnglishUSA, New York
Here is an overview of the Top Nutrition & Dietetics Journalists
2024 in Review: The Faces and Pages Driving Nutrition & Dietetics Publications & Journalist Forward

Leading Voices in Nutrition & Dietetics Publication: A Comprehensive Wrap-Up of Top Publications and Journalists

In 2024, the realm of nutrition and dietetics has seen an unparalleled depth of reporting and insight, thanks to the leading publications and journalists dedicated to this field. These key sources have become the cornerstone for disseminating cutting-edge research, innovative dietary trends, and holistic wellness approaches, providing both professionals and the public with invaluable knowledge.

Their comprehensive coverage on topics ranging from functional foods and nutritional science to public health policies and dietetics practices has not only enriched the professional community’s understanding but also empowered individuals to make informed choices about their health and diet. The diligent efforts of these publications and journalists ensure that the latest in nutritional science and wellness advice is accessible, accurate, and actionable.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What factors influence the rankings of top nutrition and dietetics publications?

The rankings of top nutrition and dietetics publications are influenced by their Impact Factor, indicating citation frequency, the quality and rigor of peer review processes, the expertise of the editorial board, and the accessibility of content to a broader audience.

How often are the top nutrition and dietetics journals and publications updated?

Top nutrition and dietetics journals and publications typically update monthly or quarterly, offering the latest research findings. Many also provide early online access to articles ahead of their print publication for timely dissemination of knowledge.

Why are these particular journalists considered top in the field of nutrition and dietetics?

Journalists are considered leaders in the nutrition and dietetics field due to their deep understanding of nutrition science, ability to make complex research accessible, commitment to accurate and objective reporting, and their impactful work on public knowledge and discourse.

Can professionals in nutrition and dietetics contribute to these publications?

Yes, professionals in nutrition and dietetics are encouraged to contribute to these publications. They can submit original research, review articles, or commentary, sharing their expertise and advancing the field’s body of knowledge.

What is the impact of these nutrition and dietetics publications on public health policy?

Nutrition and dietetics publications significantly impact public health policy by informing policymakers of the latest research and evidence-based practices. They emphasize nutrition’s role in disease prevention, advocate for public health nutrition issues, and guide educational and outreach programs aimed at improving community health.


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