Top Fitness & Gym Publications & Journalists in 2024

Spotlight on 2024’s Fitness & Gym Innovators: Where Journalism Meets the Future of Technology

Fitness & Gym Industry At-a-Glance

As we step into the dynamic world of fitness and gym journalism in 2024, it’s essential to know where to turn for the most reliable, up-to-date, and inspirational content. Whether you’re a budding health enthusiast, a seasoned athlete, or just looking for ways to start a healthier lifestyle, the right publications can make all the difference. Let’s dive into the best sources for fitness news, tips, and trends that are making waves this year.

Top Fitness & Gym Publications

When you’re on the lookout for top-notch fitness advice, it’s not just about the workout routines. You need comprehensive coverage that spans nutrition, wellness, and the latest in gym technology. The publications I’ll introduce to you have set the bar high, providing a blend of scientifically-backed data and real-world application that can empower your fitness journey.

In the table below, you’ll find a curated list of the top fitness and gym publications for 2024. Each entry includes a brief overview and highlights the topics covered, so you can quickly find the ones that align with your interests.

No.NameBrief OverviewTopics CoveredDomain AuthorityLanguageLocation
1Muscle & FitnessCovers training, nutrition, and industry news.Fitness, Nutrition, Industry79EnglishUnited States
2Men’s HealthOffers fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle advice.Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle88EnglishUnited States
3Shape MagazineFocuses on women’s fitness and healthy living.Fitness, Health, Lifestyle89EnglishUnited States
4Fitness MagazineProvides workouts, weight loss tips, and more.Fitness, Workouts, Weight Loss75EnglishUnited States
5Self MagazineCovers fitness, nutrition, health, and beauty.Fitness, Nutrition, Health88EnglishUnited States
6Runner’s WorldOffers advice for runners of all levels.Running, Fitness, Training89EnglishUnited States
7Health MagazineFocuses on health, fitness, and wellness.Health, Fitness, Wellness88EnglishUnited States
8Men’s FitnessProvides workouts, nutrition, and lifestyle.Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle71EnglishUnited States
9Women’s HealthOffers fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle tips.Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle83EnglishUnited States
10Muscle & Fitness HersFocuses on women’s fitness and training.Fitness, Training, Nutrition79EnglishUnited States
11Yoga JournalCovers yoga poses, meditation, and wellness.Yoga, Wellness, Meditation80EnglishUnited States
12Outside MagazineFocuses on outdoor fitness and adventure.Fitness, Adventure, Outdoors85EnglishUnited States
13BoxLife MagazineProvides CrossFit news, workouts, and tips.CrossFit, Workouts, Training56EnglishUnited States
14Experience Life MagazineFocuses on healthy living and fitness.Fitness, Health, Lifestyle64EnglishUnited States
15Healthline FitnessOffers fitness articles and expert advice.Fitness, Exercise, Wellness91EnglishUnited States
16LivestrongProvides fitness, nutrition, and health tips.Fitness, Nutrition, Health91EnglishUnited States
17GreatistFocuses on health and fitness advice.Health, Fitness, Lifestyle82EnglishUnited States
18Prevention MagazineOffers health, nutrition, and fitness content.Health, Nutrition, Fitness86EnglishUnited States
19Fitness RXProvides fitness and nutrition information.Fitness, Nutrition47EnglishUnited States
20Women’s Fitness MagazineFocuses on fitness, health, and lifestyle.Fitness, Health, Lifestyle45EnglishAustralia
21Men’s Fitness UKCovers fitness, nutrition, and workouts.Fitness, Nutrition, Workouts42EnglishUnited Kingdom
22Fitness First MagazineProvides fitness, health, and nutrition advice.Fitness, Health, Nutrition44EnglishUnited Arab Emirates
23Fitness Magazine SAFocuses on fitness and lifestyle in South Africa.Fitness, Lifestyle, South Africa37EnglishSouth Africa
24Shape SingaporeFocuses on health, fitness, and beauty.Health, Fitness, Beauty48EnglishSingapore
25Cycling WeeklyProvides cycling news, bike reviews, and more.Cycling, Fitness, News79EnglishUnited Kingdom
26Trail Runner MagazineFocuses on trail running and outdoor adventures.Trail Running, Outdoors59EnglishUnited States
27CyclistOffers cycling news, reviews, and advice.Cycling, Reviews, Advice66EnglishUnited Kingdom
28Ultra Running MagazineFocuses on ultramarathons and trail running.Ultrarunning, Trail Running53EnglishUnited States
29Shape AustraliaCovers fitness, health, and lifestyle.Fitness, Health, Lifestyle49EnglishAustralia
30Mens Health UKOffers fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle tips.Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle81EnglishUnited K
31The Fitness MagazineProvides fitness tips, workouts, and nutrition.Fitness, Workouts, Nutrition31EnglishUnited States
32Coach MagazineOffers fitness, health, and lifestyle content.Fitness, Health, Lifestyle71EnglishUnited Kingdom
33Iron Man MagazineFocuses on bodybuilding, fitness, and nutrition.Bodybuilding, Fitness, Nutrition57EnglishUnited States
34Train MagazineProvides workouts, nutrition, and fitness news.Fitness, Workouts, Nutrition52EnglishUnited States
35Flex MagazineCovers bodybuilding, workouts, and nutrition.Bodybuilding, Workouts, Nutrition60EnglishUnited States
36Muscle & Fitness MagazineYour complete workout and diet manual. Access to killer workouts, fitness inspiration, nutrition tips, and more.Workouts, nutrition, health, lifestyle84EnglishUnited States
37STRONG Fitness MagazineTrusted source of cutting-edge fitness and health information for modern women.Fitness, health, wellness42English
38Faith & Fitness MagazineLifestyle resource to build physical and spiritual strength.Fitness, health, wellness37English
39Fitness MagazineSouth Africa’s only female fitness lifestyle magazine. Focus on fitness, health, and wellness.Fitness, health, wellness36English
40Memphis Health + FitnessMid-South’s monthly magazine focused on getting Mid-Southerners fit, healthy, and active.Fitness, health, wellness25English
Here is an overview of the Top Fitness & Gym Publications

Top Fitness & Gym Journalists

It’s not just the publications themselves that make an impact, but also the individuals behind the stories. These journalists are on the front lines, often getting early access to breakthrough workouts, interviewing top athletes, and providing insights that can only come from years of experience in the fitness field.

Below is a table of journalists who have made a name for themselves in the fitness and gym industry. These are the voices shaping how we think about exercise, health, and body positivity, and they bring a wealth of knowledge to their readers.

No.Website NameBrief OverviewTopics CoveredDomain AuthorityLanguageLocation
1mindbodygreenKristine Thomason is the health and fitness director at mindbodygreen, focusing on lifestyle and wellness content. She was previously the site’s senior health editor.Health, fitness, wellnessHighEnglishUnited States
2Women’s HealthJennifer Nied is the Fitness Editor at Women’s Health, specializing in travel, health, fitness, and beauty stories.Fitness, health, travel, beautyHighEnglishUnited States
3Well+GoodTamara Pridgett is the beauty and fitness editor at Well+Good, dedicated to wellness content. She’s a former college track and field athlete.Beauty, fitness, wellnessHighEnglishUnited States
4POPSUGARLauren Mazzo is a senior fitness editor at POPSUGAR. She’s also a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist through the American Council on Exercise.Fitness, personal training, nutritionHighEnglishUnited States
5POPSUGAR FitnessJenny Sugar is a staff writer for POPSUGAR Fitness, covering various fitness topics, including yoga, CrossFit, and at-home workout equipment reviews.Yoga, CrossFit, at-home workouts, reviewsHighEnglishUnited States
6ReviewedMarissa Miller is a contributing writer at Reviewed, where she reviews various fitness products and equipment. Her work also appears in major publications like The New York Times and Vogue.Product reviews, fitness equipmentHighEnglishUnited States
7Men’s HealthBrett Williams is a fitness editor at Men’s Health, covering exercises, workouts, and fitness tips for men.Men’s fitness, exercises, workoutsHighEnglishUnited States
8Pillar4 MediaAmanda Capritto is a fitness staff writer at Pillar4 Media, focusing on connecting consumers to health and wellness brands through content. She also freelances in the same niche.Health and wellness, brand connection, freelancingHighEnglishUnited States
9Insider ReviewsRachael Schultz is the health, fitness, and outdoors editor at Insider Reviews, providing insights and reviews on fitness products and outdoor gear. Her work also appears in other major publications.Fitness products, outdoor gear reviewsHighEnglishUnited States
10Amy Marturana WinderlAmy Marturana Winderl is a freelance writer covering health, fitness, outdoors, and travel for various publications like SELF, LIVESTRONG, and Runner’s World.Health, fitness, outdoors, travelHighEnglishUnited States
Here is an overview of the Top Fitness & Gym Journalists
2024 in Review: The Faces and Pages Driving Fitness & Gym Publications & Journalists Forward

Leading Voices in Fitness & Gym: A Comprehensive Wrap-Up of Top Publications and Journalists

Now that we’ve highlighted the top publications and journalists in the fitness and gym industry for 2024, let’s wrap up what sets them apart. The publications we’ve mentioned are not just information disseminators; they are trendsetters and community builders. They’ve earned their influence by consistently delivering quality content, fostering engagement, and inspiring their readers to achieve their best selves.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Determines a Publication’s Influence in the Fitness Industry?

The influence of a fitness publication is determined by several factors. Firstly, the quality of content is paramount. Publications that offer well-researched, informative, and engaging content naturally attract a loyal readership. Secondly, the reputation of the contributors plays a significant role. When industry experts and renowned fitness personalities contribute, it adds credibility to the publication. Thirdly, accessibility and diversity of content help cater to a broad audience, increasing influence.

Can Online-Only Publications Compete with Traditional Fitness Magazines?

Absolutely. In fact, online-only publications have certain advantages. They can update content in real-time, engage with readers through interactive features, and reach a global audience instantly. With the rise of digital media, online publications are increasingly becoming the go-to source for many readers seeking the latest in fitness and health.

How Has Social Media Impacted Fitness Journalism?

Social media has revolutionized fitness journalism, making it more interactive and personal. It allows for immediate feedback and engagement with readers, creating a community around fitness content. Journalists and publications can share snippets of content, interact with followers, and stay on top of trending topics. This instant connection has made fitness journalism more accessible and relatable to the everyday reader.

What Role Do Journalists Play in Shaping Fitness Trends?

Journalists in the fitness industry play a pivotal role in shaping trends and public opinion. They are the conduit through which new research, workout methods, and health advice flow from experts to the public. Their storytelling can turn a niche workout into a global phenomenon or bring critical health issues to the forefront of public discourse. They are often the first to spotlight innovative fitness startups or new exercise gear that can revolutionize our workouts.

How Can Content Amplification Increase My Publication’s Reach?

Content amplification is a strategy that goes beyond just publishing. It involves strategically promoting content through various channels to increase its reach and impact. For fitness publications, this can mean sharing articles on social media platforms, collaborating with influencers, or using email marketing to engage readers directly.

Amplification can also involve repurposing content for different formats, such as turning a popular article into an engaging video or infographic. This not only attracts a wider audience but also caters to different content consumption preferences. By diversifying the ways in which content is presented, publications can capture the attention of more readers and keep them engaged with their brand.


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