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Discover how you can put your business out there by getting backlinks with FreeImageHosting.

Is FreeImageHosting Good for SEO?

Understanding SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is crucial for any online endeavor. It’s the art of making your website more visible and attractive to search engines like Google. A strong SEO strategy can skyrocket your site’s ranking, leading to more traffic and visibility.

Now, let’s dive into FreeImageHosting. Launched as a user-friendly platform for image sharing, FreeImageHosting has become a go-to for users looking to upload and distribute images across social networks, blogs, and galleries. It supports a variety of file formats such as GIF, JPG, BMP, and PNG, with a maximum filesize of 3,000KB. The service is free, funded through advertisements, and incredibly user-friendly.

Year FoundedEstablished in 2005
Type of PlatformWeb hosting service
Key Features– Free image hosting with upload manager and online photo gallery creator
– Supports GIF, JPG, BMP, and PNG file formats
– Filesize limit of 3,000KB
– No registration required, but creating an account allows users to manage their uploads and access extra features
– Terms and Conditions prohibit adult-rated images and other files against the law
Popular ContentImages for social networks, blogs, galleries, and more
Target AudienceIndividuals looking for free image hosting and sharing features
Domain Authority49
A basic overview of FreeImageHosting website.

Notably, the site has a respectable domain authority of 49, which is a metric used to predict how well a website will rank on search engines. This number isn’t the highest out there, but it’s not insignificant either.

Most importantly, the question is: Does using FreeImageHosting directly improve your SEO? The answer isn’t straightforward. While the platform itself is SEO-neutral, the way you use it can impact your site’s SEO.

For instance, sharing high-quality, relevant images can engage your audience more effectively, indirectly boosting your SEO through increased interaction and potential backlinks.

However, remember, it’s not just about where you host your images, but how you integrate them into your overall SEO strategy. Therefore, FreeImageHosting can be a useful tool in your SEO arsenal, provided it’s used thoughtfully and in conjunction with other SEO best practices.

Are FreeImageHosting Links Nofollow or Dofollow?

Before diving into the specifics of FreeImageHosting links, let’s clarify what “Nofollow” and “Dofollow” backlinks mean.

In the realm of SEO, these terms are crucial. “Dofollow” links are like gold for SEO; they tell search engines to consider the link’s destination in their ranking algorithms, essentially giving a vote of confidence to the linked page.

On the other hand, “Nofollow” links include an HTML tag that instructs search engines to ignore the link in terms of passing on ranking credit or authority. They’re often used for unverified content or in areas of websites where users can post links (like comments or forums) to prevent spam from influencing search rankings.

FreeImageHosting’s site reach as shown on SimilarWeb.

Now, regarding, the platform primarily uses “Nofollow” links. This approach is common for image hosting services, especially free ones like ImageShack and Postimages, to prevent misuse by those looking to artificially inflate their site’s SEO. However, don’t be quick to dismiss the value of “Nofollow” links. They still drive traffic and can lead to indirect SEO benefits, like increased brand visibility and potential secondary links from other sources.

How Do I Get a Backlink from FreeImageHosting?

A backlink, in simple terms, is a link from one website to another. They are crucial for SEO as they signal to search engines that others vouch for your content. Getting a backlink from FreeImageHosting can be a strategic move, especially for visual content.

The Steps to Get a Backlink

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to secure a backlink from this platform.

  1. Understand the Opportunities: FreeImageHosting offers a unique page titled ‘Commercial Photography’, which lists local commercial photography businesses in the United States. Although business names and websites are displayed, they aren’t directly linked. This page is a potential goldmine for photographers looking for exposure.
  2. Get Listed on the Commercial Photography Page: To leverage this, your first step is to get your business listed on this page. This may involve reaching out to the FreeImageHosting team with your business details, including your name and website. While the links aren’t direct, having your name and website listed can still direct traffic to your site, especially if users are specifically looking for photography services in your area.
  3. Utilize Direct Linking for Images: FreeImageHosting allows ‘direct linking’ or ‘hot linking’. This means you can embed images hosted on FreeImageHosting directly onto your website. Here’s how to do it:
    • Upload your image to FreeImageHosting.
    • Use the thumbnail codes provided for large images to embed them on your site.
    • Remember, images hotlinked on popular websites might be deleted if bandwidth usage is excessive, so monitor your site’s traffic and image sizes.
  4. Leverage Indirect SEO Benefits: While these methods may not provide traditional dofollow backlinks, they offer significant indirect SEO benefits. Being listed on the Commercial Photography page can increase your visibility, especially if users are searching for photography services in your area. Similarly, embedding high-quality images from FreeImageHosting can enhance user engagement on your site, which is a positive signal to search engines.
  5. Monitor Your Traffic: After utilizing these methods, keep an eye on your website’s analytics. Look for increased traffic or referrals from FreeImageHosting. Even if the backlinks are not direct, increased traffic and user engagement are valuable for your website’s SEO.

While FreeImageHosting may not offer traditional dofollow backlinks, it provides unique opportunities for visibility and traffic, which are vital components of a robust SEO strategy. Leveraging these opportunities requires creativity and a good understanding of how indirect SEO benefits work.

Best Practices for Posting on FreeImageHosting

When it comes to sharing images on FreeImageHosting, it’s essential to stick to certain best practices for a smooth and trouble-free experience. Here’s a quick rundown of do’s and don’ts:

The Do’s for Posting on FreeImageHosting

  1. Ensure Legal Compliance: Only upload content you have the rights to use. This means having necessary licenses and permissions, especially for images involving identifiable people.
  2. Follow the Platform’s Rules: Adhere to FreeImageHosting’s Terms of Service. This includes avoiding adult or offensive content, and anything unlawful or defamatory.
  3. Be Responsible with Your Content: Remember, everything you upload is a reflection of you or your brand. Make sure it’s something you’re comfortable with the world seeing.

The Don’ts for Posting on FreeImageHosting

  1. Avoid Prohibited Content: Steer clear of anything that’s illegal, harmful, or could be considered spam. This also means respecting copyright and trademark laws.
  2. Refrain from Overuse: Be mindful of bandwidth usage. Excessive use, especially for images hotlinked on popular websites, may lead to your content being removed.
  3. Don’t Neglect Privacy Concerns: If you’re registering an account, be aware that collects some personal information. Anything you post publicly can be seen by others.

Most importantly, remember that your use of FreeImageHosting is at your own risk. The platform operates on an “as is” basis, so it’s crucial to back up your content and be prepared for any service changes or issues.

By following these the site’s terms of service, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience with FreeImageHosting, ensuring your images are shared responsibly and effectively.

Does AmpiFire Submit to FreeImageHosting?

When it comes to distributing content across various platforms, AmpiFire plays a significant role but, it’s important to clarify that AmpiFire does not submit to While both services are valuable in their own right, their paths do not intersect in terms of direct content submission. This distinction is crucial for those strategizing their online content distribution.

How AmpiFire Works

AmpiFire 2.0
AmpiFire takes your normal press release and repurposes it into various content formats. Then, it distributes your content to many high-authority sites like Business Insider and more.
  1. Content Repurposing: AmpiFire is adept at taking your original content and transforming it into different formats. For instance, it can convert a blog post into an infographic, making your content more visually appealing and shareable.
  2. Distribution to Other Image Hosting Sites: Though AmpiFire does not directly interact with FreeImageHosting, it does post content on other image hosting sites, such as Imgur. This approach broadens the reach of your content, tapping into audiences on various platforms.
  3. Diverse Content Formats for Wider Reach: AmpiFire’s strategy involves diversifying the format of your content to engage a wider audience. Whether it’s through infographics, blog posts, or other media types, the goal is to maximize your content’s visibility and impact.

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While AmpiFire does not submit to FreeImageHosting, it offers a comprehensive content repurposing and distribution service that targets a variety of platforms. This approach ensures that your content reaches as many people as possible, in formats that resonate with different audience segments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is FreeImageHosting Effective for SEO?

FreeImageHosting, with its domain authority of 49, offers moderate SEO benefits. It’s about strategic use rather than just hosting.

Do FreeImageHosting’s Nofollow Links Help My Site?

Nofollow links from FreeImageHosting drive traffic, indirectly benefiting SEO, unlike direct SEO boosts from dofollow links.

How to Secure a Backlink from FreeImageHosting?

Get listed on their Commercial Photography page or use direct image linking. These methods provide visibility and traffic.

Are There Better Image Hosting Alternatives for SEO?

Platforms like Flickr offer more direct backlink opportunities, but FreeImageHosting’s ease of use is a significant advantage for basic needs.

Does AmpiFire Distribute to FreeImageHosting?

No, AmpiFire doesn’t distribute to FreeImageHosting but uses other platforms like ImageShack for wider content reach.

Is AmpiFire More Effective Than Manual Submissions?

AmpiFire automates content distribution, saving time compared to manual submissions, though some prefer the control of manual posting.


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