What is Boilerplate Text in Press Releases: Tips and Examples

The role of Boilerplate Text in press release mastery

Why is Boilerplate Text Important for Press Releases?

Imagine you’re set to announce exciting news to the world through a press release, but it ends with a confusing and uninspiring description of your company, missing the chance to make a lasting impression. Boilerplate text is vital as it succinctly offers critical company information, underpinning credibility and professionalism, while also amplifying brand recognition and solidifying your brand’s story in a single, cohesive paragraph.

Qualities of Good Boilerplate Text for Press Releases

Dive into the core attributes that define effective boilerplate text for press releases. This guide highlights the essential qualities that can turn a standard footer into a compelling brand statement, ensuring your message resonates with its audience.

  • Conciseness: The Art of Being Brief but Comprehensive

Boilerplate text thrives on brevity. Aim for a concise paragraph that captures your company’s essence, ensuring every sentence adds value and purpose.

  • Clarity: Avoiding Jargon and Complex Language

It’s simple: if people can’t understand what you’re saying, they won’t remember you. Use plain language that even a 12-year-old can grasp. This makes your message accessible to a broader audience and ensures that it sticks.

  • Relevance: Ensuring Timely and Targeted Information

Your boilerplate text should be like a chameleon, subtly adapting to the context of each press release while maintaining its core message. This means updating it as your company evolves, to reflect new products, services, or milestones.

  • Memorability: Including Unique Selling Propositions

Highlight your unique selling propositions (USPs) in your boilerplate to distinguish your company and make it memorable. Emphasize what sets you apart.

  • Action-Oriented Language: Inspiring Readers to Act

Boilerplate text should inform and inspire action. Use active language to encourage website visits, social media engagement, or direct contact. A call to action like “Discover more at our website” is key for encouraging further interaction.

Examples of Killer Boilerplate Text for Press Releases

Having explored the essentials of impactful boilerplate text, let’s shift our focus to exemplary models that hit the bullseye. The following examples demonstrate how well-crafted boilerplate text can significantly enhance your press release.

  • Eloquence in Simplicity: Why Less is More

In an information-saturated world, embrace simplicity. A concise boilerplate grabs attention and sticks in memory, focusing on the essence of your brand with impactful, distilled wording.

“XYZ Company: Streamlining innovation in technology since 2010. Our commitment to simplicity drives the design of our award-winning products, making advanced solutions accessible to everyone. Discover the future, made simpler.”

  • Steering Clear of Fluff: Concrete Facts That Sell

Cut the fluff from your boilerplate, focusing on concrete facts like business tenure, core offerings, and accolades to build credibility and trust.

“Founded in 2005, ABC Solutions has revolutionized the fintech industry, serving over 1 million customers worldwide. Our suite of financial tools, recognized for excellence at the Global Tech Awards, empowers users with smart, secure transactions.”

  • Humanizing Brands: Adding a Touch of Personality

Use your boilerplate to showcase your brand’s personality—be it innovative, compassionate, or eco-conscious—to foster an emotional bond with your audience, complementing the factual message.

“Green Earth Organics: Where sustainability meets innovation. Since 2015, we’ve been dedicated to providing eco-friendly solutions that don’t just promise, they deliver. Join us in making a difference—one product at a time. Be part of our green journey.”

Examples of Bad Boilerplate Text for Press Releases

Now that we’ve covered what makes for strong boilerplate text, let’s look at some common pitfalls to avoid. These examples illustrate what can happen when boilerplate text misses the mark.

  • The Rambling Route: When More is Just More

If your boilerplate resembles a mini-novel, it’s too long. Keep it brief to avoid burying key messages in wordy sentences; brevity enhances clarity and impact.

“Welcome to DEF Corp, a place where we believe in the power of synergy and the relentless pursuit of innovation through a multifaceted approach to digital solutions and creative problem-solving strategies that transcend traditional boundaries and foster a culture of excellence across a global platform, serving a diverse clientele with an array of products and services designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of today’s dynamic market landscape.”

  • Vague Statements: The Enemy of Engagement

Vague phrases might fit any organization and don’t effectively communicate your brand’s unique value. Being specific is crucial to crafting a boilerplate that accurately represents your business.

“At GHI Inc., we’re committed to doing good things well. Our passion is delivering outstanding value through leadership in our industry, leveraging our expertise to achieve unparalleled success. Join us on our journey to make a difference in a world where excellence meets innovation.”

  • Overstuffing Keywords: When SEO Goes Wrong

Avoid overstuffing your boilerplate with keywords to maintain a human touch. Prioritize clear communication, using keywords sparingly to aid reader understanding.

“JKL Technologies, a leading tech solutions, innovative technology services, and cutting-edge tech products company, specializes in tech innovation, technology support, and tech industry leadership. Our tech experts offer tech advice, tech insights, and tech advancements for tech users and tech companies in the tech market.”

Tips and Tricks to Write Great Press Release Boilerplate Text

Now, let’s shift gears and focus on how to craft boilerplate text that will make your press releases shine. These tips and tricks are about refining your message to ensure it’s not just informative but also inspiring.

  • Starting with a Strong Foundation: Company Mission and Vision

Start with your company’s mission and vision to define your brand’s direction and purpose, articulating them to inspire and resonate with your audience.

  • Highlighting Milestones and Achievements

Highlight recent milestones or industry recognition as social proof to bolster your brand’s reputation and authority.

  • Keeping the Text Updated and Current

Update your boilerplate regularly to match your company’s growth and changes, ensuring it stays current and accurately reflects your brand.

Creating Boilerplate Text that elevates your press releases to the next level

The Art of Crafting Effective Boilerplate Text

Your boilerplate text is a strategic tool that can enhance your brand’s visibility and reputation, serving as the essence of your company distilled into a few well-chosen words. A great boilerplate not only informs but also inspires, inviting readers into your world, telling them what you stand for, and why they should care. It should be a living document that evolves along with your company, kept fresh, accurate, and reflective of your latest achievements and offerings. AmpiFire can help you instantly create and distribute compelling boilerplate text, ensuring that your brand’s message reaches a wide audience and leaves a lasting impression

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Ideal Length for Boilerplate Text?

The ideal length for boilerplate text is usually around 100 words. This is enough space to convey essential information without overwhelming the reader. Keep it concise and to the point, focusing on what truly matters about your company.

How Often Should I Update My Press Release Boilerplate?

You should review and potentially update your boilerplate text at least once a year or whenever significant changes occur within your company. This could include new product launches, significant milestones, or shifts in your company’s strategy or market position.

Should Boilerplate Text Be the Same Across All Press Releases?

While the core information about your company should remain consistent, it’s okay to tailor the boilerplate text slightly to fit the context of each press release. Just ensure that any modifications align with your overall brand messaging.

Can Boilerplate Text Include Calls to Action?

Absolutely. Encouraging readers to take action is a powerful way to engage them further with your brand. Whether it’s visiting your website, following you on social media, or reaching out for more information, a call to action can be a valuable addition to your boilerplate text.

Is It Necessary to Include Company History in Boilerplate Text?

Incorporating your company’s history in the boilerplate adds depth and credibility, especially if it’s noteworthy. Aim for a succinct 100-word boilerplate, updated annually or after major changes. Though customization is key for different releases, consistency in the core message is crucial. Include calls to action and consider highlighting your history to strengthen your boilerplate’s appeal.

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