Top Carnivore Diet Publications & Journalists in 2024

Spotlight on 2024’s Carnivore Diet Innovators: Where Journalism Meets the Future of Technology

Carnivore Diet Industry At-a-Glance

The carnivore diet industry, centered around a dietary regimen that consists exclusively of animal products, has carved a niche within the broader nutritional landscape. Advocated for its simplicity and potential health benefits, such as weight loss and inflammation reduction, this industry has seen a surge in popularity. It supports a community seeking alternatives to conventional dietary guidelines, offering a range of resources from specialized food products to dietary supplements, all aimed at enhancing the carnivore lifestyle.

Top Carnivore Diet Publications

Top carnivore diet publications serve as the cornerstone for those immersed in or curious about this meat-focused way of eating. These resources offer a wealth of information, from scientific research on the diet’s health impacts to practical guides on implementing it effectively. Whether through online platforms, books, or periodicals, these publications aim to educate readers on the nuances of the carnivore diet, providing insights into nutritional optimization and best practices for adherents.

No. Name Brief Overview Topics CoveredDomain AuthorityLanguageLocation
1Carnivore AureliusA blog by a former vegan who switched to a carnivore diet and experienced various health benefits.Carnivore diet tips, recipes, benefits, science, and testimonials.35EnglishUSA
2Kevin StockA blog by a dentist, entrepreneur, and self-experimenter who follows a carnivore diet and shares his research and insights.Carnivore diet science, research, guides, and newsletters.37EnglishUSA
3MeatRxA platform that connects people with carnivore diet coaches, doctors, and experts.Carnivore diet coaching, success stories, podcasts, and events.40EnglishUSA
4Carnivore StyleA blog that reviews various meat products, appliances, and accessories for carnivores.Meat product reviews, appliance reviews, accessory reviews, and recipes.25EnglishUSA
5Carnivore MDA blog by a board-certified physician and author who advocates for a carnivore diet and lifestyle.Carnivore diet science, podcasts, books, and supplements.38EnglishUSA
6Carnivore CastA podcast that features interviews with carnivore diet experts, athletes, and influencers.Carnivore diet stories, tips, science, and resources.27EnglishUSA
7The Carnivore NutritionistA blog by a registered dietitian who follows a carnivore diet and helps others do the same.Carnivore diet nutrition, education, coaching, and recipes.11EnglishUSA
8Carnivore ConfidentialA blog by a chef and foodie who explores the carnivore diet and lifestyle.Carnivore diet recipes, experiments, tips, and humor.8EnglishCanada
9The Carnivore Code by Paul Saladino, MDA book that explains the benefits and challenges of a carnivore diet, and how to optimize it for different goals and conditions.Carnivore diet, nutrition, health, and biohacking.38EnglishUSA
10Carnivore AureliusA blog by a former vegan who switched to a carnivore diet and experienced various health benefits.Carnivore diet tips, recipes, benefits, science, and testimonials.35EnglishUSA
11Carnivore Cure by Judy ChoA book that provides a comprehensive guide to healing with a carnivore diet, and addresses common myths and misconceptions.Carnivore diet, healing, autoimmune diseases, and mental health.27EnglishUSA
12Carnivore Keto CoachA blog by a certified keto coach who follows a carnivore keto diet and helps others achieve their health goals.Carnivore keto diet coaching, recipes, podcasts, and books.14EnglishUSA
13Carnivore CornerA blog that covers various topics related to the carnivore diet and lifestyle.Carnivore diet news, reviews, interviews, and opinions.5EnglishUSA
14Carnivore MuscleA blog by a bodybuilder and fitness coach who follows a carnivore diet and trains others.Carnivore diet and muscle building tips, workouts, supplements, and coaching.4EnglishUSA
15Carnivore SnaxA blog and online store that sells high-quality meat snacks for carnivores.Meat snack products, reviews, and recipes.18EnglishUSA
16The Big Fat Surprise by Nina TeicholzA book that challenges the conventional wisdom on dietary fat and disease, and reveals the benefits of eating more animal fats.Carnivore diet, low-carb, saturated fat, cholesterol, and dietary guidelines.54EnglishUSA
17Carnivore NationA blog and community that supports and educates people on the carnivore diet and lifestyle.Carnivore diet science, stories, resources, and events.7EnglishUSA
18The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook by Steven RinellaA cookbook that features recipes and techniques for preparing wild game and fish, as well as stories and insights from the author’s hunting and fishing adventures.Carnivore diet, hunting, fishing, and cooking.58EnglishUSA
19Carnivore GirlA blog by a young woman who follows a carnivore diet and documents her journey.Carnivore diet experiences, recipes, benefits, and struggles.1EnglishUSA
20The Carnivore Diet by Shawn Baker, MDA book that introduces the historical, scientific, and practical aspects of a meat-based diet.Carnivore diet, health, and lifestyle.29EnglishUSA
Here is an overview of the Top Carnivore Diet Publications

Top Carnivore Diet Journalists

Top carnivore diet journalists are influential voices who explore and critique the all-meat diet from various angles. Through their in-depth articles, interviews, and reports, they shed light on the diet’s scientific basis, anecdotal success stories, and potential challenges. These journalists play a crucial role in fueling the dialogue around the carnivore diet, contributing to a growing body of knowledge that informs and sometimes debates the merits and drawbacks of this unconventional nutritional approach.

No. Name Brief Overview Topics CoveredLanguageLocation
1Jordan PetersonA clinical psychologist and bestselling author who follows a carnivore diet for health reasonsHis personal experience, mental health, self-improvement, philosophyEnglishCanada
2Mikhaila PetersonJordan Peterson’s daughter and a health blogger who advocates for a carnivore dietHer health journey, autoimmune disorders, diet tips, interviewsEnglishCanada
3Paul SaladinoA physician and author who promotes a nose-to-tail carnivore dietNutrition science, animal foods, plant toxins, metabolic healthEnglishUSA
4Shawn BakerAn orthopedic surgeon and athlete who is the founder of MeatRx, a carnivore diet platformAthletic performance, weight loss, chronic diseases, carnivore communityEnglishUSA
5Bart KayA former senior lecturer in clinical physiology and nutrition who debunks myths about the carnivore dietBiochemistry, physiology, metabolism, research analysis, debunkingEnglishNew Zealand
6Amber O’HearnA data scientist and a long-term carnivore who researches the effects of the carnivore diet on the brainKetosis, brain health, mental disorders, evolutionary biologyEnglishUSA
7Kelly HoganA carnivore diet coach and blogger who has been eating only meat for over a decadeHer carnivore story, pregnancy, fertility, family, recipesEnglishUSA
8Judy ChoA nutritional therapy practitioner and the author of Carnivore CureGut health, food sensitivities, inflammation, carnivore diet phasesEnglishUSA
9Kevin StockA dentist and entrepreneur who is the founder of Meat Health, a carnivore diet resourceDental health, body composition, sleep, hormones, carnivore diet guideEnglishUSA
10Craig EmmerichA keto and carnivore diet expert and the co-author of several books with his wife Maria EmmerichKeto adaptation, protein sparing modified fast, supplements, electrolytesEnglishUSA
11Anthony ChaffeA carnivore diet coach and podcaster who interviews experts and success storiesCarnivore diet benefits, challenges, tips, testimonials, Q&AEnglishUK
12Steak and Butter GalA classically trained musician and a carnivore diet advocate who shares her tips and recipesCarnivore diet basics, cooking, meal prep, music, lifestyleEnglishUSA
13Ken BerryA family physician and a keto/carnivore diet supporter who educates people about common health misconceptionsMedical myths, health advice, keto/carnivore diet informationEnglishUSA
14Tristan HaggardA health coach and the founder of Primal Edge Health, a website and YouTube channel dedicated to animal-based nutritionCarnivore and keto diet, organ meats, animal fats, homesteadingEnglishEcuador
15Scott MyslinskiA carnivore diet enthusiast and the host of the Carnivore Cast, a podcast that features interviews with carnivore experts and success storiesCarnivore diet science, tips, experiences, controversies, interviewsEnglishUSA
16Chris DonohueA carnivore diet coach and a weight loss success story who lost over 200 pounds by eating only meatWeight loss, diabetes, food addiction, carnivore diet coachingEnglishUSA
17Tom NaughtonA former comedian and a health writer who is the creator of the documentary Fat Head and the Fat Head Kids bookLow-carb and carnivore diet, health humor, cholesterol, researchEnglishUSA
18Caitlin WeeksA certified nutrition consultant and the author of several low-carb and keto cookbooksKeto and carnivore recipes, holistic health, thyroid, Hashimoto’sEnglishUSA
19Phil EscottA health writer and a personal trainer who used the carnivore diet to heal his autoimmune and inflammatory issuesArthritis, psoriasis, depression, ancestral health, spiritualityEnglishUK
20Joe RoganA comedian, podcaster, and MMA commentator who experimented with the carnivore diet for a monthHis carnivore diet experience, health effects, food choices, challengesEnglishUSA
Here is an overview of the Top Carnivore Diet Journalists
2024 in Review: The Faces and Pages Driving Carnivore Diet Publications & Journalists Forward

Leading Voices in Carnivore Diet: A Comprehensive Wrap-Up of Top Publications and Journalists

In 2024, the carnivore diet has carved out its niche within the dietary landscape, backed by publications and journalists who explore this meat-centric approach from all angles. These sources scrutinize the health implications, sustainability concerns, and culinary possibilities of a diet exclusively comprising animal products. Their balanced and thorough coverage offers crucial insights for anyone interested in or currently following the carnivore diet.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Exactly is the Carnivore Diet and How Does It Work?

The carnivore diet is a nutritional approach that involves consuming exclusively animal products—meat, fish, eggs, and sometimes dairy—excluding all plant-based foods. It operates on the principle that human bodies can thrive on animal products alone, potentially leading to health benefits such as weight loss, reduced inflammation, and improved metabolic markers. Advocates suggest it simplifies eating by eliminating the need to track calories or nutrients, as the diet focuses on high-protein and fat intake for energy.

How Can I Identify Credible Sources When Reading About Carnivore Diets?

When exploring the carnivore diet, identifying credible sources involves looking for information backed by scientific research, testimonials from qualified healthcare professionals, and reputable nutrition experts. Reliable sources often include peer-reviewed journals, well-established health and wellness platforms, and publications or reports from recognized nutritional organizations. Skepticism should be applied to anecdotal evidence and unverified claims, favoring content that cites studies or expert consensus.

Who Are the Most Trusted Experts in the Field of Carnivore Diet?

Trusted experts in the field of the carnivore diet include healthcare professionals, researchers, and nutritionists who have extensively studied or personally explored the diet’s effects. Notable figures often have a background in medicine or nutritional science, contribute to academic research, or are actively involved in the carnivore diet community, sharing evidence-based advice and insights through various media outlets.

Are There Any Health Risks Associated with Following a Carnivore Diet?

Following a carnivore diet may pose health risks for some individuals, including nutrient deficiencies (such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals found primarily in plants), increased risk of heart disease due to high saturated fat intake, and potential for elevated cholesterol levels. It’s crucial for anyone considering this diet to consult with a healthcare provider to monitor health markers and ensure nutritional needs are met.

How Has the Popularity of the Carnivore Diet Changed Over the Years?

The popularity of the carnivore diet has seen significant fluctuation over the years, gaining attention as part of the larger low-carb, high-fat diet trend. Initially considered a fringe dietary approach, it has grown in acceptance, particularly within communities valuing dietary simplicity and anecdotal reports of health improvements. Social media and the testimonies of prominent figures have played substantial roles in its increased visibility and adoption, despite ongoing debates about its long-term sustainability and health impacts.


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