PressCable vs Cision PRWeb Comparison: Press Release Distribution List Review, Pricing & Alternatives

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Are you interested in switching from Cision PRWeb to a much more affordable competitor? Are you wondering if PRWeb is the right fit for your business and if PressCable can help you accomplish your marketing goals?

As you know, the mission of PRZen is to make it easier for you to find the most vital information related to digital marketing and more specifically, marketing with Press Releases.

We hope that this short comparison can guide your decision-making process and help you recognize your future business growth partner. We have written a series of comparative articles in which we discuss the pros and cons of each press release distribution platforms.

PressCable vs Cision PRWeb

We have had the pleasure to use the services of both PressCable and PRWeb to distribute press releases for our clients.

PRWeb is among the veterans in Press Release Distribution with a proven record of delivering results.

PRWeb utilizes a wide distribution network (including Associated Press Digests like The New York Times, The Times for Premium package, Business News Digest like Fox News, CNBC, The Business Review, Health and Medical Digests, etc).

PRWeb distributes press releases to premium online outlets and sends them directly to journalists and bloggers, which leads to greater visibility, generates publicity and helps drive potential buyers back to your business.

PressCable distributes to more than 200 high-authority news sites, including numerous news sites owned by ABC, NBC, Fox News and much more instantly recognizable brands.

While PRWeb don’t provide any guarantees that your PR will be published on those sites, PressCable guarantees publication of your news and 200+ pickups from authority news sites. An interesting feature that proves that is the generation of a  Press Release Ranking report which is an extremely useful tool for evaluating and tracking your results.

Pricing & Packages

PRWeb offers monthly and yearly packages that allow the users to distribute multiple PRs and plan long-term campaigns.

Cision PRWeb has a basic package for $99. It only guarantees up to 75! media outlets and the Press Release only lives on their website.

We recommend the $269 pricing option: featuring base option plus PR distribution to media subscribers and placement on premium and local sites. It is perfect for first-time users.

The premium pricing of PRWeb includes distribution through the Associated Press and an embedded video. It costs $325 and judging from our experience this package nets around 150 media site placements.

PRWeb guarantees to distribute your release but cannot provide any guarantees regarding pick up and the number of media site placements. The outlets that get the release will depend on the package you purchase. 

PRWeb offers a white label option. As a marketing agency, you can remove the PRWeb logo from the PRs and use your own personal label or logo for the press release distribution services to your clients.

The pricing options of PressCable start at $157 per distribution credit. The pricing option that we recommend is 3 press release distribution credits for only $397.

PressCable also offer a bulk price for anything over 5 credits per month: you can make an inquiry if you are interested in submitting press releases on a regular monthly basis.

PressCable also provides a reseller option. PressCable representatives or members of the support team usually provide in the form of a webinar, a thorough introduction to the advantages of using a white label and all details regarding the platform. The company ensures that all potential and current clients have the chance to ask all relevant questions, receive the information that they need and get set up for successful PR marketing campaigns.

What about writing services?

Both PRWeb and PressCable offer writing services. PressCable charges X for the service and PR Web charges $325, but only PressCable offers a satisfaction guarantee.

Moreover, PRWeb does not have an upper limit number of words for their customers; However, the minimum word count they provide is 300 words. As you may know, most of the companies have a 400 word upper limit and charge a minimum of $150 per each 100 words! You can use a flexibility of PRWeb and PressCable service for your best convenience.

The Verdict

In conclusion, PRWeb is a good press release distribution platform for getting journalists to cover your story but highly expensive and require manual outreach and some general PR skills.  To use the PRWeb services for long-term campaings, you might need to allocate $500-25, 000, unless you do manual outreach and know how to bait the media.

The press release distribution service with the best return on investment is that of PressCable. Their pricing is just a fraction of what PRWeb charges its clients. In addition to all great bonuses that PressCable offer, it also offers high-quality writing service, rapid content software, client-getting and traffic-generation training on professional level… the most results in terms of media outlets picking up your press release

PressCable is much smaller than PRWeb and other big players in the PR industry but has strong relationships with news networks which sets the basis of the broad and effective PR distribution. As a result, it is able to offer better prices that get you more powerful results for your money.

Do you want your digital marketing to generate bigger results?

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