How to Submit a Press Release to The Sun & Get Backlinks

Getting your press release published on The Sun can help your business grow. Use our handy guide to learn the process to succeed!

The Sun Press Release vs. Submitting a News Story Tip

Most importantly, before diving into the world of press releases and news story tips, it’s essential to recognize the significance of The Sun. Boasting a rich history, The Sun has become one of the UK’s leading tabloid newspapers. With a staggering daily readership of over 2.4 million, it wields a vast influence on the public. The Sun’s audience is broad, catering to a wide demographic. From celebrities to politicians, to the average Brit, many depend on The Sun for their daily dose of news.

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Press Release or News Submission: What’s the Difference?

While both press releases and news submissions serve as tools to get your news out there, they differ in approach and outcome.

  • Press Releases: These are official statements or news provided by a company or organization, aiming to inform readers about an event, product, or other announcement. When you send a press release to The Sun, it’s more structured, typically aiming for a spot in their business or specific niche sections. You’re presenting facts in a format that’s easy for journalists to pick up, digest, and share.
  • News Submission: On the other hand, news submissions are a tad more informal. Think of them as a tip or a lead. You’re essentially giving journalists a nudge, pointing them to a potentially interesting story. There’s no guarantee that your story tip will be picked up, but when it does, it might just land on the front page.

Therefore, your choice between the two boils down to the nature of your content and how you want it presented. If you’re looking to establish credibility and authority, a press release might be your go-to. But if you’re aiming for a wider reach and are okay with a bit of journalistic flair, then a news tip might be more up your alley.

How to Contact The Sun to Feature Your Story

Reaching out to an established platform like The Sun, The Daily Mirror, or The Times requires finesse and a touch of professionalism. Therefore, let’s dive into the art of introducing yourself in a manner that stands out amidst the flurry of emails they likely receive daily.

Contact Information for The Sun

Before even writing your press release, it’s important to determine the best point of contact for your contact. Below is a partial list of journalists that work for The Sun.

There are multiple ways to reach out to The Sun with your press release or news tip.

The Sun prefers all press releases be submitted directly to the email [email protected].
Additionally, you can use their Contact Page to discover more ways of contacting them directly with your press release or news tip.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Contacting The Sun


  • Research Your Contact: Before shooting off that email, research the best person or department to contact. Tailoring your message to the relevant editor or section increases its chances of being seen.
  • Be Clear and Concise: Time is of the essence. Get to the point, ensuring your message isn’t buried in unnecessary jargon or fluff.
  • Provide Supporting Materials: If you have relevant images, documents, or links that validate your story, include them. It not only backs up your claims but also makes the journalist’s job easier.


  • Avoid Generic Templates: While it might save time, generic emails often end up in the trash. Craft your message for The Sun.
  • Don’t Be Pushy: Journalists are swamped. If you don’t get a response immediately, give it some time. Pestering them with follow-ups can be counterproductive.
  • Steer Clear of Hype: Exaggeration or hype might get your email flagged. Stick to the facts and let your story speak for itself.

Remember, every contact is an opportunity. Therefore, be genuine, stay professional, and let your story shine through. Most importantly, be patient and persistent. The Sun shines brightest after all.

How to Submit a Press Release & Publish Directly on The Sun

The process of submitting a press release to a giant like The Sun can seem daunting. However, with the right steps, it becomes a breezy journey.

Taking the Right Steps to Submission

  1. Craft a Stellar Press Release: Before anything, ensure your press release stands out. Keep it newsworthy, relevant, and tailored to The Sun’s readership.
  2. Locate the Submission Portal: Navigate to The Sun’s official website. Look for a link or section typically labeled “Submit a Press Release” or “News Tips.”
  3. Follow Guidelines to a T: Each platform has specific guidelines. Adhere to word limits, formatting requirements, and other stipulations The Sun might have.
  4. Attach Relevant Multimedia: A press release with high-quality images or videos stands a better chance. They offer a visual treat and can convey a story more powerfully.
  5. Wait for a Response: After submission, be patient. The Sun’s editorial team will review it and, if interested, will get back to you.

Amp Up Your Submission Game with AmpiFire

In the quest to get noticed, leveraging platforms designed for press release distribution is wise. One such platform, AmpiFire, streamlines this process. It doesn’t just stop at The Sun. It pushes your content to multiple channels, amplifying your reach. Therefore, while The Sun is an excellent start, platforms like AmpiFire ensure your news gets the attention it deserves across the board. Learn more about AmpiFire on their official website!

AmpiFire 2.0
AmpiFire converts a regular press release into various formats, then distributes them across many high-authority sites.

In conclusion, positioning your business on a stage as grand as The Sun can be transformative. Craft with care, submit with precision, and watch the magic unfold.

How to Get a Backlink from The Sun

First, let’s demystify this. A backlink, in the simplest terms, is when another website links back to yours. Picture it like a digital vote of confidence; when a renowned site like The Sun links to you, search engines like Google see you in a more favorable light. It’s akin to getting a thumbs-up from a respected peer in a crowded room.

Steps to Securing a Backlink From The Sun

  1. Craft Quality Content: Your content should be the shining star. The Sun, or any esteemed platform for that matter, will only link back to high-value, informative content. Most importantly, ensure that what you’re offering provides value to their readership.
  2. Connect with Journalists and Editors: Forge genuine relationships. Drop a friendly email or message commending them on their work, and subtly introduce your content. If it aligns with their recent stories or articles, point it out. Because it shows you’ve done your homework.
  3. Guest Posting Opportunities: Some platforms, including The Sun, offer guest posting opportunities. Seize them. Submit articles or opinion pieces, and within those, incorporate links back to your site.
  4. Utilize Social Media: Engage with The Sun on platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn. Share their content, add valuable comments, and occasionally share your content, making it visible to their editorial team.
  5. Collaborate on Research and Surveys: If you’ve conducted industry-specific research or surveys, offer The Sun exclusive insights or a first look. When they cover it, it’s highly probable they’ll link back to the source – you.
  6. Press Releases, Once Again: When you submit press releases, besides ensuring they get published, also ensure they contain relevant links back to your site.

Lastly, a word of caution. Pursue organic backlinks. Avoid shortcuts or black-hat techniques, because credibility once lost is hard to regain.

Securing a backlink from The Sun can seem impossible, but don’t give up! The rewards are well worth the effort!

Use AmpiFire to Publish to The Sun

Navigating the media landscape, especially with giants like The Sun, can be daunting. This is where AmpiFire, with its premium service, can be your game-changer. AmpiFire streamlines the process of content distribution. Most importantly, it provides a platform where businesses can easily publish press releases, articles, or advertisements directly to big-name platforms like The Sun. But how exactly does it make this happen?

AmpiFire’s Premium Service: At a Glance

  • Streamlined Submissions: With AmpiFire, you don’t need to jump through the traditional hoops of media submissions. Their interface is intuitive, guiding you step by step, ensuring that your content aligns with any and all content guidelines.
  • Greater Visibility: Besides The Sun, AmpiFire’s premium service gives you access to a vast network of reputable news sites, blogs, and media outlets. Your content, therefore, doesn’t just reach one platform but is broadcasted across multiple channels.
  • Professional Content Review: Before anything goes live, AmpiFire’s team of experts reviews your submissions. They ensure that the content is not only top-notch but also aligns with the platform’s voice and style, increasing the likelihood of acceptance.
  • Feedback Loop: Unlike traditional media submissions where your content goes into a black hole, AmpiFire provides feedback. If there’s an issue or a need for revision, you’re in the loop, ensuring you can make necessary changes swiftly.
  • Boosted Engagement: Because AmpiFire optimizes your content for visibility and ensures it’s placed on platforms that matter, you’ll notice a marked increase in engagement, clicks, and overall visibility.

To sum it up, AmpiFire’s premium service isn’t just about pushing content; it’s about ensuring that content shines brightly where it matters most. With its direct connection to The Sun, among other platforms, your content is poised not just for publishing but for maximum impact.

Get ready to experience distribution done-for-you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Choose The Sun for My Press Release?

The Sun stands out as a premier media outlet with a vast readership, making it an ideal choice for press releases. Boasting impressive website stats, The Sun targets a diverse audience, ensuring maximum exposure for your content.

How Do Press Releases on The Sun Differ from News Story Tips?

Press releases published directly on The Sun offer a structured way of announcing company news, while news story tips are more informal suggestions for potential news stories. Both avenues provide unique opportunities, but a press release ensures controlled messaging.

What’s the Most Professional Way to Introduce Myself to The Sun?

When reaching out to The Sun, it’s vital to maintain a concise, clear, and professional tone. It’s recommended to give a brief introduction about yourself or your company, highlighting your main objectives and potential story value.

Are There Specific Dos and Don’ts When Contacting The Sun?

Yes, when contacting The Sun, always ensure that your pitch is relevant to their audience. Do provide all necessary details and avoid being overly promotional. Don’t send generic pitches; tailor your message to resonate with The Sun’s editorial standards.

Why Should My Business Prioritize Getting a Backlink from The Sun?

Securing a backlink from The Sun can significantly boost your website’s authority and visibility. Being linked from such a reputable platform can drive targeted traffic and improve search engine rankings.

What Exactly Is a Backlink?

A backlink is a hyperlink from one website to another. In the context of The Sun, it’s a vote of confidence, signifying that your content or website is valuable and credible.

How Does AmpiFire Assist in Publishing Directly to The Sun?

AmpiFire offers a seamless interface for direct publishing, allowing users to distribute content effortlessly to platforms like The Sun, but does not publish directly to The Sun. Their premium service ensures that content meets platform-specific guidelines, increasing acceptance chances.

Why Is AmpiFire’s Premium Service Recommended?

AmpiFire’s premium service stands out due to its access to multiple reputable platforms, professional content review, and feedback loop. Compared to other platforms, AmpiFire ensures wider visibility and professional content quality assurance.

Are There Other Platforms Comparable to AmpiFire?

While there are several content distribution platforms, AmpiFire is unique in its vast network access, including big-name platforms like The Sun. Other platforms might offer distribution services, but the breadth and quality assurance provided by AmpiFire set it apart.

Does AmpiFire Guarantee Acceptance of My Content on The Sun?

While AmpiFire provides a streamlined process and content review, final content acceptance on The Sun lies with the media outlet’s editorial team. However, AmpiFire’s premium service significantly increases the likelihood of acceptance by ensuring content meets any necessary standards.


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