How to Submit a Press Release to MSNBC & Get Backlinks

MSNBC’s reputation in the news world is gigantic. Getting your press release published on their website can greatly expand your audience.

MSNBC Press Release vs. Submitting a News Story Tip

When we think about influential news platforms, MSNBC stands out prominently. With millions of daily visitors, MSNBC is a hub for news enthusiasts, political aficionados, and the general public wanting to stay updated with current events. While it’s renowned for its political commentary, its audience also seeks business, tech, and global events. Therefore, aligning your content with the interests of this demographic can make a significant difference in its reception.

Online tools like Similarweb can provide valuable insights into the reach that sites like MSNBC have.

Traditional Press Release or News Tip:

There’s often confusion between publishing a press release and submitting a news story tip to MSNBC. Let’s break down the differences.

  • Press Release: This is a prepared statement or story about an event, product, or other newsworthy item. By publishing directly on MSNBC, you’re targeting its vast readership. A direct press release on the platform means it appears as part of their online content, accessible to all their website visitors.
  • News Story Tip: Differing from a press release, a news story tip is a heads-up to journalists about something newsworthy. It’s like giving them a nudge to say, “Hey, this might interest you.” While it doesn’t guarantee a feature, it has the potential to be picked up and crafted into a story by their editorial team.

Understanding the difference between these two methods will guide your strategy. If you’re launching a product or announcing a significant event, a press release published directly on MSNBC will give it instant visibility. Conversely, if you’ve stumbled upon a unique story or have insider information on a trending topic, a news tip might be the way to go, hoping a journalist finds it compelling enough to pursue.

How to Contact MSNBC to Feature Your Story

Pitching a story to MSNBC is no casual endeavor. Because MSNBC receives countless pitches daily, the first point of contact becomes paramount. Here’s a partial list of journalists that work at MSNBC.

Contact information for MSNBC

Additionally, you can reach out to MSNBC directly with your press release or news tip.

For press inquiries, you can contact MSNBC at [email protected].

The Do’s and Don’ts of Contacting MSNBC


  • Be Respectful and Patient: Understand that journalists are swamped. Be courteous in follow-ups and allow them some time to get back.
  • Stay Concise: Journalists appreciate brevity. Stick to the point and avoid long-winded explanations.
  • Tailor Your Pitch: One size does not fit all. Customize your pitch to MSNBC’s style, audience, and current events.


  • Avoid Mass Emails: Sending generic pitches to multiple outlets or reporters diminishes your credibility. Personalize each outreach.
  • Don’t Over Follow-Up: Bombarding them with messages can be counterproductive. Give them time to process your story.
  • Refrain from Being Pushy: Present your story as a suggestion, not a demand. Allow journalists the space to see the value in your narrative.

In essence, contacting MSNBC requires a blend of professionalism, understanding of the platform, and, above all, a compelling story. With these guidelines in mind, you’re well-equipped to pitch your narrative effectively.

How to Submit a Press Release & Publish Directly on MSNBC

Submitting a press release to a significant platform like MSNBC isn’t as daunting as it sounds. In fact, when done right, it can bring notable attention and growth to your business. Let’s delve into the how-to, then explore the compelling why-to.

Step-by-Step: Making Your Submission Stand Out

  1. Choose a Newsworthy Topic: Start with something relevant and of value to MSNBC’s audience. The more timely and significant, the better.
  2. Craft a Compelling Headline: This is the first thing the editorial team will see. Make it snappy, relevant, and irresistible.
  3. Structure Matters: Follow the standard press release format – start with the date and location, then dive into the meat of the story, and wrap up with your company’s brief.
  4. Proofread: Ensure your content is error-free. Whether it’s grammar, facts, or figures, accuracy is crucial.
  5. Visuals Add Value: Include high-quality images or videos related to your release. This provides depth and context.
  6. Contact Information: Conclude your press release with your company’s contact information – phone number, email, and physical address.
  7. Submission: Typically, major outlets like MSNBC have a dedicated ‘submit a press release’ section or specific email addresses for such submissions. Use these channels for a direct approach.

Leveraging AmpiFire for Your Press Release Needs

When navigating the vast waters of press release distribution, platforms like AmpiFire can be your compass. They simplify the process, ensuring your content gets the visibility it deserves, even on platforms as esteemed as MSNBC. While many options exist, AmpiFire offers a balanced blend of reach, ease, and efficacy.

AmpiFire 2.0
AmpiFire converts a traditional press release into multiple different formats before distributing it to various high-authority sites

In conclusion, submitting a press release to MSNBC, Forbes, or Sentieo offers tangible benefits. With the right approach, tools, and story, your business too can enjoy the limelight and growth that comes with it.

How to Get a Backlink from MSNBC

Before we dive deep, it’s essential to know what a backlink is. Simply put, a backlink is a link from one website to another. Think of it as a vote of confidence, a nod from one site, suggesting their readers check out another for more relevant information.

Charting the Path to that Precious MSNBC Backlink

Getting a backlink from MSNBC isn’t about trickery; it’s about offering true value. Here’s how to increase your chances:

  1. Provide Quality Content: Ensure your content is top-notch, accurate, and relevant to MSNBC’s audience. Your content should be so compelling that MSNBC would want to point their readers to it.
  2. Engage with MSNBC’s Content: Engage thoughtfully on their platform, be it through comments, forums, or any other interactive medium. Remember, visibility matters.
  3. Reach Out: Once you have quality content, don’t hesitate to reach out. Send a concise, compelling pitch highlighting the value your content brings and how it complements MSNBC’s offerings.
  4. Collaborate: Consider partnering with MSNBC on projects, studies, or exclusive reports. Collaborative efforts often pave the way for organic backlinks.

Securing a backlink from MSNBC isn’t merely about luck. It’s about consistently delivering quality, engaging with the platform, and being proactive in showcasing your content’s value.

It can be difficult to secure a backlink from a site as reputable as MSNBC, but the rewards is well worth the effort.

Use AmpiFire to Publish to MSNBC

When considering platforms to elevate your brand’s exposure, especially on reputable sites like MSNBC, AmpiFire stands out as an invaluable tool. But how can AmpiFire streamline your publishing journey to MSNBC? Let’s explore.

Unfortunately, AmpiFire does not submit directly to MSNBC. AmpiFire is a powerful automated content amplification platform designed to get your brand noticed on high-profile platforms. With its robust suite of tools, AmpiFire crafts and distributes press releases, articles, and multimedia content across various channels to ensure maximum reach.

Why Choose AmpiFire’s Premium Service

  1. Tailored Content Creation: AmpiFire’s experts craft content tailored to fit any style and audience preferences. They ensure that each piece adheres to the stringent standards of the news outlet, increasing the likelihood of acceptance.
  2. Wide Distribution Network: AmpiFire’s premium service targets multiple authoritative sites, amplifying your content’s reach.
  3. Time-saving Automation: With AmpiFire, you’re not just getting quality; you’re also reclaiming time. The platform handles content creation, distribution, and even follow-ups.
  4. Analytics and Reporting: Understand how your content performs. AmpiFire provides detailed insights, allowing you to tweak your strategy for better results.

In conclusion, while many avenues might promise visibility, AmpiFire ensures it, especially when aiming for premium platforms. By leveraging their expertise and extensive network, you’re not just hoping for exposure; you’re guaranteeing it.

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With the potential to amplify your brand’s visibility, a strategic approach towards platforms like MSNBC can be game-changing. The key lies in understanding the intricacies, ensuring quality content, and leveraging tools like AmpiFire for optimal results. Do you think the future of press releases lies in automation or personal touch?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should MSNBC Be My Go-To for Press Release Distribution?

The primary reason MSNBC should be your go-to platform for press release distribution is its impressive reach. With millions of monthly visitors, MSNBC offers a vast audience that appreciates well-curated content. Moreover, compared to platforms like CNN or Fox News, MSNBC provides a diverse demographic, making it a versatile choice for various businesses. However, the competition can be fierce, which means not every press release gets the spotlight.

How Does Submitting a Press Release to MSNBC Benefit My Business?

Submitting a press release to MSNBC directly correlates to increased brand visibility. MSNBC’s vast audience means your story, product, or service is showcased to millions. The benefit isn’t just in numbers; the credibility associated with being featured on such a platform can significantly boost brand trust. In comparison, platforms like CBS might offer similar visibility, but MSNBC’s demographic diversity gives it an edge.

What’s the Real Deal with Backlinks from MSNBC?

Securing a backlink from MSNBC is a goldmine for your site’s SEO. Such backlinks are deemed high-quality because MSNBC is an authoritative source. When your website is linked from MSNBC, search engines like Google see this as an endorsement, boosting your site’s ranking. Unlike backlinks from less reputable sites, an MSNBC backlink can make a substantial difference in your website’s traffic and credibility.

Can I Simply Email MSNBC My Story Tip?

While it’s tempting to directly email MSNBC with your story tip, the platform has designated submission portals. Using these ensures your story reaches the right department and doesn’t get lost in a sea of emails. Remember, platforms like ABC or BBC have similar submission guidelines, emphasizing the importance of following protocol.

Why Should I Opt for AmpiFire Over Other Distribution Platforms?

Choosing AmpiFire over other distribution platforms comes down to efficiency and reach. AmpiFire’s unique content amplification system guarantees your brand’s exposure on high-profile platforms. While other services might offer distribution, AmpiFire’s targeted and comprehensive approach, especially its premium service, ensures better results. However, one must consider the associated costs and weigh them against the potential benefits.

What’s Unique About AmpiFire’s Premium Service?

AmpiFire’s premium service stands out for its tailored content creation, wide distribution network, time-saving automation, and detailed analytics. While other platforms might offer one or two of these features, AmpiFire provides a comprehensive solution. The catch? It might be a bit pricier than some other alternatives.

Are There Any Risks to Using AmpiFire?

As with any service, there are pros and cons. AmpiFire promises a wide reach, but one must ensure the content aligns with brand values. There’s also a financial investment, which businesses need to consider. However, when pitted against other platforms, the benefits of AmpiFire, especially in terms of reach and efficiency, often outweigh the cons.

How Does AmpiFire Compare to Manual Press Release Submissions?

Manual press release submissions demand time and often lack the precision AmpiFire offers. AmpiFire automates the process, ensuring the content reaches the intended audience. In contrast, manual submissions might miss out on potential visibility, especially on platforms as crowded as MSNBC.

Is It Guaranteed That MSNBC Will Feature My Press Release?

No platform, including MSNBC, offers a 100% guarantee that your press release will be featured. The selection depends on the newsworthiness, relevance, and quality of the content. While platforms like AmpiFire can enhance the chances through tailored content creation, the final decision rests with MSNBC’s editorial team.

How Long Does It Usually Take for My Press Release to Go Live on MSNBC?

The timeline varies. If MSNBC’s editorial team finds your press release compelling and timely, it might go live within a day. However, due to the high volume of submissions, it could also take a week or more. Patience is key, and ensuring your content is top-notch can speed up the process.


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