How to Submit a Press Release to FactSet & Get Backlinks

In This Guide:

  • A brief introduction to FactSet and how you can leverage their reputation for your press release.
  • Do’s and Don’ts of contacting FactSet about your press release.
  • A walkthrough of the submission process and how to maximize your chances of securing a backlink.
  • Information on how services like AmpiFire can help you get your press release distributed to FactSet.
FactSet holds a reputation as a trusted news source for market and financial data. Getting your press release on their website can revolutionize your business.

FactSet Press Release vs. Submitting a News Story Tip

FactSet, recognized by many as an industry titan, offers professionals vital financial data, analytics, and software solutions. What some might not know is that besides its unparalleled financial databases, FactSet is also an authoritative platform for publishing news, especially press releases.

To understand the weight of FactSet’s platform, consider this: FactSet boasts millions of users, including financial professionals, analysts, and investors, spanning over 90 countries. Therefore, getting your content on FactSet isn’t just about visibility—it’s about credibility.

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The Skinny on Press Releases and News Story Tips

Before diving deeper, it’s crucial to understand the distinction between these two.

Press Release: A press release is an official statement or information about a particular event, product, or service. When you submit a press release, whether it’s on FactSet or Morningstar, you’re aiming to get that announcement published verbatim. The content needs to be polished, professional, and present factual details in an engaging manner.

News Story Tip: News tips are more about nudging a journalist or editor in the right direction. Submitting a news story tip doesn’t guarantee your content will get published. Instead, it’s like giving breadcrumbs to journalists, hoping they’ll craft a complete story from your lead. And most importantly, unlike a press release, the final content might vary based on the journalist’s investigation, style, and interpretation.

If you want direct control over your narrative, go for the press release. If you’re looking to potentially catalyze a broader media investigation or discussion, shoot for a news story tip. Just remember, there’s a level of unpredictability here because the journalist shapes the final story.

How to Contact FactSet to Feature Your Story

In the vast world of media outreach, especially with an entity as renowned as FactSet, your approach should be as strategic as it is genuine. Tailor your message, be professional, and most importantly, make it compelling.

FactSet Contact Information

There are several ways to contact FactSet with your press release or news tip.

For general media inquiries, you can contact the Media Relations team at [email protected].

FactSet also has a separate Investor Relations/Media Relations team that can be contacted for any investor-related inquiries at  [email protected].

Additionally, you can reach out to FactSet through their contact form here.

Before anything else, introductions matter. Your first contact with FactSet should set the stage for what’s to come. Most importantly, it should scream ‘professionalism’.

Do’s and Don’ts of Reaching Out to FactSet


  • Be Clear and Direct: FactSet appreciates straightforwardness. If you have a press release or news story tip, say so right off the bat.
  • Attach Relevant Documentation: If you have supporting documents or research, attach them. This showcases your preparation and credibility.
  • Follow Up, but Not Too Soon: If you don’t get a response within a week, it’s okay to send a gentle reminder.


  • Avoid Being Pushy: Yes, you believe your story is the next big thing, but avoid sounding desperate or overly persistent. It can be off-putting.
  • Steer Clear of Jargon: While FactSet caters to financial professionals, the editorial team sifts through countless stories daily. Make their job easier by keeping your language simple and clear.
  • Don’t Forget to Proofread: This can’t be emphasized enough. Grammatical errors or typos can make or break your pitch.

Following these Do’s and Don’ts will ensure that your first contact with FactSet is as smooth as possible. Remember, it’s about making an impression, but not overdoing it.

How to Submit a Press Release & Publish Directly on FactSet

The Step-by-Step Guide to FactSet Submission

  1. Research First: Before even drafting your press release, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with FactSet’s content guidelines. Browse their platform, understand the tone, style, and the kind of articles they usually feature.
  2. Craft Your Release: Once you’re familiar with their preferences, tailor your press release accordingly. Highlight key information at the start, ensuring it aligns with FactSet’s standards.
  3. Make it Newsworthy: FactSet, given its esteemed reputation, isn’t just looking for another article. They want news. They crave information that’s beneficial to their readers. Therefore, ensure your content is topical, relevant, and provides value.
  4. Submit via the Official Channels: Use the contact details (previously mentioned or found on their website) to send your press release. Make sure the subject line is clear, indicating it’s a press release for potential publishing.
  5. Patience is Key: After submission, wait for a response. Most editorial teams are inundated with requests, so patience is essential. If you don’t hear back within 7-10 days, consider sending a polite follow-up.

Making Distribution Easier: AmpiFire

While the manual submission process has its merits, platforms like AmpiFire can simplify this task. AmpiFire helps distribute your press release to multiple channels, FactSet included. It’s an efficient way to ensure your content gets the exposure it deserves without the added hassle of individual submissions. The learn more about AmpiFire, click here.

AmpiFire converts your press release into multiple formats, then distributes it to various high-authority sites.

Remember, the key to a successful press release isn’t just in the content but also where it’s placed. FactSet offers a golden opportunity, and with the right approach, your business can reap the immense benefits.

How to Get a Backlink from FactSet

At its core, a backlink is a hyperlink from one website to another. It’s like a vote of confidence from one site to another. When a reputable website like FactSet links to your site, it not only directs their traffic to you but also signals to search engines that your content is valuable. This can significantly boost your website’s SEO ranking.

The Art of Securing a FactSet Backlink

  1. Provide Exceptional Content: It’s the golden rule. Before expecting a backlink, ensure your content is top-notch, informative, and relevant to FactSet’s audience. High-quality, original content is more likely to be recognized and referenced.
  2. Engage in Networking: Building relationships with the editorial team or content creators at FactSet can be invaluable. Engaging with them on platforms like LinkedIn or industry events can put you on their radar. Most importantly, genuine engagement is key; avoid coming off as self-promotional.
  3. Guest Contributions: If FactSet has a platform for guest posts or external contributions, seize the opportunity. By writing for them, you naturally create an avenue for a backlink to your site.
  4. Mutually Beneficial Partnerships: Sometimes, collaboration is the way. Engage in partnerships or projects with FactSet where both parties benefit. It can be research, reports, or any content where a reference back to your site becomes organic and necessary.
  5. Be Relevant: FactSet is a financial data giant. Therefore, content related to finance, analytics, and similar themes is more likely to be linked. Tailor your content to be relevant to their platform and audience.

Securing a backlink from FactSet can be a game-changer. It’s more than just an SEO boost; it’s a stamp of trustworthiness. By aligning your strategies with value and relevance, that backlink might just be a few strategic steps away.

Securing a successful backlink from FactSet can help your business reach the next stage of its growth.

Use AmpiFire to Publish to FactSet

Harnessing the power of AmpiFire can streamline your journey to publish directly on FactSet. AmpiFire stands out as a revolutionary content amplification platform, designed to help businesses gain visibility across multiple high-traffic platforms. Currently, FactSet is not included in AmpiFire’s extensive distribution.

How Does AmpiFire Facilitate Direct Publishing to FactSet?

  1. Simplified Process: With AmpiFire, you don’t have to navigate the intricacies of the publication process. Just draft your content and the platform handles the submission, ensuring that it fits to each platform’s unique standards.
  2. Tailored Content: AmpiFire’s advanced algorithms help tailor your content to be in sync with any and all guidelines. Therefore, it bridges the gap between your message and the platform’s requirements, enhancing your chances of approval.
  3. Increased Visibility: AmpiFire can distribute your content across a network of websites, news outlets, blogs, slide share sites, and more. It’s like hitting multiple targets with a single arrow.

If you’re seeking to maximize your content’s reach, AmpiFire’s premium service is worth exploring. Here’s why:

  1. Dedicated Support: Premium users benefit from a dedicated team that not only aids in content distribution but also provides insights to refine your content strategy.
  2. Enhanced Distribution: The premium service extends your reach to even more platforms, multiplying your visibility manifold.
  3. Data-Driven Insights: AmpiFire’s premium service grants access to in-depth analytics. This data can be pivotal in understanding your audience, their preferences, and optimizing your future content accordingly.
  4. Priority Handling: Time is of the essence in the fast-paced world of news and updates. Premium users enjoy priority handling, ensuring quicker content distribution.

In conclusion, leveraging AmpiFire, especially its premium service, can be a strategic move for businesses aiming for comprehensive visibility. Its synergy with platforms can pave the way for amplified audience engagement and brand credibility.

Your press release deserves to be seen by the widest audience possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Consider FactSet for My Press Releases?

FactSet emerges as a reputable platform, offering a unique blend of audience reach and credibility. When comparing it to other platforms, FactSet specifically caters to professionals, making it ideal for businesses aiming for a more discerning audience. A drawback might be the strict guidelines they maintain, but this ensures quality content.

How Does Publishing Directly on FactSet Compare to Traditional News Submissions?

Directly publishing on FactSet ensures immediate exposure to a professional audience. In contrast, traditional news submissions to journalists might take time and aren’t guaranteed to be picked up. However, they offer a broader, more general audience.

What’s the Best Way to Introduce Myself Professionally to FactSet?

The best method is to maintain clarity and conciseness in your introduction. Highlight your credentials and your story’s relevance to FactSet’s audience. Remember, a strong professional introduction sets a positive tone for further communication.

Are There Any Major Don’ts When Contacting FactSet to Feature My Story?

Absolutely! Avoid being overly persistent, submitting incomplete or shoddy work, and overlooking their guidelines. These mistakes can negatively impact your chances of getting featured.

How Can I Submit My Press Release to FactSet?

The process involves drafting a compelling press release adhering to FactSet’s standards and guidelines.

What Makes FactSet Beneficial for My Business?

FactSet ensures direct exposure to professionals and industry leaders. It not only amplifies your visibility but also boosts credibility given FactSet’s stringent content standards.

Why Is a Backlink from FactSet Valuable?

A backlink from FactSet can improve your website’s domain authority. In the digital realm, a backlink from such a reputable platform signals trust, enhancing your SEO efforts when compared to backlinks from less authoritative sites.

How Do I Secure a Backlink from FactSet?

The primary route is through high-quality content, like press releases or articles that adhere to FactSet’s standards. Once approved and published, these pieces can contain backlinks to your site.

How Can AmpiFire Assist in Publishing on FactSet?

Unfortunately, AmpiFire doesn’t publish directly to FactSet. However, when it comes to other platforms, AmpiFire simplifies the submission process, tailoring your content to align with any standards. It serves as a bridge, ensuring that your content not only gets submitted but also stands a high chance of approval.

Are There Other Platforms Comparable to AmpiFire?

While there are other content amplification platforms, AmpiFire distinguishes itself with its expansive network. However, always assess your specific needs and compare features before making a choice.


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