How to Get Backlinks With iVoox

Building links for your business on sites like iVoox can be greatly beneficial. Use our guide to learn how to maximize your chances of success.

Is iVoox Good for SEO?

Enter iVoox, a thriving hub launched in 2007, where audio content reigns supreme. It’s a vibrant community where podcasters, radio aficionados, and audio content creators converge. With a focus on podcasts and radio shows, iVoox boasts a diverse array of content that caters to an array of interests, from the latest tech talks to timeless storytelling. It’s not just about variety; iVoox has clout, too. With a solid domain authority, it stands as a reputable platform, which is music to the ears of SEO strategists.
Type of Platform:Podcast and Radio platform
Key Features:Listen, share, and download podcasts and radio shows
Content Types:Podcasts, radio broadcasts, audiobooks
Popular Content:Podcasts and radio shows in Spanish and English
Target Audience:Spanish-speaking and English-speaking audiences
Domain Authority:68/100

Why does domain authority matter? Because it’s a trust signal to search engines. It’s like a nod of approval, suggesting that content linked to iVoox is likely worth considering. For your SEO efforts, this means that iVoox could be a powerful ally. Sharing your content here doesn’t just reach its substantial user base; it could also catch the discerning eye of search engine algorithms, which are always on the lookout for quality and relevance

Online tools like Similarweb can be great to help you visualize the reach of sites like iVoox.

Most importantly, SEO is a complex beast, but at its core, it’s about being where your audience is, providing them with value, and doing so in a way that search engines recognize as valuable. That’s where iVoox shines. It’s not just a platform; it’s a community with engaged listeners and active participants. This engagement signals to search engines that there’s something of value here, potentially boosting the SEO potential of your shared content.

Therefore, when considering iVoox for your SEO strategy, think of it as more than just a backlink opportunity. It’s a space to share valuable content that can attract genuine engagement, which is a cornerstone of modern SEO practices.

Are iVoox Links Nofollow or Dofollow?

In general, iVoox links are traditionally nofollow. In the realm of SEO, the terms “Nofollow” and “Dofollow” are pretty much the yin and yang of backlinks, each with its role in a site’s link profile. Dofollow links are like a vote of confidence, telling search engines to consider the link’s destination as a credible source, potentially boosting its ranking. Nofollow links, on the other hand, are a way to tell search engines to disregard the link for ranking purposes, like saying, “Here’s a link, but don’t count it as an endorsement.”

So, are iVoox backlinks nofollow or dofollow? The answer is crucial because it determines how much SEO juice you’re getting from them. iVoox, with its community-driven platform, typically assigns a nofollow tag to user-generated links. This is a common practice to prevent spam, but it also means that these backlinks won’t directly influence your site’s ranking in search results.

Remember, while dofollow links are great for SEO, nofollow links from reputable sites like iVoox can still be valuable. They contribute to a natural link profile and can bring in a relevant audience, which is what good SEO is ultimately all about.

How Do I Add a Backlink to iVoox?

Let’s get down to brass tacks: a backlink is essentially a digital nod from one website to another – a clickable path that users can travel to hop from one page to another across the web. Now, when it comes to adding one of these digital nods to iVoox, here’s how you do it, step by step:

The Guide to Adding a Backlink:

  1. Create an iVoox Account: Sign up on iVoox if you haven’t already. It’s your entry ticket to the platform.
  2. Prepare Your Content: Make sure your audio content is polished and ready for listeners. It’s all about delivering value.
  3. Upload Your Content: Navigate to the upload section on iVoox and follow the instructions to add your podcast or audio file.
  4. Optimize Your Description: Here’s where the magic happens. In the description box of your content, weave in your backlink. Make sure it fits naturally within an engaging description.
  5. Add Tags: Choose tags that are relevant to your content. This helps with visibility on the platform.
  6. Post & Share: Once everything looks good, post your content. Then, share it across your social networks to drive traffic.
  7. Engage With Listeners: Don’t just post and ghost. Engage with your listeners in the comments to build a community around your content.

Most importantly, your backlink on iVoox should provide listeners with a compelling reason to check out your site. Whether it’s additional information, a special offer, or more in-depth coverage of a topic, give them a taste of what they can expect on the other side of that click. That’s how you turn a simple backlink into a portal to your online domain.

Best Practices for Posting for iVoox

When posting on iVoox, it’s like entering a busy digital marketplace. You want your voice to be heard above the hustle and bustle. To do that, you’ve got to play by a set of rules that ensure you stand out for all the right reasons.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Posting to iVoox


  • Do Craft Stellar Titles: Your title is your first handshake with listeners. Make it strong, clear, and enticing.
  • Do Mind Your Audio Quality: Crystal clear sound is non-negotiable. It’s the vessel for your content, after all.
  • Do Engage With Your Community: Respond to comments, participate in discussions, and be an active member of the iVoox ecosystem.
  • Do Utilize Keywords: Use relevant keywords in your description and tags to improve your visibility in searches.
  • Do Keep Content Consistent: Regular posting schedules build a loyal following. Keep your content calendar as punctual as a Swiss train.


  • Don’t Ignore the Description: This is prime real estate for context about your podcast and for strategically placing your backlink.
  • Don’t Spam Tags: Overloading on irrelevant tags can do more harm than good. Keep them accurate to your content.
  • Don’t Neglect the Visuals: Every audio file can have a cover image. Make sure yours is eye-catching and relevant.
  • Don’t Forget to Share: iVoox is part of a bigger digital strategy. Share your content across other platforms to drive traffic.
  • Don’t Over-Promote: Balance is key. If every podcast feels like a sales pitch, you’ll lose trust and listeners.

Most importantly, remember that iVoox is about building a listener base that trusts and values your content. So, while SEO and backlinks are important, they should always play second fiddle to providing genuine, engaging content. Because, at the end of the day, it’s the listeners’ clicks and time spent on your content that truly amplify your message across the digital airwaves.

Does AmpiFire Submit to iVoox?

When it comes to AmpiFire, it’s all about getting your content out there, in front of eyes and ears that matter. So, the burning question: Does AmpiFire submit to iVoox? The answer is no. But that doesn’t mean AmpiFire can’t be a helpful tool to strengthen your business! AmpiFire posts your content to sites like GooglePodcast, Stitcher, and SoundCloud!

So how does AmpiFire work its magic? It’s all about streamlining your content distribution. With AmpiFire, you create your content once, and it takes care of the legwork. It submits your podcasts or audio content to multiple platforms, ensuring your voice is heard across its extensive network of listeners.

AmpiFire 2.0
AmpiFire takes a normal press release and converts it into various formats. Then, it distributes your content to many high-authority sites!

Most importantly, AmpiFire doesn’t just throw your content into the void and hope for the best. It ensures that your content fits with any format and community standards, which means it’s more likely to be embraced by the platform and its users. This attention to detail is crucial because proper integration with platforms like iVoox can make or break your content’s success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is iVoox a Powerhouse for Boosting My SEO?

Absolutely, iVoox can be a powerhouse for your SEO efforts! With its reputable domain authority, it signals to search engines that your content could be worth ranking. Remember, though, it’s all about the engagement your content receives on the platform.

Do iVoox Links Pump Up My Site’s Authority?

iVoox links are typically nofollow, meaning they don’t directly pump up your site’s authority with search engines. However, they’re valuable for driving traffic and can lead to indirect SEO benefits, like increased visibility and potential secondary dofollow links.

What’s the Trick to Adding a Backlink on iVoox?

The trick is seamless integration. Add a backlink in your content description naturally, as part of a compelling narrative that encourages listeners to explore more on your site. Keep it relevant, and you’ve nailed it.

Can Posting on iVoox Give My Content an Edge?

Certainly, posting on iVoox gives your content an edge if you follow best practices. Craft engaging titles, maintain high audio quality, and interact with your audience to boost your content’s performance on this bustling platform.

How Does AmpiFire Simplify My Content Distribution to iVoox?

AmpiFire simplifies content distribution by handling the submission process to iVoox, ensuring your content is formatted correctly and meets community standards, which streamlines your path to a wider audience.

Are There Alternatives to AmpiFire for Content Distribution?

Yes, there are alternatives like PRWeb and BuzzSumo, but AmpiFire uniquely automates the distribution process, saving you time and potentially increasing your content’s reach across multiple platforms.

Does AmpiFire’s Automatic Submission Outperform Manual Posting?

While AmpiFire offers convenience and consistency, manual posting on iVoox allows for a personalized touch. It’s a trade-off between automation and control. AmpiFire excels in efficiency, but manually you might fine-tune each post for maximum engagement.


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