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Can You Apply A Unique Perspective & Creativity To Press Release Writing?

Do you find the traditional press releases boring? Many marketers and also readers think that the press releases are as boring as filing tax returns and reading accounting reports. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Do you wonder if there can be something better out there that can help you promote your business and share your announcement in a more efficient way … a method or a press release format that guarantees you and your news will get the attention that you deserve? How do you show to your target audience that your press release is worth their

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What is the Difference between Article Syndication & Press Release Distribution?

Article or content syndication refers to the process of pushing articles, blogs, websites, or other type of content such as a video on third party websites – it could be a full article, a link, a single snippet or a thumbnail. The essence of online syndication is to increase engagement with the published content by sending it to related digital domains (it is best when they are with a higher authority that your own domain). The ultimate expectation from this process is to boost traffic or achieve increased exposure for a brand, product or service. What Are the Benefits of

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The Importance, Benefits & Value of News Releases & Press Release Distribution Services

Do you know what’s the reasoning behind the distribution of online press releases and why do so many companies spend money on exactly this type of promotional campaigns? Internet marketers understand the benefits and importance of distributing messages and valuable content online to a wide audience via online news sites. Why Should Anyone Want to Write And Distribute Press Releases? Is press release marketing worth your time, effort and money? Here’s why marketing professionals do it and what they don’t always tell you: they promote newsworthy stories or share information about their upcoming events on a regular basis (consistency is important); they

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Secrets & Tips on How to Promote a Product Launch with a Press Release

How do you build momentum when launching a new product or service? We have been in this boat and know how hard it might be to launch a product, in the first place, not to mention to market it and keep the momentum… especially when everything needs to be done on a tight budget. Let’s face it: it doesn’t matter if you are releasing a brand-new service, an item, a brand-new website, or a book, it doesn’t make a difference. Your product launch will perish with a sizzle if you don’t have a momentum. The publishing and distribution of press releases

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