political campaign press release template

How to Write a Political Campaign Announcement Press Release | (Sample, Template & Example)

Apparently political campaigns can become extremely expensive in terms of time, money and effort… and  especially when you consider all possible channels for spreading the message and reaching out to the constituencies. There are so many questions that you might want to address: What is the purpose of the campaign? Why does it matter? What will be your political campaign strategy, structure and management? Who will fund it? What are you planning on spending the money on? How are you utilizing social media ( Twitter? Facebook? Other channels) ? When are you going to start the campaign? Are you allowed

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new hire business card annuoncement news press release

How to Write a New Hire Announcement Press Release? (Sample Template & Example)

Looking for an ultimate formula that you can follow every time you need to write a Press Release announcement for a new hire? Well, there isn’t such… Yet, there are some elements that you should observe so that you can make sure that your Press Release has a better chance of standing out in the digital age. Your Press Release should include the following information: Catchy headline Name of the new employee Image of the new hire – the headshot photo increases the press release online visibility Name of the position Information about the employee credentials and expertise Quote from a

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kickstarter event press release

How to Write A Kickstarter Event Press Release Announcement (Sample Template & Example)

Is your Kickstarter event already approaching or was it already launched?  Are you looking for an effective way to receive excellent online media exposure prior to and during your campaign and attract as much attention as possible to your mission and cause… Would you like to announce your story and news and BE THE NEWS as the big brands do without depleting your marketing budget. In this case, a professionally-written press release and a top quality press release distribution are exactly the tools that you’re looking for as they can significantly improve your chances of having your news featured on

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business sale press release

How to Write a Press Release Announcing Sale of Business (Sample, Template & Example)

Some things are extremely critical to the success of a business but often get neglected or viewed as old-fashioned.  One of them is definitely communication. Whether we are talking about advertising, social media posts, or face-to-face conversations, portraying the right thoughts and ideas… conveying the right message is everything. The choice of the right words, the right tone, the accuracy and overall image can make or break your business…. as well as the brand image in the public. Even though in this post we are talking about a press release announcing the sale of business, it is important to remember

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guide press release

The Must Have Press Release Template For All Your Marketing Campaigns

The modern world is full of distractions. If we want to grab someone’s attention with our story, we should know how to craft our message in a way that it: invites a reader to check our content with a strong appealing headline; creates a connection with the reader by sharing newsworthy and valuable information; provides a compelling reason for them to not only read the whole announcement but also to follow our call to action. So how do we do that? Well, how about we use a basic template that simplifies the whole press release writing process. We start the

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how to write new ceo press release

How to Write a New CEO Press Release Annoucement | Sample Template & Example

Companies and organizations are constantly hiring or replacing personnel, so announcing new appointments and changes in key staff positions to stakeholders (e.g., business partners, investors, employees, customers, or/and relevant media) seems to be a standard public relations task. Usually this task is accomplished with the help of a news release. Writing and distributing a new CEO or CFO press release announcement to employees, staff, media and the public can be a daunting and expensive task. The announcement needs to address all burning questions: Who’s retiring? Who’s succeeding? Was there a special search procedure to identify a candidate to succeed? How

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business opening press release

How to Write a Business Opening Announcement Press Release | Sample Template & Example

If you are looking for an effective way to announce the forthcoming opening of a new business office, facility or establishment, you would want to observe some basic rules. You’d like to share the news about the grand opening, but most importantly open invitations; to create a buzz about your business, to put it on the map and in the heads of potential customers; to make everyone in your area aware about its existence and operation. Media outlets can be an essential ally when announcing your business office opening. Usually locally based papers and websites will be more likely to

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charity profit organization anonuncement event

How To Write A Non-Profit Press Release News Announcement? | Sample Template & Example

We have known for quite some time that each and every organization whether it is a for- profit or non-profit one can benefit from distributing online press releases and giving signals to Google to better rank their pages, sites, and blogs. As a result of these signals, they can get their messages delivered to a larger percentage of the target audience, become more influential, more powerful and impactful as well as more effective and successful in delivering the goals associated with the organization’s mission and cause. A well-written press release can be highly effective at increasing those signals and have

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business growth press release

How to Write a Business Growth & Expansion Press Release? | Sample Template & Example

Do you think a single press release can summarize the whole corporate strategy for business growth and development? Does it really have to cover all aspects of the business policy for economic growth and cycle expansion … and that within the 300-800-word range? When writing a press release for business growth and expansion, you don’t have to write such long glossy stories in an attempt to get more media pickups. No, no! You just need to pick up the most relevant, current information about the event that you are announcing and synthesize it to introduce your newsworthy story. Focus on

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brand fashion

How To Write A Killer Press Release For A Fashion Brand? (Sample, Template & Example)

If you are an owner of a fashion brand, you know how much time and effort you have put to create your unique clothing line. You feel excited about it and want more people to know about it and wear your clothes and accessories. It is time to get your brand in front of the eyes of the public or more accurately,  in the hands (wardrobes) of your target audience.  You cannot just sit around and hope that people will hear about your brand. You need to make collaborative efforts to get the word out there. A press release announcement

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