rebranding press release sample

How to Write a Rebrading Press Release | Sample Template & Example

If you’ve already planned to overhaul your website with your new brand, and to apply this new branding to your LinkedIn page, Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube Channel, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, then you should also do a good preparation of your media announcements. The standard channels and tools for announcing business rebranding include: press release distribution awareness advertising and distribution of news sales and marketing materials. In this article, we’ll give you some press release writing tips that will guide your efforts in crafting a professional rebranding annoucement that will match your awesome and unique new brand. You’d like

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landscape camera photo contest press release news announcement event

How to Write a Contest Announcement Press Release? | Sample Template & Example

Do you want to announce a contest to the general public? Are you planning on using a press release to attract the attention of potential participants? Or that of new sponsors and media? How are you planning on creating a hook for your desired audience?  How do you make sure that they will be interested in reading your whole announcement and not only your press release headline? After  reading this article you will be able to finalize a more polished press release which you can use in your daily work. Before you can publish or send for distribution your press

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governor press release announcement

How to Write a Governor Press Release Announcement | Sample Template & Example

No more flying by the seat of your pants, staring at a blank screen not knowing what to write in your news release… or wondering  whether your announcement is good enough. We give you access to our personal approaches and tools that even some most pros don’t know ((but wish they had at their disposal) when writing a REAL governor press release. Your Press Release should include the following information: Catchy headline Details about the announcement enforcement formalities effective date reason & impact niche, mission, operation involved parties executive order, bill, budget Quote from involved parties – governor, partners, key

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movie press release template

How to Write a Film Festival Announcement Press Release | Sample Template & Example

How absolutely fantastic would it be and what would it mean to your organization, if you knew how to write a press release that can get television, newspaper, magazine and radio reporters to come and interview you about your upcoming film festival… And then have them turn around and take that message to thousands and even millions of readers and potential visitors, sponsors, movie fans… On the other hand, the same would be true if you could reach your target audience directly by writing about what you care about and what your organization is up to – then have local

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new store opening press release

How to Write a New Store Opening Press Release | Sample Template & Example

Your New Store opening press release should include the following information: Catchy headline Details about the new store name location products/ services opening date opening times owner history of the brand Quote from involved parties – CEO, owner, manager, buyer/seller (recommended) Relevant image: company logo, store building, products,owner, manager, CEO, manager (recommended) Company website URL Release date Dateline Boilerplate – about the store and the brand; Contact information (contact person, store address, phone) The main thing you need to know before you start writing is what type of information you need to present in your press release. Then we can

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busness merger press release sample

How to Write a Business Merger & Acquisition Press Release | Sample Template & Example

I once read in a research paper the following observation: “Companies are just beginning to learn what nations have already known: in a complex, uncertain world filled with dangerous opponents, it is best not to go in it alone”. Would you agree? Mergers and acquisitions are interesting periods in the development of any business: only time can say whether these organizational strategic collaborations will turn out to be successful in helping the company thrive, or if they have been a disastrous move on behalf of the owners or managers. There are many lessons from the very nature of this organizational change

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text words letters writing press release media advisory style handwritting

Media Advisory vs Press Releases: What is the Difference? (Sample Examples & Templates)

How do you know that you are not missing on any messaging opportunities? Are you skeptical of  using some tools and news announcements  formats such as media advisory and press releases simply because you are not well aware of how they work? Let’s talk a little bit about the opportunities you might not yet be taking advantage of even though you might be already  publish content online to market your brand.  You might be adding a sprinkle here and a dash there in an attempt to further promote your company’s message,  overlooking the benefits of distributing and publishing thoughtful content

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press release announcement fundraiser

Charity Donation Fundraiser Event Press Release Devoted to a Cause | Sample Template & Example

The distribution of an online press release can bring many opportunities for a successful charity campaign: for instance, the press release can help you draw attention to your cause;  bring additional traffic to your website; attract the attention of potential participants and prospective donors. If you want to effectively market your charity event online, to reach a wider audience and meet your fundraising goals, here’s how you can prepare your press release for distribution and publishing. Before you can start drafting your press release, you might want to determine very clearly your target audience. You might not be picky about where

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business relocation press release sample

How to Write a Business Relocation Press Release Announcement (Sample, Template & Example)

How are the professional press release writers approaching the task of writing a business relocation announcement? How can your press release  attract interest, connect with your target audience and motivate them to take action? Here’s how we see the process. The first thing you need to do before you start drafting your business relocation press release announcement is to think about the context: what does business relocation mean? What are the main manifestations of the relocation process: especially those in the mind of the involved parties? Can you identify their bright side? Many business owners claim that one of the biggest

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