layoff press release

How to Write A Layoff Press Release Announcement (Sample Template & Example)

Don’t shoot the messenger… cause that’s his job –  sometimes he brings the bad news. One  of the biggest mistakes we observe when it comes to a layoff process is that many people disregard the fact that the news travels quickly. News spreads like a virus, although we might be trying hard to keep the newsworthy information a secret. And as a result, when faced with a layoff process, many companies miss the opportunity to set the groundwork and manage internal communication on time. When in fact,  this should be their very first step in starting layoffs. It ‘s never

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business forum press release

How to Write a Business Forum Expo Press Release (Sample, Template & Example)

When you are in charge of organizing and coordinating an event, you want to make sure that your event is perfectly planned and implemented. And regardless of whether we are talking about a small “boutique” training or a large international business forum expo for hundreds of people, you’d want to make sure that your event is effectively promoted in the public: the perfect event deserves the best advertising campaign… If you want to meet your marketing goals without depleting the advertising budget, we suggest that you use the inbound press releases. Prior to the very event, you can use a

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award winner announcemnet press release

How to Write an Award Winner Announcement Press Release? (Sample, Template & Example)

Are you in a need of an award-winning press release? Do you want your press release to be as attractive, eye-catching, and impressive as the very trophy, the medal or the certificate that the winner has or will receive? Do you know how to write a press release that can reflect an individual’s contribution to an organization or a cause in a meaningful way? Here’s how you can craft a message that can convey the importance of the success that the awarded person or organization has achieved. Your Press Release should include the following information: Catchy headline Name of recipient

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