WANTED: Press Release DIY Template, Editor Or Software?

Do you know how often Journalists are bombarded with pitches? Every day, if not every hour. So what kind of tools are you using or planning to use to cut throughout the noise and attract the media attention to your story, your event, your message? If you are a big company, you simply phone your press release writer and distributor: they assemble the right story for you and get the message in front of the right people. But the services of professional marketing agencies are often very expensive and even the best of marketers struggle with crafting the do-it-yourself press

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5 Main Traits of A Good Press Release Writing & Distribution Service: Evaluation Criteria

Words don’t come easily to all of us. And when they do, it doesn’ necessary mean that those words are good for a press release. The writing of a press release in such a good quality that it gets picked up by online journalists and media outlets is a tad difficult for an average Joe because the press release has its own structure and style: it takes a certain skill to know how to do it well so that it can achieve its mission. Do you know how to recognize the writers who possess this skill? Do you know what are the

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